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Michael Jackson appears before Jury

Michael Jackson appeared in court yesterday along with his many friends and supporters. The pop hero stood in the dock answering questions about his demise, at one point Judge Yvette Palazuelos had to warn soul legend, James Brown about his condu...

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Spice Girls show goes tits up

Funny story: Spice Girls show goes tits up

Spice Girls show "Viva Forever" has come to a close after producer, Judy Crayfish Revealed; "Theatre rules dictate there must be more people in the audience than on the stage for a show to continue. Despite locking all the doors, the bastards managed...

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Lady Thatcher not buried

Funny story: Lady Thatcher not buried

Lady Thatcher will not be buried in the foreseeable future minister's claim. Several noted undertakers have been contracted but have returned the body without explanation. A countrywide search has been made to find a funeral service willing to...

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North Korea attack Isle of Wight

Funny story: North Korea attack Isle of Wight

North Korea refused to apologise last night after launching a missile attack on the Isle of Wight. Major Jim Bung Fong stated: "It were acrident, creaner press wong button". Residents on the small British island were shaken but not stirred duri...

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I'm a Celebritiy get me out of here! Punch up.

Funny story: I'm a Celebritiy get me out of here! Punch up.

There was a rumble in the celebrity jungle this morning when Tarzan dropped into the camp and demanded to know who gave them permission to use his Australian cousin's land. Cameras were turned off while ITV executives tried to negotiate with the i...

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Cole Hole Gang Uproar!

Funny story: Cole Hole Gang Uproar!

The world famous Cole Hole Gang was in hiding today when it emerged that one of their members has been exposed as an upper class twit from West Sussex. Clive Danton, one of the longest, but shortest members of the gang was distraught when we caug...

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President Obama undergoes Speech Therapy

Funny story: President Obama undergoes Speech Therapy

President Obama has had to undergo speech therapy after banging his head. White House officials said the temporary speech impediment will be rectified before he has to give a speech about the economy. An insider said that Obama became difficult to...

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Celebrity heart transplant patient ready to leave hospital

Funny story: Celebrity heart transplant patient ready to leave hospital

Mr Alf Fosset has made a speedy recovery after undergoing a heart transplant last month. The 55 year old Slather Polisher from West Ham had undergone extensive tests before the procedure could go ahead. He had been waiting two years before gettin...

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Government Sack Benefit Cheats

Funny story: Government Sack Benefit Cheats

Government officials have outlined plans to sack benefit cheats and replace them with people that might have cheated, but did not have the bottle to do so. The change in circumstances for many fraudsters means they will no longer be able to sustain t...

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Ed Millibond admits he made a "Boo Boo"

Funny story: Ed Millibond admits he made a "Boo Boo"

David Millibond admitted yesterday that he had got immigration totally wrong. In a frank admission the Minister described how he had allowed thousands of illegal immigrants into the country. "I should not have advertised my birthday party on Faceb...

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Government Think Tank. Phew what a bunch of loonies!

Funny story: Government Think Tank. Phew what a bunch of loonies!

A Government think tank has released a report on how it will reduce the carbon footprint of the United Kingdom. In the report Professor Lance Loony expresses concerns about the impact of maintaining current infrastructure policies and recommends cut...

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Prime Minister kicks off over tax avoiders

Funny story: Prime Minister kicks off over tax avoiders

Prime Minister Jimmy Ka today accused top comedian David Cameroon of evading tax by investing in notorious night club, "The House of Conmen". Former owner, Cameroon, despite knowing the club would go into receivership, continued to invest heavily and...

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David Cameroon employs Alan Car

Funny story: David Cameroon employs Alan Car

Top entertainer David Cameroon apologised today for spending his cabaret clubs profits on fast cars, free travel, expensive holidays, fine wine, women and gambling. He made the statement after it emerged that the club was now bankrupt and would be ta...

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BBC employ cockney news reader

Funny story: BBC employ cockney news reader

The BBC has employed an East End Cockney to read the local lunchtime news. Programme editors felt the gritty accent and down to earth attitude may help raise ratings. Mr Clive Danton, from West Ham was chosen after attending several auditions in Lon...

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Dorking WW2 Memorial Society. Shock discovery

Funny story: Dorking WW2 Memorial Society. Shock discovery

Dorking WW2 Memorial Society discovered two Panzer Elite Troops hiding under the stage in their club house. The men, brewing Ersatz coffee forgot to open a small window they had made in the wall with the result that the smell filled the lounge bar an...

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Piranha invade Sussex pond

Funny story: Piranha invade Sussex pond

A small village in Sussex has been blighted by an invasion of Amazonian Piranha fish. The pond that dominates the centre of the village has seen a decline in its wildlife over the past six months with reports of duck and swan suddenly disappearing...

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Argentina invades Falkland Island

Funny story: Argentina invades Falkland Island

At 0600hrs GMT. The people of this island were caught napping when 500 Argentinian soldiers came ashore at Fox Bay on West Falkland. The Junta Marines headed inland and established a spearhead just north of the popular tourist attraction. The smal...

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Hairy Redknipp in court!

Funny story: Hairy Redknipp in court!

Totempall Manager, Hairy Redknipp, appeared in court today accused of tax evasion and having a house in North Wales. Mr Redknipps laywer, Blind Paul Gascoin, made it clear his client would fight the allegations; "Tooth and nail" and added; "I a...

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