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Jordan - Alex "£40.40 Euromillions" Reid revenge

Funny story: Jordan - Alex "£40.40 Euromillions" Reid revenge

Following last weeks revelations that Alex Reid, minnion husband of big titted Jordan, had won the Euromillions jackpot and dumped his "fishlips" missus, she has bounced back to give the actual story on how crossdresser husband "Roxanne" had "fucked...

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Celery reduces memory loss

Funny story: Celery reduces memory loss

A taste for celery is one that many people never acquire, but scientists have just given them a reason to eat it. They have discovered that a chemical found in high concentrations in celery - and in peppers - could halt memory loss as we get older...

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Why Britain has become less windy

Funny story: Why Britain has become less windy

Flags hang more limply, kites are struggling to get aloft and the washing takes a little longer to dry. According to an astonishing new study, Britain has got noticeably less windy over the last few decades. The reason behind this is due to a dra...

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George Michael turned me gay

Funny story: George Michael turned me gay

Little Geordie lad and x factor champ Joe McElderry has given The Spoof a full and frank about how George Michael turned him gay. We're not sure whether it was a twinkle or a tear in his eye, but Joe McElderry maintains that until his duet with si...

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Alicia Keys has a baby.... country

Funny story: Alicia Keys has a baby.... country

Congratulations have come flooding in for singer Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz following the birth of their first child. When asked about the sex of the child, they brought out a globe and proudly pointed out Egypt - they had conceived and s...

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Gamu Nhenghu Pregnant?

Funny story: Gamu Nhenghu Pregnant?

Ex X Factor contestant Gamu Nhenghu has shown she is prepared to do anything...... and I mean ANYTHING to stay in the UK. However, it is being strongly insisted that it is purely coincidental that she may be four weeks pregnant with her British...

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Fellaini out with hair ache

Funny story: Fellaini out with hair ache

Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini has been ruled out for a week with hair ache so will miss this weekend's Merseyside derby at home to Liverpool. Apparently Fellaini was taking an unusual trip the the hairdressers for a trim, where unfortunatel...

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Kelly Brook bulimic?

Funny story: Kelly Brook bulimic?

Pictures have emerged of Kelly Brook looking super thin following her break in the US. Reports are emerging that Brook, famous for her curves and ample bosom barely ate a thing during her three month stay in the US and she wss also apparently spen...

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The Kop is a flop

Funny story: The Kop is a flop

Liverpool FC have been forced to remove the "FC" as they are technically not good enough to be labelled a Football Club. The owners - God only knows who they are at the moment - are being forced to change the name to 'Pool SL - Sunday League, and...

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Katy Perry gets cold feet

Funny story: Katy Perry gets cold feet

Singer Katy Perry - soon to be wed to long haired television personality Russell Brand has reportedly told how she has started to get cold feet. VERY cold feet. An inside source says that now the wedding is getting closer, Katy has been putting m...

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Chiles - "Bleakley Whiffs"

Funny story: Chiles - "Bleakley Whiffs"

Adrian Chiles has told Daybreak producers they need to change the 6 inch rule to the 6 feet rule. Apparantly Christine Bleakley whiffs so much he can't bear to be within 6 feet of her. Other guests have reportedly complained that Christine smells...

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"Lord" Sugar is FIRED

Funny story: "Lord" Sugar is FIRED

The BBC have axed Alan Sugar from the apprentice following complaints he wasn't putting in enough hours, was walking around as though he owned the gaff and was sacking staff without following correct procedures. It is claimed that Alan was barely...

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Alex "Euromillions" Reid dumps Jordan

Funny story: Alex "Euromillions" Reid dumps Jordan

Alex Reid has sensationally dumped Jordan, real name Katie Price, after he revealed he has won the Euromillions lottery. Alex Reid issued a statement today thanking his adoring fans for all their support but said that wife Jordan can "Go and do...

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Arquette - Cox "wouldn't take it up the rear"

Funny story: Arquette - Cox "wouldn't take it up the rear"

The real reason for the Arquette/Arquette-Cox aplit is down to Courtneys absolute refusal to "take it up the rear" David says that he had been asking Courteney repeatedly to take it up the rear but she point blankly refused, and so much so that to...

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Cliff Richard - not the original Cliff

Funny story: Cliff Richard - not the original Cliff

Experts have been studying pictures released of Cliff Richard on his 70th birthday and can reveal to you that this is not the original Cliff - HE IS AN IMPOSTER. The fresh faced, active "70" year old is actually a clone that Cliff had created 40...

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Chilean miners - we weren't really stuck

Funny story: Chilean miners - we weren't really stuck

The spoof truth is out, the Chilean Miners "stuck" for 69 days have admitted that they weren't really stuck at all. Apparently the Chilean President had ordered the miners to pretend they were stuck as he wanted world publicity for a new inventi...

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Panic over - Justin Bieber - alive and well

Funny story: Panic over - Justin Bieber - alive and well

Justin Bieber is ALIVE AND WELL. I am relieved to have the exclusive story on Bieber after his fans were concerned about his well being after they were scouring forums, official websites and worldwide newspapers and no one - that's right no one - ha...

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Miners request to go back down

Funny story: Miners request to go back down

Reports have emerged that the Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for the last 69 days have requested to be lowered back and - and advised the still trapped to stay down there. It is understood that the first miner out was already fed...

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