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Town Not Strong Enough to Recover From Tragedy

Funny story: Town Not Strong Enough to Recover From Tragedy

Despite trying really hard, the town of Wilsonville, North Dakota, just couldn’t come together after a horrible tragedy befell the community. “This is just too much to come back from,” said town mayor Steven Sanders. “People have just thrown in th...

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Multitude of reporters, journalists and TV personalities send thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers have been shared by several high profile TV personalities and journalists in an attempt to prevent any potential future diabolical act of mass violence. "To the victims of the next tragedy please accept my thoughts and prayers...

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America's 'Statue Removal' Craze Triggers The Downfall Of An Icon

For over 50 years Ronald McDonald has been a symbol of family and fun spreading happiness to children of all ages around the world. But earlier today, thousands of Ronald McDonald statues across the globe were either taken down or covered with bla...

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After Tragedy, Townspeople Turn Into "Big Bunch of Jerks"

A gas plant explosion in the small town of Highwater, KS is the type of thing that can bring out the best in people. They band together, help each other, generally pitch in and get through the crisis. Highwater had a different idea, however. T...

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Text Message Leads To Tragedy

Funny story: Text Message Leads To Tragedy

Mark Cooper, a 21-year-old university student from Oldham, Greater Manchester, has died after misinterpreting a text from his mother. Mark was out jogging when his mum, Susan, sent him the following message: The neighbour's pet, Ed, wants to have...

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Dogging Tragedy Leaves Three Dead

Funny story: Dogging Tragedy Leaves Three Dead

The picturesque village of Little Divot suffered yet another in a long line of headline making calamities after three local residents met their maker in a most undignified way. The three perverted victims, named locally as Randy B'Stard, Fanny So...

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Self-defence class for cross dressers ends in tragedy

Funny story: Self-defence class for cross dressers ends in tragedy

It was a classic case of it seemed like a good idea at the time when Ollie Cromwell started his self-defence class for cross dressers. "Cross dressers get physically assaulted more than any other group," said Cromwell. "Women have had self-defence...

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Area Man's Leg Dies In Its Sleep

Funny story: Area Man's Leg Dies In Its Sleep

WABASHA, MN-Brett Konsky, 46, went to bed Saturday night thinking everything in his comfortable, if not boring life was going along rather uneventfully. That all changed early Sunday morning when Brett awoke to find he had no feeling at all in hi...

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Woman Cuts Off Own Head In Hairdressing Accident

Funny story: Woman Cuts Off Own Head In Hairdressing Accident

Hilda Tightwad, a 53 year old former dinner lady from Hinge, West Bracketshire, died yesterday after cutting her own head off while attempting to trim her hair. Her devastated husband, Roger, who is confined to a wheelchair after a sheep worrying...

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Greek Tragedy

Funny story: Greek Tragedy

The Greeks have a word for it: Tragedy. It is part of their history and now the Greeks are struggling under the Sword of Damocles, which may fall at any time. 'It is about time the Greeks realised who is charge' complained a member of the Interna...

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Worst Feared for Anorexic Teen Following Toilet Flush Tragedy

Funny story: Worst Feared for Anorexic Teen Following Toilet Flush Tragedy

Glastonbury man, Robin Tripp was today woefully counting the cost of a night on the town, following which, he inadvertently flushed his thirteen year old anorexic daughter down the toilet. A senior police officer described the circumstances as a t...

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17 Year Old Hits 40 Stone (560lbs)

Funny story: 17 Year Old Hits 40 Stone (560lbs)

It's probably self inflicted by morbid over eating, but here at Skoob News we were devastated to learn that a 17 year old could find herself in such dire straits. The very fact that this girl finds herself in a situation where the likelihood of he...

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Sex Game Ends In Tragedy

Funny story: Sex Game Ends In Tragedy

A south London man was today released by police following the hospitalisation of his girlfriend. Noel Greenbaum, 28, told us that the accident resulted from a sex game which went horrifically awry. He explained to us that he and his fiancee had...

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