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Think INSIDE the Box, An Expert Advises

Funny story: Think INSIDE the Box, An Expert Advises

As Bob Dylan croons, "The Times They Are A-Changin'." For years, experts had advised thinking OUTSIDE the box. Be different and unconventional, we were told. Look in areas where no one else is looking. Find unique solutions. The problem is -- everyone who is anyone began thinking OUTSIDE the box. It's become too crowded out there. Thinking OUTSIDE the box has become the conventional,...

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Al Gore To Run Against Hillary!

Funny story: Al Gore To Run Against Hillary!

Well, I have given up on trying to warn people about the rising oceans due to global warming and have saved the world all by myself. I was lying on the couch and pondering how to reach people and suddenly it hit me. It was the cat. So I got up and...

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Puzzling Does Your Head in - Official!

Funny story: Puzzling Does Your Head in - Official!

News that doing brainteasers can send you gaga in later life has been greeted with dismay by the puzzle publishing industry. Research at Chicago's Rush University has shown that while puzzling can slow the decline in our thinking ability at first,...

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Twilight's Stephenie Myers Denies Lawsuit, Doesn't Think There Will Be Delays

Funny story: Twilight's Stephenie Myers Denies Lawsuit, Doesn't Think There Will Be Delays

Stephanie Myers, writer of the Twilight series says there never was anything to one of her classmates suing her for plagiarism, according Summit Entertainment in a statement released to the press. Most important, a spokesman for Summit Entertainme...

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Thought Balloons Appear in House of Commons

London - Thought balloons mysteriously appeared over the heads of Members of Parliament last week in the House of Commons disrupting proceedings. Speaker Michael Martin was at a loss as to how to proceed as protocols are largely based on speaking, no...

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My close encounter with the Archaeologists who found the first ever Toaster

Funny story: My close encounter with the Archaeologists who found the first ever Toaster

On a dusty, barren plain somewhere in the Middle East, I am travelling along a long dirt road, so long that you could be mistaken for thinking it was the Rolling Stones' career.

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So you're thinking of having kids?

As humans, it is our basic biological drive to pro-create and bring children into the world. However, 9 times out of 10 we blunder into this folly without the slightest inkling of the cataclysmic life change that having kids brings about.

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Cal-el Finds Alaska in His Freezer

Funny story: Cal-el Finds Alaska in His Freezer

Today, while looking at pictures of his late Texas Ranger grandfather, Cal-el got thirsty and decided to have a mint julep. He went to his Texas freezer to get some ice cubes. Much to his surprise, when he opened the freezer door, he found Alaska. He almost dropped it in his julep glass, thinking it was an ice cube.

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Bush Declares 'Science Is Evil'

Funny story: Bush Declares 'Science Is Evil'

In an astonishing outburst against contemporary scientific methodology, President Bush has denounced its practice as ‘heretical’ and its practitioners as an ‘organization of ontological opponents of order’. The President brushed aside decorum and referred to modern science as the ‘biggest threat to an intelligent, enlightened, thinking culture since Aydolph Hilter’. As far as science has given...

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Jennifer Wilbanks Couldn't Shoplift Fiancé's Virginity

Funny story: Jennifer Wilbanks Couldn't Shoplift Fiancé's Virginity

Convicted shoplifter Jennifer Wilbanks grew increasingly frustrated by her inability to seduce "born again virgin" John Mason. It is thought that Jennifer even took John on shoplifting expeditions to Victoria's Secret - thinking that the thrill of st...

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Thinking Has Decreased by 15.9% in Last Three Decades

The Scientific Members Against Rational Thought, or SMART, for short, have released the results of a new study on human behavior and thought.

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The Bias By Us

I’ve been thinking about Asians. Well, more than Asians, I’ve been thinking about everybody and the way I react to them. My problem is I don’t know if I’m a biased person. I probably am; we probably all are in some way, shape or form, but my point is do the biases I have make me a bad person? Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary tells me that Bias means ‘a mental leaning or inclination; preposse...

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Speaking of Which...3 Merry Bollocks, and enjoy the festive period.

A few Christmases ago, when those advent step candles first became all the rage, I remember thinking: what a novel idea – now why didn’t I think of that? And then when outdoor festive lights took off big time, I thought: now that’s clever.

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Lighthouse Family Negative Shock

Funny story: Lighthouse Family Negative Shock

A member of the upbeat pop group the Lighthouse Family is still in intensive care today after thinking a negative thought.

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