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May To Return

Embattled poisonous harpy (and current UK Prime Minister) Theresa May has admitted she’ll “probably stay on after Brexit”. Despite the fact she’s as popular as a Klan member at a Martin Luther King Jr memorial service. May said (after a healthy be...

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Theresa May's Love Letter

Theresa May has released a letter to the British public detailing her Brexit plan. The letter has been released in two forms: one, a traditional letter, and the other (to appeal to hardcore “Brexiteers”), will be released in the form of a thirty seco...

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Teresa May on Brexit "To be perfectly honest, none of us fully understand what it is."

UK Prime Minister Teresa May has stated today, in an interview with Channel 4, that neither she nor any other parliament members in her office truly understand the inner workings of Brexit. In the candid interview with Channel 4's Mijabus Shaymfel, t...

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Queen Cancels Trump Visit

Funny story: Queen Cancels Trump Visit

The Queen’s secretary announced she had withdrawn her invitation to have tea with Donald Trump. What initially started out as a full-scale State Visit with tiaras and a carriage ride to Buckingham Palace, (a Trump request) was previously reduced to a...

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Teresa May not scared by petitions on Social Media

Funny story: Teresa May not scared by petitions on Social Media

Political Puppet Teresa 'I am really only Prime Minister because no-one else wanted to be Prime Minister, and nobody wanted Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister' May has said, once and and for all that petitions on Social Media have no bearing on how s...

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Editorial: May Attacks Syria

So after PM May decided “fuck it” and bombed the shit out of another country on tenuous evidence (where have we heard this before) she now fears a public backlash. The main shame is that she won’t be receiving said “back lashes” across her back with a glass encrusted whip. The carrion eyed cunt completely misjudged the public appetite for more wanton slaughter from above and now fear repercussi...

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NHS Crisis

Please note that we at Back and to the Left news hate writing about the Tory party. As we type about them our fingers bleed and we can hear the scratching of demons pushing though the thin veil of reality that surrounds our office. We'll get back to...

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Mayday Failday

Embattled Prime Minister, Teresa May, has claimed she has "the full support of the cabinet" and the table and dining room chairs we guess. Mrs May, who was sat on what looked like a tub of vipers, said: "The country needs calm leadership and t...

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May V Osborne

Funny story: May V Osborne

Normally we at Back and to the Left news don't see eye to lizard peering soulless eye with George Osborne. Probably because we are fairly decent, if not a little drunk, people. And he is a weird creature wearing a suit of human skin that's been pulle...

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May vs Corbyn: Election Fashion

Fashion on the long winding election road seems to be deadly important. It matters little to none if a politician is able to deal effectively with the EU or our upcoming Brexit begging but it does matter to the wider public what type of shoes their w...

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Super soaraway Spoof susses scandal

Journalists uncovered Watergate, MPs' expenses and many, many other scandals. Now your super, soaraway Spoof has found the latest; Paul Nuttall is a big fraud. His name isn't really Nuttall. Apparently he thought his real, double barrelled name would...

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George Osborne and David Cameron in Kavos before Davos!

Funny story: George Osborne and David Cameron in Kavos before Davos!

George Osborne, ex-chancellor, and David Cameron, ex-prime minister, were on their way to give speeches at Switzerland's annual World Economic Forum when a mysterious mix-up meant their plane ended up landing in Greece with a chauffeur driven ride es...

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NHS Bless This Mess

The PM, Teresa May, emerged from her fortress of darkness to press upon the huddled masses that the NHS was not on the verge of a humanitarian crisis. The sky cracked with lightning and thunder rolled through the scene creating a atmosphere of malevo...

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Why the UK has opted for plastic cash

Funny story: Why the UK has opted for plastic cash

Teresa May has revealed why she asked Mark Carney, the current governor of the Bank of England, to make all future British Currency out of plastic. "We feel," said May, "that these new notes showcase the British Currency perfectly." The initial...

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Great Britain Does It Better

Funny story: Great Britain Does It Better

After watching the first bumbling day of the National Republican Convention in Cleveland, one can only remark, with a degree of envy, Great Britain does it better! Or as the song goes: Nobody Does It Better… Yep! David Cameron was PM for breakf...

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Coalition Government At Odds Over Whose Turn It Is To Do The Washing Up

Funny story: Coalition Government At Odds Over Whose Turn It Is To Do The Washing Up

First it was a squabble over who hadn't flushed the toilet, then disagreements over what sort of coffee to buy and unimportant stuff like House of Lords reform. Now the coalition government is at odds over whose turn it is to wash the pots. Th...

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Catteries to open at all UK immigration centres

Funny story: Catteries to open at all UK immigration centres

The Home Secretary has today announced a new initiative in partnership with Cat Protection, the UK domestic feline charity. From next year, all immigration centres will have their own catteries to help immigrants with no other excuse for staying i...

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Illegal immigrant's cat deported to Bolivia

Funny story: Illegal immigrant's cat deported to Bolivia

Home Secretary Teresa May was today under fire for her comments at the Conservative Party Soiree on the removal of a failed asylum seeker. As part of a planned overhaul of the Human Rights and deportation acts, the Home Secretary quoted the examp...

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