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Facebook CEO Vladimir Putin Denies Possibility of Russia Using Facebook for Disruptive Activities

MENLO PARK, CA: Facebook CEO Vladimir Putin sternly rejected the possibility of Russian interference using Facebook. Putin sighed, then explained, “You Americans – of which I am one, of course – love to spend every waking hour obsessed with fake news, zombies, and womens' sexuality. In Mother Russia, – which is the enemy of all who live, of course – the citizens are more concerned with how the...

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Senator McConnell Channels Magneto, Shouts, “DEMOCRATS! WELCOME TO DIE!”

WASHINGTON D.C. - Senator Mitch McConnell left his fellow politicians confused and terrorized when he took to the podium in Senate chambers, generated an electromagnetic force field, and shouted, “DEMOCRATS! WELCOME TO DIE!” Senators and staff fle...

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Obama Kills Superman

Funny story: Obama Kills Superman

It was a sad day for Superman fans to discover that their shiny spandex wearing hero is not so super after all. It turns out the man of steel has a few imperfections which all serve to prove without a doubt that the famed hero from Krypton is nothing...

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The Hulk Comes Out as Gay

Funny story: The Hulk Comes Out as Gay

The Incredible Hulk abruptly came out as gay leaving a sudden, gaping hole in the GOP's anti-gay agenda. "Hulk SMASH closet!" said the huge, green monster, sporting a smug grin and semi-erection as he crashed to the ground with a "THOOMP!!" and broke...

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The true story of Marvel Comics' Wolverine

Wolverine was born in Canada. He has no mother; his father, Marvel artist Len Wein, is thought to have created him through masturbation, much as the ancient Greeks created the gods who ruled them. In the comic books, however, Wolverine's origin is attributed to the Canadian government (as if the Canucks' scientists were capable of creating anything akin to sheer damn manliness). Soon after his...

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The true origins of Marvel Comic's Human Torch

Hot-headed teen Johnny Storm rode his future brother-in-law's crotch rocket through what Reed Richards said was a stream of "cosmic rays" but which, in the comic book sequence during which this scene occurs, off-screen, so to speak, in shadows, beneath a full room, amid wine and roses, looks much like gobs of Richards' ejaculate. The experience changed both partners forever, as it did onlookers...

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The true story of Marvel Comics' The Punisher

The Punisher, a sadistic sociopath, is the son--some would say, the spawn--of a love tryst between Gene Conway and his wife, John Romita. Taunted mercilessly by his bullying schoolmates because of his dubious parentage, vowed to avenge himself not only upon his tormentors, but also upon society in general. To show that, in his case, the apple, although wormy, had fallen far from the tree, he wo...

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The true story of Marvel Comics' The Whizzer

Transfused with the blood of a mongoose that killed the venomous snake that sought to bite him, Bob Frank, a skinny bedwetter, acquired the ability to store massive quantities of urine, which he used as a weapon to fight supervillains and defend truth, justice, and maidenly virtue. Donning a urine-colored costume, the chest of which was emblazoned with a huge blue "W," to warn evildoers of the con...

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The True Story of Marvel Comics' Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom--his very name spells disaster. Not surprisingly, this gray-armored, green-robed, hoodie-clad supervillain remains one of Marvel Comics' most popular bad guys ever--so popular, in fact, that he is often soon retired after appearing, for an issue of two, usually in The Fantastic Four, the comic book that showcased his origin, for fear that he will eclipse the superheroes he fights. Not the...

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The True Story of Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider

It was 1972, and Marvel Comics editors, writers, and artists were feeling decidedly uncreative. "We'd run out of ideas at The House of Ideas," Stan Lee recalled at the recent San Diego Comics Convention. "However, Marvel's always been good at ripping off competitors, and, at the time, the trend was to balance out superhero comics with horror themes. We put the two together, and viola! Ghost Rider...

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"To think I kissed her (or him) there--and there--and ''there''! - Sarah Michelle Gellar Although some contend that Baphomet is a Marvel Comics super-villain, Baphomet is really the demon of parties and partygoers west of the Mississippi. As such, he (or she) is often depicted at parties in Las Vegas, Hollyweird, and various family nudist camps in Arizona and New Mexico, and some Oregonians inc...

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Whedon Now Bottling His Urine For Sale on Ebay

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Convinced he is the savior of all things goods and holy, Joss Whedon celebrating wrapping principal photography with a web announcement that set his fandom aflutter: beginning next Monday, he'll be overseeing production of bottlin...

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Super Powered Newcomers Vie For The Chance To Join Marvel Comics Avengers Team.

Funny story: Super Powered Newcomers Vie For The Chance To Join Marvel Comics Avengers Team.

Marvel Comics Holds Audition For new Members To The Avengers; Many Rejected. Marvel Comics today announced which of the new rash of superheroes wishing to join the elite fighting force called the Avengers who were rejected. Sadly, there are always a number of aspiring young do-gooders who do not make the grade simply because their super power isn't super enough. Being a dynamic team whose succe...

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The Green Lantern Comes Out of The Closet

Funny story: The Green Lantern Comes Out of The Closet

CHICAGO - In a move that even caught the Las Vegas oddsmakers by surprise the DC Comics super hero The Green Lantern has just come out of the closet and announced that he is gay. One of the biggest Green Lantern fans in the nation, Bryton "Skippy"...

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Chris Evans, The Star of "Captain America: The First Avenger," Reveals Some Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits

Funny story: Chris Evans, The Star of "Captain America: The First Avenger," Reveals Some Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits

HOLLYWOOD - Massachusetts native Chris Evans says that he has never been prouder of one of his movies as he is about Captain America: The First Avenger a film based on the Marvel Comics character. He recently spoke with Voodoo Dupree of The West H...

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"X-Men: First Class" Marvels Its Way Into The Movie Theaters

Funny story: "X-Men: First Class" Marvels Its Way Into The Movie Theaters

HOLLYWOOD - The motion picture based on the Marvel Comics X-Men did very well on opening day as was expected. The film stars James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, and Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr aka Magneto. The two...

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Wonder Woman gets a make-over

Funny story: Wonder Woman gets a make-over

Marvel Comics have decided that it is time to give Wonder Woman a make-over. Now every other woman in the world now has had a Gok Wan make-over, it is time to turn to fictional characters, and with Wonder Woman having worn the same outfit since 1941,...

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Disney Tries For Bold Corporate Takeover Of Entire Realm Of Fantasy.

Funny story: Disney Tries For Bold Corporate Takeover Of Entire Realm Of Fantasy.

Disney Corporation has made another great stride in its endeavor to control all possible realms of consumer fantasy. With a buyout of $4 billion in cash and stocks the great Mickey has bought the upstart Marvel Comics franchise, the famous comic...

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