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Shock as Sir Elton John turns to Country Music

Funny story: Shock as Sir Elton John turns to Country Music

Sir Elton John may have said "let one of your fucking country singers do it" on hearing the rumour that he was to perform at President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration, but deep down, it seems he is a fan of the mawkishly boring and notoriously homo...

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Homos, Lesbos, Psychos, Weirdos, Paedos

Funny story: Homos, Lesbos, Psychos, Weirdos, Paedos

Homos, homos, everywhere, Can you see them? Without a care Trumped as 'normal' Don't stand and stare! Yeah, yeah, yeah... Lesbos, lesbos, everywhere Can you see them? They don't care Completely acceptable "Let's be fair!" Yeah, yeah, yeah... Psychos, psychos, everywhere Can you see them? Going spare Live and let live... If you dare! Yeah, yeah, yeah... Weirdos, we...

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Paleontology Department at Harvard to study Student group's demand

Funny story: Paleontology Department at Harvard to study Student group's demand

"Trigger Words" wanted removed from classification of ancient hominid. A local student rights group, centered out of Bud Hert Hall, has demanded a renaming of one of this planet's ancient inhabitants. Though not seen for eons, this human-type's p...

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Homophobe Relieved To Find Lesbian Couple Actually Woman and Man With Cancer

Funny story: Homophobe Relieved To Find Lesbian Couple Actually Woman and Man With Cancer

27 year old homophobe Chris Terny was sitting in his favorite local restaurant last Tuesday when he witnessed what he believed to be a lesbian couple walk-in and sit next to him. "I was disgusted, I mean, you see a lot of this stuff on T.V, but r...

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Clinton Definitely Will Lose Election To Trump

Funny story: Clinton Definitely Will Lose Election To Trump

Hillary Clinton yesterday said one-half of Trump's backers belonged in a "basket of deplorables" because they are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it." "Politicians are supposed to flatter voters not attack them," sai...

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Gov. Pat McCrory, NC: "We don't want them homos and queers here, or them transponders or cross puzzlers!"

Governor Pat McCrory held a news conference in Raleigh this morning to explain his support of the House bill eliminating protection for LBGT residents of his state. "We don't want them homos and queers here in our great state," said McCrory. We don'...

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Jihadi Donald Unleashes His Wrath on Caitlyn Jenner

Funny story: Jihadi Donald Unleashes His Wrath on Caitlyn Jenner

Facepalm! Headdesk! Jihadi Donald is quickly running out of targets for his smear campaign and he must think of something fast, otherwise his silent-no-more majority might fall asleep and sink back into silence. Not to worry, though. His politi...

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Pokemon Move Considered Homophobic

Funny story: Pokemon Move Considered Homophobic

The popular game/anime series Pokemon has come under fire for one of its moves being deemed homophobic. One of the many moves a pokemon can learn is called "Attract". It is used in battles and by wild pokemon to cause the rival to become infatuat...

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NUS bans Holocaust Commemoration at UK Unis

Notable Champagne-Humanitarian-Edgy-Rhetorical-Club, the NUS (National-Kropotkinite Union of Sympathisers) have taken advantage of the post-exam lull by sneaking in a typically creative and imaginative motion. The motion was passed by 19 votes to...

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UKIP First: Naughty Nigel Tired, Gets Words Mixed Up

UKIP's Naughty Nigel has made a few blunders in a recent notable humanitarian agitprop outlet. Now, I do warn you that I'm a little tired today; or indeed, fatigué, cansado, distrutto... See, I said it in French and some other languages that foreigners speak, so TECHNICALLY, I'm not being racist. Indeed, if anything, I'm being rather less racist than, say, the GENUINE BIGOT Tommy Robins...

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California Gay Advocacy Group Proposes Ballot Initiative to Allow Killing of Straights

Funny story: California Gay Advocacy Group Proposes Ballot Initiative to Allow Killing of Straights

SACRAMENTO, CA - In response to a measure to allow killing of gays in California, Nigel Reynolds, attorney for the California gay rights group, "Gay Advocacy Group" (GAG), has filed a petition with the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, to a...

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Theresa May: "We must Engage with the Moderate Homosexual Community"

Apparently, because Theresa May is from the Conservative Party, she has the dispiriting responsibility of reluctantly assimilating individuals in a rather more blunt and crude way than Labour or Lib Dems. So she has sworn to "engage with the moderate homosexual community," in order to ensure that gay people do not cause any more "chaos, subversion and aesthetic terrorism." As a Conservative,...

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TLDC Announces ''Coming Out" - A Boot Camp for "Future Homos"

Mitchell Schlockmeister - Head of TLDC TV (The Learning Disabled Channel formerly just TLC) made the following announcement today at swank Beverly Hills Hotel, reported here in full. Well here comes another winner from TLDC with positive social benefits to boot. You know when we changed our name to more accurately reflect our audience demo's we also promised to get more serious about "LEARNI...

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Gun nut says White Americans (only) Should Own Artillery

Gun nut, racist, xenophobe, homophobe and staunch NRA supporter Clem Snout made an emotionally charged speech today on the state of "his" America. Well that's just a bunch of liberal crapola what them Jews and fags and darkies say about too many guns! The more firepower in the hands of white Americans the better - and I mean even kinda weirdy WHITE Americans! -- If a few folks get nailed alo...

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The Late Rev Paisley's Heterophobic Hate Campaign

Given the recent passing of Lord Bannside, it's only fair that I inform you about one of the last interviews conducted with him, in order to set the record straight. Sadly, the man once renowned for his godly denunciations of sodomy, unchastity a...

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Irish fighting mad over pub closing

RUB-A-DUB-DUBLIN, IRELAND, THE EMERALD ISLE -- Oil Can Mary's, a popular pub in Rub-a-Dub-Dublin's gay district, has been closed "until further notice," an act that has enraged the establishment's regular patrons. "Two micks are killed, and I have...

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Supreme Court recognizes Gays as 'third gender'

Funny story: Supreme Court recognizes Gays as 'third gender'

WASHINGTON, DC - In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court on Tuesday created the "third gender" status for gays. Earlier, they were forced to write male or female as their gender. The court said that the gays will be allowed admission in educatio...

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Entertainment giant lays off one-fourth of its employees

HOLLYWEIRD, CA -- Reeling from the backlash of conservative and family values groups that followed the outing of company gay CEO, Mickey Mouse--by himself, no less--the entertainment giant, suffering a decline in sales that has rocked its bottom line...

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