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New and Improved Version of Huggable "Vlad The Impaler" Doll to be Released in April

Funny story: New and Improved Version of Huggable "Vlad The Impaler" Doll to be Released in April

Are teddy bears just not cutting it anymore? Does your heart need something more soothing to cuddle up with at night? The IMPALED Company is happy to announce that it will be releasing a new and improved version of the Huggable "Vlad The Impaler"...

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You Know You're Old...Further Thoughts...

Funny story: You Know You're Old...Further Thoughts...

You know you're old, and maybe an old London git...when... With thanks to Ralph E. Shaffer You know you're old. ...You go out to a late night party, and when you return at 4am, your 20something kids are waiting up for you. ...After the party...

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The Dawn of Man

Man - or humans as the PC brigade would have us call it - has strived for many years to build a better world. A world free of dolphins and rhinos - who are actually just overweight unicorns that nobody wants to ride - a world where fish are free to swim the oceans, where they can eventually be caught to be made into delicious fish fingers by the ultimate sailor hero himself, Captain Birdseye. F...

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King Arthur Returns thanks to Brexit

King Arthur, the ancient king and knight of legend, has returned from his slumber on the Isle of Avalon, according to witnesses. The legend tells that Arthur will return when his country is in direst need, and, according to some, it has actually...

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Thanksgiving was "Native Americans being sarcastic"

Funny story: Thanksgiving was "Native Americans being sarcastic"

Historians have long believed that Thanksgiving was either a genuine attempt to smooth over relations between early US settlers and the native Americans; or else a lie told by the settlers after they had massacred them all. However, Professor of H...

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Dec. 1. 1941: Roosevelt Cancels Summit with Japanese Prime Minister

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Exclusive to Spoof News. "It's not gonna happen!" With that terse comment, President Franklin D. Roosevelt today canceled the long hoped-for meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and the American president. Reporte...

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UKIP to demand we add eleven days to the calendar

Funny story: UKIP to demand we add eleven days to the calendar

After successfully getting the British to vote themselves into more austerity by leaving the European Union, UKIP leader (insert the name used this week here) has said that their party is still relevant, that they will now fight to remove all traces...

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Little Known Stories of Remarkable U. S. Presidential Moments

Funny story: Little Known Stories of Remarkable U. S. Presidential Moments

George Saunders's recent book, Lincoln in the Bardo, recounts how the 16th President spent some time in a Washington cemetery mausoleum after the death of his son Willie, being pestered by quirky ghosts. Yet, this is only the latest in a long line o...

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When the least qualified individuals usurp power

Carlo M. Cipolla, an economic historian, born in Italy in 1922, dead in 2000, classified people into four groups: intelligent, helpless, bandit and stupid. However, Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers came up with 16 types of personality types. Cipolla's emphasis on stupid people makes his findings interesting. Perhaps, it is not unwise to begin with a definition...

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BBC History Channel. New War Series.

Funny story: BBC History Channel. New War Series.

For this winter, the BBC have lined up a twelve part series of new documentaries on warfare. Here is the list. (1) Tank Heroes of World War 11. (2) Lancaster Bomber air crews. Unsung Heroes of Dresden. (3) How Methane gas helped the Allies in World War 1. (4) Napalm Heroes of the Vietnam War. (5) Famous Torturers of World War 11.. (6) Scientific Heroes of Nuclear Fission. (7) Enola Gay...

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England Victory Denialist Challenges Mainstream Views on World Cup 1966

Robust writer and charismatic rhetorician David Irving has just published some astonishing revisionist historical allegations. Yes: England's most non-UKIP of Holocaust revisionists now claims that Germany never lost the World Cup in 1966. Irving does admit that he didn't always think of it this way. However, there was as long, slippery slope, before he finally found 'bullshit at the end of...

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The Good Old Days - An email from 1914

Fw: Fwd: THE YEAR IS 1914 People Leon and Ramona Frankamp Today at 9:53 AM To Undisclosed-Recipient@ From: Preston > Subject: FW: THE YEAR IS 1914 > > > > > > > > > THE YEAR IS 1914 > >...

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Local area man says to hell with today, seize yesterday

Funny story: Local area man says to hell with today, seize yesterday

Geoff Jacks of New York, NY is determined to squeeze every ounce of fun out of life, but is afraid to act on an opportunity when it comes. "Geoff has always been the kind of guy who is very hesitant to commit to plans, for fear of missing out on some...

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History's Misquotes Come to Light

Funny story: History's Misquotes Come to Light

Washington, DC In a history convention held in the nation's capitol, many facts came to light regarding some of history's most famous quotes. For instance, John Paul Jones did say "Don't Give up the Ship!" but he added the line, "Sell it Instead!" When Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death," history misplaced the part where he said, "On second thought, just give me liberty."...

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Obama, Putin, Stalin - Historical Revisionists

Funny story: Obama, Putin, Stalin - Historical Revisionists

WASHINGTON - Revisionist history is to be understood as a consciously falsified or distorted interpretation of the past to serve partisan or ideological purposes in the present. The prime example of this kind of history is the Soviet Union under J...

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History repeats itself

The Battle of Qadisayeh marks the end of the Persian Empire, fought in 636 A.D. It was a decisive battle between ISIS, oops, Arab Muslim invaders and the Sassanid Persian army at Qadisayeh, presently a 2-hour drive to Baghdad. Who to blame: George Bush, Obama or King Khosrau II? In fact, King Khosrau II, technically the last King of Sassanid Empire, was murdered along with 18 eligible male heir...

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Newly Discovered Journal Reveals Hitler Meant Moustache to be Ironic

A journal recently discovered by historical researchers from the Institute of Hipsterism at the London Academy of Social Sciences reveals that Adolf Hitler originally grew his distinctive mustache as a joke. "I have adopted the most comical of mousta...

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New Feudalism

Housing has become a serious issue as of late. Age old issues of sub-standard housing and illegal tenant evictions still are still alive and well, recently having been joined by new scams and blood-suckers like sub-prime mortgages and time-share hucksters. Worse than any of these, relatively recent quagmires, they are still nothing compared to those of the pre-Capitalist Feudal Era. Ah, yes,...

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