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New Exercise Sensation

Funny story: New Exercise Sensation

A new exercise, thought to have been developed by followers of Genghis Khan, has been causing great excitement on the internet. As illustrated by a follower of the new fashion, Scatthi Scactum, it consists of the practitioner holding the neck of t...

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Sweatin' Out Satan - America's struggle against evil and obesity

Actual story from the Washington Post: WARSAW, Poland, Feb. 11 (UPI) -- Roman Catholic regions of Europe are seeing a resurgence of exorcism, the rite of expelling evil spirits from tortured souls. Informal efforts to train more exorcists began under Pope John Paul II when the Vatican formally revised and upheld the rite for the first time in nearly 400 years, The Washington Post reported Mo...

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Healthy Green Buses to be rolled out across Manchester

Funny story: Healthy Green Buses to be rolled out across Manchester

In a bid to reduce emissions from the vast fleet of buses that operate in and around the Manchester area, Greater Manchester Public Transport Limited have come up with a winning initiative that promises to not only slash exhaust emissions, but reduce...

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Terrifying New Drug Sweeps Country

Funny story: Terrifying New Drug Sweeps Country

A new sinister drug is sweeping the country, say government and police officials, and it is set to bring despair and misery to the population. The drug has swept in to every facet of our society, from the rich and well-to-do areas of Kent, to the...

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You and Your Health Warnings!

Funny story: You and Your Health Warnings!

1. If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal. 2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat. 3. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years. 4. A tortoise doesn't run, does nothing...yet lives for 450 years. 5. The camel will walk over 100 miles in search of water in temperatures of 100° F. 6. The albatross flies millions of mil...

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Dogs Like Watching Digital Television!

Funny story: Dogs Like Watching Digital Television!

Vets are warning that many people are bringing pet dogs along to their surgeries presenting a problem of fixed, staring eyes. They say the problem is being caused by Britain's change from analogue to digital television. They say the flicker rate...

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San Francisco Outlaws Same-Sex Bicycle Seats

Please turn out the lights when you leave San Francisco. Of all places, where Dykes on Bikes parade nude from the head down on rumbling Harley Davidsons, where a quasi-religious order mocks the Catholic Church with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence wearing nun habits, where the mayor is celebrated for porking his best friend's wife; I could go on and on, but I want to limit my dialogue to a spe...

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Women that don't use treadmills more likely to die

Funny story: Women that don't use treadmills more likely to die

A new Study shows women that don't use Treadmill's are more likely to get kidnapped or killed. The study revealed that women who stayed inside their own homes to work out and use their treadmills were 80% less likely to be kidnapped, beaten and/o...

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Queen Elizabeth's 'Got the Trots'!

Against doctors advice, The Queen, who is eighty-five, returned to the saddle on Easter Monday to go horse riding in Windsor great park. The grand old lady insisted her recent three mile jogs around the park with Prince Philip had sufficiently lo...

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Funny story: Advertisement

Guys! Have you ever wanted to lose that beergut? And have a bigger penis? Well now with the new Gut'N'Cock Exercise Thingamyjig, you can have all that. Through its stomach-o-matic gut-sizer it works off those excess pounds, while the dong-stretcher gives you the manhood you have always dreamed of. Have you ever wanted to lose inches, AND gain inches? Then the Gut'N'Cock Exercise Thingamyjig...

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Keep Fit At Work for U.K. Employees

Funny story: Keep Fit At Work for U.K. Employees

Medical researchers are recommending that exercise apparati should be introduced into British workplaces to improve employees' health. U.S. scientists said sedentary habits were one of the greatest dangers to workers health in the 21st Century and...

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Spoof Writer Ventures Into 'Exercise'

BIRMINGHAM, ENG. - Spoofer Inhopeless has ventured into the activity known as Exercise. According to his brother, Exercise cannot be done using the internet, however the word has been extensively Googled (TM) by Inhopeless. Exercise apparentl...

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Project Natal: Better Than Exercise!

Funny story: Project Natal: Better Than Exercise!

You've heard the news, "Project Natal is better than EXERCISE!" says Frank Jones, otherwise formerly known as Frankie Joe Fat A**. One of the best gamers in the world, Frankie Joe commented on the way Project Natal turned his life around. "I...

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Revolutionary New Cycle Ab Builder

A freelance engineer by the name of Tommy Lardas has revolutionized the physical fitness industry with his Cycle Ab Builder. This incredible new device combines the mobility of a bicycle with the power crunching physical exercise of sit-ups. Tommy Lardas had this to say about his revolutionary, mobile piece of gym equipment. "I have always enjoyed riding my bicycle, not only is it non-poll...

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Swedish Royal Wedding Turned into Exercise Class

Funny story: Swedish Royal Wedding Turned into Exercise Class

When a Swedish princess married a gym owner on Saturday, some of the details of the nuptials were kept hush-hush. Fortunately, Spoof writer Gail Farrelly was able to sneak into the Stockholm Cathedral and provide a first-hand report. According to F...

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Exercise Leads to Sexual Dysfunction

Funny story: Exercise Leads to Sexual Dysfunction

LONDON -- A British woman is now suffering from persistent sexual arousal syndrome after accidentally falling from her Nintendo Wii Fit board. The condition sexually arouses her whenever she feels slight vibrations from a cell phone or other mechanic...

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Laugh Your Way to Fitness

Funny story: Laugh Your Way to Fitness

ANAHEIM, CA - Recent research shows that laughter can produce the same health benefits as physical exercise. That euphoric finding was presented at the 2010 Experimental Biology conference in Anaheim. The study by Loma Linda University, determine...

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Woman Sheds 42 Pounds Doing Shopping Cart Cha-Cha

Funny story: Woman Sheds 42 Pounds Doing Shopping Cart Cha-Cha

A new exercise craze is sweeping America by storm. It's not Pilates, it's not aerobics, and it's not tai chi or any number of other workout routines already heard of. This one is based on getting up on your feet, driving the mini-van to the nearest s...

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