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Reflection on The Lucky Guy From Pompeii

Funny story: Reflection on The Lucky Guy From Pompeii

In 79 A.D. Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii killing 2,000 souls as it went. A thick carpet of volcanic ash and dust poured across the city and don't forget the heat. This day would be the last for many. One man, whom archaeologists claim suffered an infection of the tibia, was found in the ruins with a stone door jamb on his head. What a way to go! First of al...

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Spam-tastic Dinner Decision - Editorial

Funny story: Spam-tastic Dinner Decision - Editorial

"Spam recalls 228,000 pounds of pork and or chicken because people are being cut by metal when attempting to feed!" It's bad enough of the shame one feels for his or herself when you are buying Spam to eat without it being a joke. If you are planning a dinner with friends and you thought it would be funny to prepare a Spam appetizer, then that is okay. But, I'm talking about those people wh...

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Shelf Thee Selfie Monkey

Funny story: Shelf Thee Selfie Monkey

The U.S. federal court system has been attempting to declare, Naruto, a crested macaque monkey, to be the rightful owner of his famous "monkey selfie." This has been a two year court case between PETA bread, David the photographer, and a self-publish...

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Mindless Pirate

Funny story: Mindless Pirate

Some people think he is a senseless pirate with nothing on his mind but broads and booty. They say that he never thinks of anyone besides himself and would walk over his mother to obtain a chance of winning a silver dollar. His mother to this day claims he is an orphan even after the DNA test proved she is his biological mother. His teeth are green and full of holes so the grimy lemon pulp and wat...

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Courage Under Nuclear Fallout

Funny story: Courage Under Nuclear Fallout

The Dopes were still alive and moved into the once-vacant fallout shelter in our next door neighbor's yard. How I wish they didn't survive the economic collapse, food crisis, power grid failure, nuclear radiation, radioactive ticks, acid banana cream pie rain, unselfies, or the pepperoni yogurt shortage. They are so awkward and strange. Who comes over to their neighbor's house and says, "Hi! How a...

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Dear Santa

Funny story: Dear Santa

January 12, 2016 Dear Santa, Hey Santa. Ever since I moved out of my parents' house in 1998 I noticed that you stopped coming to my place. I'm a 35 year old man, but this I don't understand! You came every year when I lived with mom and dad, but now that have my own apartment, you don't show. At one point, I almost stopped believing in you! I have been hoping that you are very busy and will ge...

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McDonald's: Thanks for the Weight Loss!

Funny story: McDonald's: Thanks for the Weight Loss!

In Raleigh, NC, Merab Morgan pulled off something astonishing by losing 37 pounds on a diet based solely on McDonald's food. She said, "I thought it's two birds with one stone - to lose weight and prove a point for the little fat people." She...

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Global Warming or Hocus Pocus?

Funny story: Global Warming or Hocus Pocus?

Many people are arguing points for global warming in the news and there are some people that believe it and some that don't. Scientists find errors in global warming data because the satellites drifted in orbit and were reporting nighttime tempera...

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Best Regards, Corey Feldman

Funny story: Best Regards, Corey Feldman

Over the summer, in Richmond, VA a woman's apartment was robbed and got some housework done by none other than the burglar. This is a peculiar case since most thieves like taking stuff, not doing chores while they steal. He took a computer and a...

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Urine Luck - Cow Wee Cures Cancer?

Funny story: Urine Luck - Cow Wee Cures Cancer?

New Delhi invented a new product made from cow urine that has a wide range of cures from cancer, diarrhea, to diabetes. It is on sale by the Bharatiya Janata Party and a BJPan official claimed, "My daughter tried all kinds of things" to get rid of he...

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Lobster Named Bubba

Funny story: Lobster Named Bubba

A 22 year old lobster named Bubba was caught off the shores of Nantucket, MA and shipped to Wholey Market, a Pittsburgh fish market. Some people claim that it is more than 100 years old making it old enough to have seen 2 world wars and Prohibition.

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Alabama Law: Ugly on Ugly Fish

Funny story: Alabama Law: Ugly on Ugly Fish

Alabama law proclaims that anyone who catches an "Ugly Fish" or a garfish is supposed to become the fish's executioner. The law states that the fisherman can execute the fish in one of 3 ways: 1. He can put the garfish to death by guillotine as...

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Who Gives a Crap? This Guy Does!

Funny story: Who Gives a Crap? This Guy Does!

And here we go again; a man named Andrew out in California was arrested on July 28th for robbing a house because he forgot to flush the toilet. What a crappy to go! No wonder why people today are the way they are. If you are attempting to rob a ho...

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Potatoes Bad, Snakes Good!

Funny story: Potatoes Bad, Snakes Good!

Rodrigo Franco was arrested in July 2017 in Los Angeles for smuggling reptiles into the United States. He was importing crocodiles, turtles, and snakes all of which are protected under U.S. law. The craziest is how this guy managed to ship the king c...

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Bank Robbing Tip 37: Don't Forget to Run in the Street Naked

Funny story: Bank Robbing Tip 37: Don't Forget to Run in the Street Naked

As if we couldn't make this up ourselves, our attention unfortunately goes down to Florida the Sunshine State. The place where women run around in bikinis and the toughest decision one has to make is which beach to go to with your friends. A stat...

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Dull, Boring, and Bland Travel Tips

Funny story: Dull, Boring, and Bland Travel Tips

If you are planning a vacation this year there are many jovial and fascinating places you could go in the world! Every trip you grow from and cherish for years to come. I still talk about the time I spent in Spain when I was in high school. Drinking...

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Digital Equivalence of Donald Trump

Funny story: Digital Equivalence of Donald Trump

The movie Antman was able to bring back Michael Douglas on screen from how he looked 25 years ago through the utilization of "digital equivalence." The technology has been hailed as revolutionary by those artists working in the field of visual ef...

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