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Assaults in Chicago are linked to a coma patient; unheard theories of a resident

Funny story: Assaults in Chicago are linked to a coma patient; unheard theories of a resident

A series of assaults occurred in Chicago July 1st. 4 women have reported physical assault to their local police station. One woman named the attacker as Marko Dulce. She gave a written statement and matched the man's face with a police sketch. Up...

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Confusion Among the German Community of Toronto

An important German Shepherd competition took place last Friday at the Telus Center. The Torontonian German community gathered and prepared for the show that had been planned for three months. German Canadian Congress, GCA, had flown in groups from G...

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Women Gain Weight After Marriage

Funny story: Women Gain Weight After Marriage

According to a recent study, following couples from 1898 to 2011, reports that after marriage women gain an average of 19 pounds within the first year. Some say that this study comes as no shock. One reader explains that "women exist to get marrie...

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Blogs are the new Diaries

Funny story: Blogs are the new Diaries

Blogging has become so popular in recent years, so much as to make diary writing obsolete. An intensive study of grade 2 students was conducted in Norway. Every elementary school in southern Norway was part of this study. Each grade 2 student was...

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Plastic Surgery Not An Option

Funny story: Plastic Surgery Not An Option

A sixteen year old girl in Nebraska State has just received a nose job, without surgery. For years the girl had complained about a crooked nose; begged her parents to pay for plastic surgery. Her parents consistently said no to her being put under...

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iPope Tweets, Jesus Weeps

Funny story: iPope Tweets, Jesus Weeps

Pope Benedict sent his first tweet on the 60th anniversary of his ordination. The Pope had several aides teaching him to use his new iPad. Those aides have not been able to explain Twitter let alone the iPad to Pope Benedict. He has decided to...

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Monaco's Prince Albert weds South African Charlene Wittstock

Funny story: Monaco's Prince Albert weds South African Charlene Wittstock

Charlene Wittstock, who swam in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, marries Prince Albert II, ruler of Monaco. A civil ceremony took place and afterwards 3500 guests attended lavish celebrations. An elaborate religious ceremony will take place on Saturday in t...

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Will and Kate Visit Canada

Funny story: Will and Kate Visit Canada

Canada spends its 144th birthday celebrating with William and Katherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The newlyweds are on their first overseas visit together. Their tour will consist of eight days travelling through Canada. Today Will and K...

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Security is Getting Even Tighter Than Before

Funny story: Security is Getting Even Tighter Than Before

Pot found in man's suitcase has caused security to tighten up yet again. Early last week, George Holter was found transporting plants from Romania to the US. Laws and security have been tough on those transporting flora from place to place. The d...

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Complains About Easter.

Funny story: Complains About Easter.

Easter began as a pagan holiday, and was soon adopted by all. It's the celebration of bunnies and chocolate. Recently the Easter Bunny has voiced complaints, "Jesus is stealing my holiday!". What has this world come to? When the happy story of rabbits hiding chocolate eggs is replaced. Replaced by Jesus dying for our sins. People have been trying to ruin this happy holiday, by speaking of C...

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You know what big feet means...

Funny story: You know what big feet means...

The bigger the feet...the taller the man. An extensive survey was conducted in the Netherlands, Mongolia, Australia, and Mexico. Results from each country found the same results. The size of a man's foot, is directly correlated with their height. In the Mayan area of Mexico, where the people are of a shorter stature, have smaller feet. Taller men in the Netherlands and Australia tend t...

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Lift, Tuck and Tighten

Funny story: Lift, Tuck and Tighten

For years we have relied upon surgical procedures to keep us looking thin, young and fantastic. Tuck the tummy, lift the face, enlarge the breasts; the list goes on and on. There is one body part that many forget; which we are going to bring attention to. The hand. The hand is used everyday for an unlimited amount of tasks. But when the skin begins to sag and sun damage sets in, we are left wi...

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Are you getting the sleep you need?

Funny story: Are you getting the sleep you need?

For years, lack of sleep has affected humans around the world. We work to much and don't sleep enough. Sleep Country Canada has developed a new technique to improve concentration and 'awakedness' through out the day. This technique is a very quick fix for this on going problem. Another benefit is that you don't waste your possible work time, sleeping. According to Sleep Country Canada,...

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Huge Wildfires Burn Through Texas

Funny story: Huge Wildfires Burn Through Texas

In the US state of Texas, wildfires have been burning for over 2 weeks. Officials stated that the fires were burning "from border to border", with some covering more than 100 000 acres. There have been mandatory evacuation of large parts of the st...

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We Almost Have A Country

Funny story: We Almost Have A Country

Previous American president, George W. Bush, sits down with BBC. After a three day tour near Norwich and Cambridge, Bush arrives in London to speak with us. After seeing parts of England, Bush says "You guy's have almost got your own country out here!". Once reporters explained that we indeed do have our own country, Bush was "shocked". He later asked "Ya'll have your own president and all.".

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David Suzuki: Two Books That Changes My Life

Funny story: David Suzuki: Two Books That Changes My Life

Many of us know David Suzuki from 'The Nature of Things' or his earlier show 'Quirks and Quarks'. Suzuki has written 40 books; and today he sits down with the public and shares the two books that have affected his life the most. Suzuki, now 75, recalls his favourite book from childhood. The Dr. Seuss story "'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish' has really stayed with me" Suzuki told. He rea...

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Shocking Study Disproves Common Idea

Funny story: Shocking Study Disproves Common Idea

The largest study of school aged children took place in the U.S. last month. Over 10 000 students were put through vigorous tests to determine the average weight of American students. Common belief for years has thought that American youth were su...

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Canada Votes

Canada's race to election day. Conservatives hoping for a majority, Liberals and NDP looking for more votes, and the Bloc Quebecois realizes that they have all the votes they could possibly accumulate. Stats Canada has put out a statement "We are...

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