Mice eviction

Submitted by Bobie Adade

Saturday, 25 May 2019

I was living the good life until mice started interrupting my sleep every night. I didn't know their number in my room, but whatever edible stuff in my room had a taste of an intelligent mouse. After taking enough from the mice, I asked myself "how tough and intelligent are these rodents?", so, to find out, I bought a biscuit and hid it as high as I could, telling myself, if these rodents could get to this biscuit, I would give up, and just leave it for them to eat because they would have earned it.
Before I could end my plans for them that night, I heard a scratchy noise from where I had left the biscuit, and lo and behold, I saw one mouse unwrap the biscuit, and sit enjoying it as if it was its last meal. I just smiled in awe, and left the room thinking about how tough a job I had on my hands. I just had to think about a possible good thought out plan to extinct these rodents who maybe cleverer than some humans that ever lived. For some weeks no plan I thought about was clever enough to defeat my enemy that was just under my nose. There was a pest control service shop just on the road to my house but had no intention of going there but having to think about my enemy more than anything else gave me no other option than to seek a solution that will break the dominance of my clever and cheekily little fellas.I went and got myself a mouse glue trap for £3. 45, I was so happy my friends thought I had won the lottery but this was more than winning the lottery, this was a matter of life and death.At that moment I felt like I could strike a better deal than Theresa May dealing with Brexit knowing I have taken the game to a different level.I started making plans for the night, around 11 pm I took the mouse glue trap out, placed some biscuit on it, turned off the room light just waiting for the demise of my predator. Hours went by but heard nothing till my eyes bowed in shame to sleep.To my surprise I did not hear any scratchy/sound from any mouse that night at exactly 6am, the King of the north was awake to witness it's enemy bow to the knee to the white wolf who had fought a war with every ounce of blood in his body and had won in a way that all ancient Kings in history would have been proud of, with every war you have to pay the last respect to the dead (those with you and against you) So, I went to where the trap was and couldn't believe what I saw with my eyes, everything was there as I left it the night before it was like these mice were on far away holiday in marrakesh for one week the trap remained the same for a moment I had to cry my eyes out because that was the final plan I had in my locket, and that just went through the door like a knife through butter now I had to resort to cheating by chasing them with the mouse trap in my hand as the saying goes “if persuasion fails force is applied” but all that ended in defeat anyways it just amounted to nothing after all. It was getting embarrassing now because I was being defeated on my own turf and did not have the cojones to do anything about it, I maybe giving them more credit than they deserve but I think they are worth it. After some weeks, I called the landlord to end my stay in his property as waking up in the night was even harder than accepting Trump as the President of the United States because I couldn't put up with the flawless victory party, I had to witness from the mice every time I woke up to pee in the night.

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