135 Ambiguous, amusing Place Names - beginning with N, O, & P

Submitted by Inchcock

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1. Nancy (France)

2. Nanfan (Cornwall, UK)

3. Nasty (near Stevenage, Herts, UK)

4. Nempnett Thrubwell (Somerset, UK)

5. Nether Pratis (Fife, Scotland)

6. Nether Wallop (Hampshire UK)

7. New Invention (Cornwall, Shropshire & in Staffordshire, UK)

8. Newbiggin (Northumberland UK)

9. Nine Maidens (Cornwall, UK)

10. Nirvanna (Michigan, US)

11. No Place (Co Durham UK)

12. Noah's Ark (Hertfordshire, UK)

13. Nob End (South Lancashire, UK)

14. Nobber (County Meath, Ireland)

15. Nobs Crook (Hampshire, UK)

16. Nomansland (Devonshire, UK)

17. Nomansland (Herts, UK) * A 15th century common steeped in violent history of disputes, battles, murders and ambushes, ironically this was where the "Wicked Lady", a highwaywoman, (said to be Lady Katherine Ferrers) terrorized travellers, and hold up, mainly the men of wealth.

18. Nomansland (Wilts, UK)

19. No Name Street (Rohnert Park, California)

20. Normal (Illinois, USA)

21. Normal (West Virginia, US)

22. North and South Drumboy (Ayrshire, Scotland)

23. North Bitchburn (County Durham, UK)

24. North Piddle (Hereford & Worcester, UK)

25. Northeast (Pennsylvania, USA)

26. Norton Disney (Lincolnshire, UK)

27. Noses Point (Durham, UK)

28. Nothing (Arizona, US)

29. Nowhere Else (Tasmania, Australia)

30. Noxapater (Mississippi, US)

31. Nut Mountain (Saskatchewan)

32. Nutterville (Wisconsin, US)

33. Pity Me (Near Durham, north of England, UK)

34. Oblong (Illinois, US) * The village was once noted for the newspaper headline, "Oblong Girl Marries Normal Man."

35. Oconomowoc (Wisconsin, US) * Every other letter is an O

36. Odd (West Virginia, US)

37. Odness (Orkney Islands, Scotland)

38. Offton (Suffolk, UK)

39. Oggal (County Cavan, Eire)

40. Ogle (Northumberland, UK)

41. Oich (Highlands, Scotland)

42. Old and New Leake (Lancs, UK)

43. Old Dailly (Ayrshire, Scotland)

44. Old Shop (Cornwall, UK)

45. Old Swan (Liverpool, UK)

46. Old Wives (Saskatchewan)

47. Old Wives Lees (Kent, UK)

48. Oldwhat (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

49. Onacock (Virginia, USA)

50. Once Brewed & Twice Brewed (both near Corbridge, UK)

51. Onehouse (Suffolk, UK)

52. Ones Acre (West Riding Yorkshire, UK)

53. Onthank (Ayrshire, Scotland)

54. Onoway (Alberta, Canada)

55. Osgodby (East Riding, Yorks)

56. Ouagadougou (Pronounced Wagga-doogoo - Burkina Faso in West Africa)

57. Ouse pronounced "ooze" (Tasmania, Australia)

58. Ovens (County Cork, Eire)

59. Over Peover (Cheshire, UK)

60. Over Windyhills (Banffshire)

61. Over Wallop (Hampshire, UK)

62. Owlswick (Buckinghamshire UK)

63. Panic (Pennsylvania, US)

64. Pantycacklode (Monmouthshire, UK) * Found on a 1881 census for the Shirenewton area of Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

65. Paradise (Michigan, US)

66. Paradise (Tasmania, Australia)

67. Partridge Nest (Northumberland, UK)

68. Paw Paw (Illinois, US)

69. Peasedown St. John (Somerset, UK)

70. Pecker's Point (Newfoundland, Canada)

71. Peculiar (Missouri, US)

72. Pee Pee in Pike County (Ohio)

73. Peep O'Sea (Northumberland, UK)

74. Peniscola (Spain)

75. Penisarwaen (Gwynedd, Walws)

76. Penistone (Sth Yorkshire, UK)

77. Penny (B.C., Canada)

78. Pennycomequick (Devon, UK)

79. Peover Heath (Cheshire, UK)

80. Peppermoor (Cullernose, Northumberland, UK)

81. Perkiomenville, (Pennsylvania, US) * Indian origin "Where the cranberries grow"

82. Petawawa (Ontario, Canada)

83. Pett Bottom (Kent, UK)

84. Petting (Germany)

85. Petty (Aberdeenshire)

86. Phuket (Thailand) * Ph is pronounced F in Thailand

87. Pick Eyes (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

88. Pickle Street (a town in West Virginia, US)

89. Piddle - North (Hereford & Worcester, UK)

90. Piddle River (Dorset, UK)

91. Piddletrentide (Dorset/Hants, England)

92. Piddle - Wyre (Hereford & Worcester, UK) * In Old English Piddle actually means 'marsh or fen'

93. Pidley cum Fenton (Cambs, UK)

94. Pig Oak (Dorset, UK)

95. Pigüé *Pronounced Pee Where (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)

96. Piles (Costa Blanca, Spain)

97. Pilot Butte (Saskatchewan)

98. Pilot Knob (Missouri, US)

99. Pinch (West Virginia, US)

100. Pinchgut Island (Sydney, NSW, Australia) *Old colonial Jail like a small version of Alcatraz

101. Pincushion (Durham, UK)

102. Pink Green (Worcestershire, UK)

103. Pinkie Braes (Midlothian, Scotland UK)

104. Piss Pot Island (island on the South Branch Potomac River, West VA, US)

105. Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)

106. Pishill (near Reading, UK)

107. Pissy (Picardy, France)

108. Pitcox (East Lothian, Scotland)

109. Pitfancy (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

110. Pitscaff (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

111. Pity Me (Co Durham UK)

112. Pityme (Cornwall, UK)

113. Placentia (Newfoundland, Canada)

114. Playing Place (Truro, Cornwall, UK)

115. Plodhill (Aberdeenshire, UK)

116. Ponckhockie (Ulster County, NY, USA)

117. Pool of Muchart (Perthshire, Scotland)

118. Poor Town (North Carolina, USA)

119. Poopout Hill, (near Moonridge, CA)

120. Poowong (Victoria, Australia)

121. Pound and Beaver (5 miles apart in NE Wisconsin, USA)

122. Pound Bank (Worcestershire, UK)

123. Poverty (Kentucky, USA)

124. Pratts Bottom (Orpington, Kent, UK)

125. Premier (West Virginia, USA)

126. Prickwillow (England)

127. Prince Albert (Saskatchewan, Canada)

128. Promised Land (Tasmania, Australia)

129. Pu Ping Palace (Doi Suthep, Thailand)

130. Pu-Ping River (Chang Mai, Thailand)

131. Puddle (Cornwall, UK)

132. Puddledock (Norfolk, UK)

133. Puddledub (a hamlet, Fife, Scotland)

134. Pumkintown (South Carolina, UK)

135. Pussy Creak (Ireland)

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