Mayor Talks about Protesters Costing Taxpayers Money

Submitted by alassandra2000

Friday, 7 October 2011

Interviewer: "So you are saying, then, that these protesters are costing the city taxpayers money?"

Mayor: "Yes, they are."

Interviewer: "How much money would you say that they have cost the city so far?"

Mayor: "About two million dollars."

Interviewer: "Really! That is a lot of money! Could you break it down for me where that two million dollars has been lost from?"

Mayor: "Huh?"

Interviewer: "Where did you get the total of the two million dollars that has been lost? How is it costing the city so much money?"

Mayor: "Well, it's costing money from the businesses in that area that aren't making money the way that they would be if the protesters weren't there."

Interviewer: "Can you give me examples of businesses that are losing money down there?"

Mayor: "The restaurants, for example."

Interviewer: "Really, so having a bunch of people all over that area, who have to eat eventually, and the restaurants are suffering?"

Mayor: "Well, I mean, the vendors down there are doing well, but, the, you know, nicer restaurants are having their customers drove away, and the protesters and the people at the protest, they aren't eating in those restaurants."

Interviewer: "So, you are talking about the expensive restaurants and coffee shops that the stockbrokers would normally eat at?"

Mayor: "Yes, yes, that is what I am talking about!"

Interviewer: "So you would say that it is safe to say that this protest is most definitely inconveniencing the stockbrokers?"

Mayor: "Yes, it is!"

Interviewer: "You mean the stockbrokers on Wall Street, that the protesters are protesting against?"

Mayor: "Well...yeah."

Interviewer: "So, you have spoke with the owners of these restaurants, and they are telling you that no one from the protest comes into eat at those restaurants, even with all those people?"

Mayor: "Well, no, I haven't spoken to any of them directly..."

Interviewer: "So, who gave you the number for the two million that has already been lost, again?"

Mayor: "It has cost the police two million in overtime, okay!"

Interviewer: "So, you are telling us that the money that you are calculating as lost is based entirely on the overtime of the police department?"

Mayor: "Yes, that is some of the money that has been lost."

Interviewer: "Let me ask you one more question. the other day, there were over 700 arrests made of the protesters on the bridge in one day, correct?"

Mayor: "That is correct. They were breaking the law, and so the police arrested them."

Interviewer: "So, the police saw them breaking the law and were able to get that many police officers at the scene to make that many arrests, with transportation and everything, right then?"

Mayor: "Well, no, not right away..."

Interviewer: "Tell me, Mr. Mayor, do the police have to make arrangements usually for overtime?"

Mayor: "Well...yes, they do."

Interviewer: "So, when were arrangements made for that many arrests to be made that day?"

Mayor: "I don't know the answer to that question."

Interviewer: "So, would you say it is safe to say that without making hundreds of arrests like that, overtime might not be needed?"

Mayor: "No, absolutely not! They are needed to protect the..."

Interviewer: "I'm sorry, protect the...?"

Mayor: "Never mind. I think we are done here."

Interviewer: "One more question. When was the last time over seven hundred arrests were made of drug dealers or other criminals off the streets, in one day?"

Mayor: "Well, never, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen, someday!"

Interviewer: "And how much overtime do you think that might cost the city taxpayers?

Mayor: "I have nothing more to say. Good day."

Interviewer: "Good day, Mayor. Say hi to the police chief for me."

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