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From General Discussion / A very sad announcement regarding Gail Farrelly
Posted 23 Mar 19 13:37

Quote: Michael Sienicki

Very sad news, indeed. Gail was a wonderful person with such a kind heart. Her writing was wonderful, and her sense of humor was sharp as a razor. She was selfless and always willing to help other writers better themselves. She will be painfully missed.

Thank you so much, Gail. Hope you're laughing wherever you are.

That is as good a Eulogy as you can make.

Best of luck in the next life Gail.

From News Discussion / Dictators Club Meets Again-Guess Who the Main Topic Was?
Posted 13 Feb 19 15:07
Great photo!
Good article, but you should make it longer.

From News Discussion / Satire Writer Stays True to His Art and Blows Opportunity for Financial Success
Posted 13 Jan 19 13:57
Well written!

From News Discussion / Jamal Khashoggi Officially Forgotten About
Posted 2 Jan 19 09:14
"By the way, I voted Green, because I couldn't stand either of the clowns in the Republicrat party. We need a third party in the U.S. desperately."

I second that motion. We really do need a third party to break up the monopoly over politics that the other two have.

From General Discussion / British Humour v. American Humor
Posted 7 Dec 18 23:44
British humour?
Is there such a thing?
They can't even spell 'humor' write.......

Oops, time to leave!


From News Discussion / Showdown at The Bonesaw Corral: Saudi Arabia reveals what happened
Posted 21 Oct 18 12:34
Good one!

From Magazine Discussion / How to Properly Comfort Someone Who is Emotionally Devastated
Posted 18 Sep 18 16:44
I will have to remember to try out the fine recommendations uttered in this article.........not!

From Magazine Discussion / Nigeria Is A Funny Place!
Posted 3 Apr 18 11:21
This was perhaps not meant to be racist but really comes across as being so.
I say this carefully because I was once accused of being racist over an article which wasn't.

From Magazine Discussion / The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges
Posted 18 Feb 18 12:19
OK, this is getting old.
Let's go back to the margarine smuggling article now!

From Magazine Discussion / The Door Of Opportunity Hangs On Small Hinges
Posted 6 Feb 18 23:04
I was waiting to see just how far it would run.
A year and a half?

From News Discussion / Man converts mailbox into recycle bin
Posted 30 Mar 17 22:49
This is about what it is like.
You might as well hook up the mail box to a recycling bin in real life.
I worked at the Post Office 3 Christmas seasons and it was quite disillusioning. Full time employees sleeping on shift in the cafeteria for hours, union leaders intentionally harassing managers so they could write them up, rude and snotty co-workers, lazy as sin employees, workers that are not even fit enough to do the job they are well paid for.
One time I was working all eight hours just pushing bins of third rate (junk) mail around. Worthless waste of time. But as one full timer said "Don't make fun of it; that is what keeps us employed!"
What a waste of time and money......

From News Discussion / Trump, Putin Ride Horses Together
Posted 6 Nov 16 12:05
Amazing what it takes to get people up and writing........

From General Discussion / Comedic trolling
Posted 20 Feb 16 15:48
I used to have irregular battles with a former Spoof writer.
Also have had an article of mine stolen and slightly rewritten on another site.

From News Discussion / Obama Orders American Flag Lowered to Half-Staff in Anticipation of Next Mass Shooting
Posted 20 Feb 16 15:43
Yes, a sad, but good one.

From News Discussion / Hallmark Cards Considers Selling Blank Greeting Cards In Order Not To Offend Anyone
Posted 19 Feb 16 18:42
Yes, that is a good one!

From General Discussion / Mental Health Background Check for Gun Owners
Posted 8 Jan 16 15:17
A'hm gonna hunt ya'll down and gut-shot ya fer talkin' smack about guns!!!!!!!!!

From General Discussion / Deleted Spam Threads
Posted 7 Dec 15 21:57
Actually, right now spam might be adding some life to the comments section..........

From General Discussion / Can cricket be explained to Americans?
Posted 7 Sep 15 12:56
Message the cricket bats are lousy for bustjng heads...

From General Discussion / Can cricket be explained to Americans?
Posted 7 Sep 15 12:54

Quote: victor nicholas

Why did the Americans decide to use a round bat when the cricket bat
Improves probability of contact?

Because we like drawing things like this out as much as possible.

From General Discussion / Can cricket be explained to Americans?
Posted 3 Sep 15 02:17
Its just baseball with a bat that got run over by a lorry.

From Magazine Discussion / My Mother Was A Margarine Smuggler
Posted 29 Jul 15 22:03

Quote: Simon Saunders

I was pulled to one side at SeaTac airport years ago by border control.

They took my bag and rifled through it. Only problem was, it was my girlfriends bag (our bags were identical.)

Imagine my embarrassment when the officer quizzed me about the frilly knickers and peekaboo bra's.

"It's not my bag!" I pleaded. "It's my girlfriends!"

The didn't listen. I can't even look at a rubber glove these days without breaking out into a cold sweat.


If it had been the airport in Netherlands they wouldn't have even blinked.

From News Discussion / Legendary Actor Omar Sharif Dies
Posted 15 Jul 15 04:26
Now boys, boys!
Temper, temper now!

From General Discussion / What's Going On?
Posted 12 Jun 15 16:28
The scandal rags are saying the coppers found a wooden stake protruding from his chest.

Only reapeating what I have heard.

From News Discussion / NSA Requests Americans Limit Length of All Calls And Text Messages
Posted 10 Jun 15 23:55
Yes, a good one!

From General Discussion / UK keeps disappearing
Posted 5 Jun 15 15:45
It is Brit to the core.

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