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From General Discussion / 303 readers on board!
Posted 6 Mar 14 09:42
Come now Mr Woods, you have to accept at least some of the blame.

What about all those poor Bangkokian children? It makes me sick.

From General Discussion / 303 readers on board!
Posted 3 Mar 14 14:01
There has definitely been an upsurge in the number of writers of late, publishing some really funny stuff.

I admit I'm finding it hard to keep up, but I'm trying!

Also, since I fixed the link, Twitter has definitely been bringing a lot of new people here which is awesome. Thanked, I'm sure, by the interesting and funny stories.

From General Discussion / Magazine Discussion
Posted 27 Feb 14 14:08
You can't post new threads directly to the news or magazine forums, you have to click the "discuss this story in the forums" link which appears at the end of the article.

Hope that helps

From General Discussion / Help needed
Posted 11 Feb 14 10:25
Two years? That'd only be with a very fair wind!

Hope you sort it out John, just shout if you need any more help.

From General Discussion / Twitter & Facebook
Posted 5 Feb 14 18:33
Hi All,

A while ago (about 3 years ago) I linked up The Spoof with Twitter and Facebook.

The Facebook link stopped working about a year-and-a-half ago and the Twitter integration stopped working about 8 months ago. Facebook and Twitter both made changes to their systems and, I'm sorry to say, I didn't have time to make the relevant changes here to keep up.

I've spent some time over today and yesterday trying to get these links back up and running and, for the most part, they are. There's still work to be done to refine the systems.

The Twitter linkage should be working as well as it was originally. If you've got your The Spoof account linked up with your Twitter account, whenever you post a spoof it will be posted to your own Twitter feed and it will be re-tweeted by @TheSpoof.

If you don't have a Twitter account linked, up your spoof will still be published on @TheSpoof for our followers to read (We have around 500 followers at the moment).

You can also choose (and it is set to do this by default) to post to your Twitter account when you rate a spoof. If the spoof you're rating is your own, it will be published on your Twitter feed (if it's not already been posted before) otherwise, if it's someone else's spoof, a re-tweet to the original tweet will be posted on your Twitter feed.

The Facebook linkage stopped working for users soon after it was first turned on. There was too much content being sent to Facebook and that caused them to block the app temporarily. After that point, I altered the integration to only post to The Spoof's page on Facebook. Eventually, that stopped working too, in August 2012(!)

The Facebook integration works slightly differently to Twitter (I will probably make some changes to the way this works in the near future). If you link up your Facebook account, posts about your new spoofs will (should) be added to your Facebook page and will (also) be posted on The Spoof's page. The main difference here being there is no "re-tweeting", or "sharing" in the Facebook parlance, but there probably should be to make sure the content is kept fresh and we make good use of the "social" aspect

As with Twitter, you can also choose to have The Spoof automatically post to your Facebook wall when you rate a spoof (and this is turned on by default).

One thing to point out is that snippets only get posted to Twitter, and only if they will fit comfortably on a tweet.

I should also say that if you have previously linked to your Facebook account this will need to be re-done. The Twitter accounts should continue to work as they did before (unless you've revoked The Spoof app's access or made any significant change to your Twitter account).

There's currently nothing in place (but there should and will be in the future) in the Writers Desk to let you re-activate the link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you want to re-activate, please use the following links for now:


If you encounter any troubles with this, please let me know and I'll try to fix.

Once you've linked up your account, you might need to sign out and back in to The Spoof to make sure everything gets pushed through correctly. (If you use both the .com and sites you'll need to sign out and back in on both, sorry).

Any feedback is much welcome, either here or in a pm, but preferably here.



p.s. I'm looking to do more integration with Google+ in future so that (hopefully) you can identify yourself as the author of your spoofs and share your spoofs with your circles!

From General Discussion / Season's Greetings
Posted 25 Dec 13 18:37
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Hope to keep my hand in as much as I can over the holiday period.


From General Discussion / The forums are back!
Posted 28 Nov 13 11:56
Welcome friends.

I'm so sorry that the forums have been deactivated for so long. It wasn't my intention to keep things closed down for this long, but it's been incredibly difficult for me of late to find the time to sit down and get this done. I say "of late" but it was actually around 9 months ago that I shut-down the forums. Since that time, I took a big step in my life and moved away from "regular" employment to work for myself. It's been hard work and it's been annoying that it's drawn me away from The Spoof for so long.

I'm hoping to dedicate more time to The Spoof. I'm not sure where I'm going to start, but the forums is an obvious one. I've always felt that the forums have provide a great community for you talented aspiring writers.

I don't want to dwell on the past, but am looking forward to a prosperous new year.

It feels good to be finally bringing the forums back after such a long time. I'm conscious that there is a lot of new talent on The Spoof and I look forward to hearing from all the new writers.

With much thanks,


From General Discussion / Welcome to The Spoof's forums
Posted 28 Nov 13 11:27
Hi there,

Welcome to The Spoof's forums. You've very welcome here and we'd love to hear from you!

If you haven't already registered yet, then do it now! You can register to just use the forum, or have more fun and register to become a writer.

It's always good to introduce yourself here once you've signed up. Why not tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came across The Spoof? People usually stumble on this place by accident - and then stick around for years!

There's no particular etiquette around here, but please don't hijack threads, don't post in all capital letters, and don't make waves. In short, be the lovely and kind person you are.

Hope you enjoy and have fun. Any questions, email mark at

Happy Spoofing,


From News Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 28 Mar 13 14:43
Just a quick note to apologise to anyone who's been experiencing problems with the site over the past day or so.

The server's having a memory allocation issue which is causing issues with slowing things up and, at times, resulting in some processing closing down entirely.

I've made some modifications and things seem to be working better than they were, but it's something I need to keep an eye on. Apologies if things go a bit slow again.

From News Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 18 Mar 13 10:38
Once again, another unexpected outage.

I've investigated the problem and I hope I have alleviated what was causing it, although the wider problem still needs to be fixed I'm afraid.

From News Discussion / Apologies for the outage
Posted 9 Mar 13 12:59
Hello all, many apologies for the unexpected outage.

I've recovered the server from the error that had caused the issue and hope everything will be working as it should be.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues.

Many thanks,


From News Discussion / 'Jobseeker methane' used to preserve packets of value ham
Posted 6 Mar 13 18:48
Great stuff from a new writer, love it.

From News Discussion / Next Pope will be elected through an X-Factor style show
Posted 16 Feb 13 08:44
Would that be anything like the Mary Had a Little Lamb rap in Sister Act 2?

Super lame.

From News Discussion / Next Pope will be elected through an X-Factor style show
Posted 15 Feb 13 11:45
If only it would actually happen

From News Discussion / Lance Armstrong Only Cheating Himself - Claim
Posted 15 Feb 13 11:41
Very true

From News Discussion / Traces of Cameron found in Brooks
Posted 12 Feb 13 17:14
What a super story. Top notch

Made me laugh out loud it did.


From News Discussion / Volvo Wins "Best Key to Use to Pick Your Ear" Award
Posted 12 Feb 13 17:05

To be fair though, I think Ford keys are best.

From News Discussion / Charity shops to start buying each others clothes
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:46
Genius and excellent.

From News Discussion / Americans Arm Themselves In Preparation for Heavy Snowfall
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:45
I think the word hysterical is an accurate description for this piece 5

From News Discussion / 40-Percent Say They Only Go To Church To Get Change To Do Laundry
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:42
Very funny, great idea.

From News Discussion / Growing Trend: Babies Named After Fonts
Posted 9 Feb 13 12:41
Super story idea. 5

From News Discussion / String Theory used to explain everything
Posted 8 Feb 13 10:04

Iain, does the B stand for Brilliant? It should

From General Discussion / Cocks on the dunghill syndrome
Posted 7 Feb 13 10:10
As far as I can see, this is a personal matter for you to take up with the individuals involved.

I can't stand the crowing either, but if you want to piss around and moan about it, do it in private.

The best thing to do would be to ignore it and move on and know you're the better person.

I'm locking this thread because it's quite simply boring and no-one's adding anything to the debate that's not already evident.

This is still a great place to write comedy and get your work out to a wide audience. To say that The Spoof is not a worthy platform for publishing spoof news isn't fair.

The fights are a joke and totally unfathomable. I really do despair at the vitriol that spills out on these forums. It's irrational, childish and selfish. For this reason, I am probably going to close down the forums because it's too upsetting.

From News Discussion / Man Who Rushes To The Front Of Plane When It Lands To Get Off First A Total Prick Claims Fellow Passenger
Posted 6 Feb 13 19:45
Trains too.

10 minutes before the station the queue begins.


From General Discussion / Dear Spoof
Posted 6 Feb 13 19:42
Dear Spoof,

Where's my pants?

Socks, plenty. Pants, none. Shirts many, pants missing.

Ah sod it, I'll go commando.

(Up) Yours,

Peter Pantsless

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