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From General Discussion / You couldn't make it up
Posted 11 Jan 18 16:49
This story sounds so familiar, when I read it, I thought I was reading The Spoof.

BBC News: Black pudding saves butcher trapped in freezer

A butcher who became trapped in a walk-in freezer escaped thanks to a frozen black pudding.

He said: "It was the right shape. I used it like the police use battering rams to break door locks in. It was solid, pointed and I could get plenty of weight behind it.

"I'm lucky really. We sell about two or three each week and that was the last one in there."

From General Discussion / Coprophilia in awful Christmas songs
Posted 1 Dec 17 14:40
Silent shi... On second thoughts, no. It just wouldn't make sense as a Christmas song. Not with all the sprouts.

From General Discussion / Count Arthur Strong
Posted 4 Oct 17 08:23

Quote: Erskin Quint

Yes I agree the Radio Show is the best format. The TV version didn't work. Realism ruins it.

And the hammy, slapstick acting. At least on the radio, it's not a distraction

From General Discussion / Count Arthur Strong
Posted 29 Sep 17 07:59
If you haven't already, check out the radio show. I prefer it to the live acting.

From General Discussion / Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted 24 Dec 15 09:28
Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a line to say Merry Christmas to all spoofers out there.

I wish you all a happy time over the festive period with family and friends.

My fondest well wishes go out to any of you who may be affected by the spate of bad weather that's continuing in Cumbria, and to any of you who may be involved in the severe storms I've seen in the news which are hitting the south and mid-west US.

With warmest regards,


From General Discussion / Rejected news
Posted 18 Jun 15 08:00
Hi Harry, just sent you a PM on this.

It is that the crux of the article is a monologue. This would be better suited for the magazine, but break up the quote into more than one paragraph to make it easier to read.

From General Discussion / spoof editors tampering with writers original material?
Posted 7 Apr 15 20:50
Hiya. Yeah, I turned the article into a joke, so that it's funny.

I added a couple of parts, the setup, then the punchline.

The setup comes here, and is so brief it's easy to pass over:

Reporter asked: "Would you show a heterosexual having anal sex on one of your cakes, like this?"

Then the punchline at the end, to round off the implied joke that the reporter was with a colleague and they were giving a demonstration:

We duly pulled up our pants and left the store.

It's a subtle change to make the article a more obvious spoof.

The addition followed on nicely from your original line and gives a stronger reason to why he'd be telling the reporter to "get the fuck out":

Angie Buttafusco said: "We have to think about that - now get the fuck out of our bakery!"

Without these changes, the article was quite a dry commentary on largely a real news article with a slight sprinkling of homophobia. Without the joke, it just felt kinda pointless.

Analysing the joke kinda takes the fun out of it though, sorry.

From time to time it is necessary in editing to give weaker stories a bit of pizzazz to make them stand out more. The shock value was there, and this is obviously your style, but it just comes across as ignorant without an obvious joke.

Duncan Whitehead's a master of writing shock humour and irreverent comedy, check out his stories. His most recent article is also a take on the recent stories about gays being refused service, but he's turned the situation around to make it funny.

If you're unhappy with the changes, please feel free to remove the article.

From General Discussion / Wow, what a nightmare.
Posted 2 Feb 15 08:44
Hi guys,

Sorry for the outage over the past almost 12 hours. The main system disc on the server failed completely and I've worked through the night to do a complete re-install of everything.

To add insult to injury the backup had stopped working about six months ago, the latest copy I had was from July. I was very luckily able to restore the data from the disc, but it's been an absolute nightmare.

Please let me know if anything's not working right. There's bound to be something I've overlooked. I'm still not 100% finished with the restoration, but my main priority was getting the site back up and running for you all. For instance, email isn't set up yet, but that's next on the list.

Ciao for now,


From General Discussion / Sorry for that outage
Posted 25 Oct 14 17:09
Was updating the server and it pooped out.

Will need to do more maintenance in future, but for now it's patched together with some sticky tape.

Fingers crossed it keeps running.

From News Discussion / Florida Man Leaves Big Tip Then Tells Everyone About It So They Think He Is Awesome
Posted 1 Oct 14 21:11
Turn it the other way around and guilt trip them to donating it to your favourite charity.

But before you do that, set up your favourite charity.

It's kind of a long game plan, but it might work.

From News Discussion / Florida Man Leaves Big Tip Then Tells Everyone About It So They Think He Is Awesome
Posted 30 Sep 14 22:45
You are a cock Whitehead.

I was in the US recently and it's really annoying you don't get some recognition for being a great tipper.

About the best I got was from a cab driver in DC. I tipped him 25%, he cloned my card. Bastard.

From News Discussion / Facebook crashes after bot attack
Posted 30 Sep 14 22:42
Classic Iain B.

I love you Iain.

From General Discussion / Domain issue
Posted 19 Aug 14 15:29
The issue seems to have gone for me. Apparently it was affecting European and Asian access to the site via

It could well continue, apologies for the inconvenience.

From General Discussion / Domain issue
Posted 19 Aug 14 14:40
Hi All,

There is an issue with The Spoof's domain hosts. It's currently only affecting, seems to be unaffected.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully it will be resolved as quickly as possible, but we're at the mercy of the Gods of the Internets right now

Hope you're all doing well.



From General Discussion / Robin Williams. Damn.
Posted 12 Aug 14 08:46
Sad news. A great loss.

Just 63.

Brought immense joy to many people.

Depression is just awful.

From General Discussion / Sorry for the lack of service
Posted 8 Aug 14 21:12
Far from it, but still lots to do.

Nice to see you, how's tricks? Still wearing your Christmas hat I see.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 6 Aug 14 15:29
I hate the door knobs with the push in button. You can't check if the door's locked, as soon as you twist the knob, the door unlocks itself.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 5 Aug 14 18:01
Anyone having problems accessing The Spoof?

I've heard from joseph k winter who tells me the site comes up blank when he tries to go to

Of course, anyone who is experiencing that won't be able to read this

If you can read this, please reply and hopefully, by their absence, we'll be able to trace any notable absentees.

If you've heard from anyone experiencing problems accessing the site please let me know and I can investigate. I'm not seeing any errors, but it's possible that the problem is not something that would necessarily cause an error

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 3 Aug 14 18:08
Twitter feed is up and running again.

If you want to link up your The Spoof account with the Twitter goodness, click here.

If you link up with your Twitter account a message with a link to your story will be posted to your Twitter feed once the story is made live on The Spoof and it will be retweeted on The Spoof's Twitter feed too.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 3 Aug 14 17:54

Quote: queen mudder

Something strange going on in the Writers Desk Points Breakdown Table Rank - instead of 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc it's saying ERR.

Short for error?

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 3 Aug 14 16:16
But it's working now?

Since this discussion is in the general forum, if any writers are reading this and you can't log in, please send me an email.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 3 Aug 14 14:20
Yeah, it's an error I saw was occurring and I put that in as a temporary solution to enable people to still access their writers desk. I can try to fix in time.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 2 Aug 14 19:11
Twitter link is down, probably Facebook too, will look to resolve as soon as I can.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 2 Aug 14 16:26
Sorry for that blip - my bad

From General Discussion / Apologies for the outages
Posted 2 Aug 14 16:26
Sorry for that blip - my bad

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