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From News Discussion / Woman Was At Airport But Didn't Announce It On Facebook
Posted 28 Jul 20 13:12
I think it suffers from multiple-personality disorder.

And, at the moment, ADHD.

How does it make you feel? Would you prefer it to settle on a fixed moniker?

From News Discussion / Google now lists The Spoof as 'Untrustworhy'
Posted 28 Jul 20 09:06
Heh, you saw that, huh?

I figured, since Google employs hoards of minions to actively assess websites on their "trustworthiness" I'd give them a helping hand and show them we're down with being untrustworthy, it's totally our bag.

Just in case any of those assessors got the wrong end of the stick.

From News Discussion / Trump sex doll doesn’t say much but is very roomy
Posted 24 Jul 20 09:52
I loved the headline

From News Discussion / German Jew Scolded for Refusing to Wear Piece of Cloth
Posted 24 Jul 20 08:51

Quote: Jaggedone

My sincere apologies to KC Bell, but don't blame me, blame our glorious leader for not coming out immediately, calming the storm

It is right you should apologise for the "storm" you whipped up.

You are wholly to blame for trying to cause a fuss, as you like to do. Which is fine when it's just me, but not when you're trying to embarrass someone else.

If that hadn't been your intention, you would have sent me a private message and I could have explained to you directly, or looked into the matter and dealt with it appropriately.

Quote: Jaggedone

This would never have happened if Mark had reacted adequately.

I think my reaction was more than adequate, and more than was warranted, but I figured it best to allay any concerns by posting a response.

If you meant adequate to mean "in a timely manner", then, yes, I accept, if I had the opportunity to respond to this any sooner, I would have.

From News Discussion / German Jew Scolded for Refusing to Wear Piece of Cloth
Posted 23 Jul 20 10:39

Barbarism, mistreatment and despicable acts from such terrorist groups are still among us, and here on the spoof, my intention was, in a 'humorous' manner to make readers aware of the very point!!

But it doesn't do this. IMHO, it falls short of the mark. It feels rushed and underdeveloped. It doesn't go far enough to deride the barbarism, and, in so doing, promotes it.

Also, there is no need to invoke BLM in the article, it just jars.

You've smushed two ideas into one: one attempting to mock terrorism, the other presenting a delusory hysteria purporting to people taking offence from the use of the words black and white outside of a racial context.

Must try harder

From News Discussion / Trump Won’t Let Dr. Anthony Fauci Speak On CNN
Posted 22 Jul 20 09:40
For avoidance of doubt of anyone concerned, this is done with agreement.

From News Discussion / Spoof Readers Becoming Tired With The Spoof?
Posted 29 Jun 20 15:28
I appreciate you're making a joke Dr B, but your assertion is dead wrong.

All news articles must mimic the journalistic style of the types of articles one may find in a newspaper. This excludes items such as editorials (opinions), letters, reviews, etc.

News stories which read as chatty/informal should, more often than not, be submitted to the magazine section. Similarly, news stories written in the style of a spoken news report belong in the magazine section.

That is the only guidance which MW is following.

The myth that the magazine section performs less well than any other section is untrue. The top performing article this month (of all articles published this month) is Hydroxychloroqen: A Memory Supplement? by Matt Birkenhauer.

From News Discussion / Friend With Tinnitus Ruins Another Road Trip Singalong
Posted 23 Jun 20 09:23
Superbly written and witty.


From General Discussion / Count assignment help to lower your academic workload in the US
Posted 17 Jun 20 10:26
Sorry Monkey, I deleted that spam post, I should have just edited it. Spoils the continuity.

Maybe we should branch out into spoof assignment writing.

Here's a generic answer to any exam question on poetry.

I feel the juxtaposition of the [happy and sad/dark and light/real and unreal] metaphor and the use of [stative/dynamic] verbs by [author's surname] really stood to convey a sense of dramatism in the mind of the reader.

The semantic field relies heavily on the use of [typical/atypical] language that this piece commands, and contrasts the perceived norms surrounding the subject.

Comparing this piece to other contemporary works highlights the author's clear understanding and its wider impact, both socially and politically.


From General Discussion / General Discussion
Posted 15 Jun 20 20:17
Lovely spam
Wunderful spa-a-m

From General Discussion / General Discussion
Posted 14 Jun 20 17:26
Spam with chips.
Spam with eggs.
Spam with spam.

From General Discussion / General Discussion
Posted 14 Jun 20 07:29
Oops, I'd missed that spam, thanks for the heads-up Jino.

Bloody clam lawyers. Shellfish bastards.

From General Discussion / General Discussion
Posted 12 Jun 20 15:31
Sorry Dr B, I had to remove that post because of the spam.

From News Discussion / A 97-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandmother is Arrested for Making Coronavirus Masks Out of Her Granny Panties
Posted 11 Jun 20 09:33
Where can I get one?

...asking for a friend...

From General Discussion / General Discussion
Posted 4 Oct 19 07:49
I love that, that's made my day EQ

From General Discussion / Delays irksome
Posted 20 Aug 19 16:52
I understand your frustration Dr B.

The selection process is there to showcase what's supposed to be the most popular stories on The Spoof, with the expectation that what's most popular is intended to appeal to the widest audience, which should attract the most readers. Put the good stuff in the window to get the people in the door.

It usually works, but I know it's vulnerable to being gamed.

I think it's important to highlight that the front page comprises a tiny percentage of page views overall, fewer still are from people who are first visiting The Spoof. However, the front page still is regularly one of the most viewed individual pages on the site, so it's an important asset.

I don't like how one popular topic can dominate the front page because the lack of variety is a big turn off - whatever the topic. Even if it's something you're really interested in, you don't expect the majority of stories on the front page of a magazine website to be all on the same subject.

That's why I proposed a mechanism to balance the stories by topic.

I feel it would promote some level of fairness insofar as in the case where one writer writes prolifically on one popular subject, the front page wouldn't be dominated by those articles. In the case where more than one writer is targeting a popular topic, it would allow them to battle to be showcased on the front page.

It wouldn't interfere with the exposure of their individual articles though as the popular stories aren't made popular by being on the front page, it's social networking, news aggregators, and search which drive that.

This wouldn't resolve the issue of the writers who write many popular stories per day having a greater chance of occupying a spot on the front page, but I'm not sure how to balance that in a way which is fair for all.

From General Discussion / Delays irksome
Posted 20 Aug 19 10:44
So sorry for the delays all.

I am okay, no need for concern, but I'm afraid I've not been able to check in with The Spoof for the past few days.

I have approved all awaiting stories now.

It's a quirk of the automated selection process that popular stories get promoted on the homepage over others. I'll need to work on that to try and balance the selection more when this sort of thing occurs, it does look quite odd to have so many stories on the same subject appearing on the front page.

Apologies again to anyone inconvenienced by my absence.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the downtime
Posted 6 Aug 19 08:05
The best macaroni cheese I had was at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

It's a slog to go for just a bite to eat, but the weather forecast is looking good for next week.

I'd worry about the bin status on your return though.

From General Discussion / Apologies for the downtime
Posted 5 Aug 19 20:38
Hey all

Sorry The Spoof's been offline since yesterday.

The hard drive had a catastrophic failure and it's taken time today to repair and recover.

All back up and running.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues and I'll look into it as soon as I can.

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 16 Jul 19 09:20
Akabusi knew "awooga" boosted Ulrika's sexual inclinations.

Yeah, that's clearly John Fashnu.

From General Discussion / Good setups, but...
Posted 12 Jul 19 10:42
Thanks for taking the time to comment Topper.

If I'm reading you right, I agree: punchlines are important. I much prefer a story that has a fun ending.

Personally, I find the ending the hardest part of writing a spoof news article. Presenting a funny situation in a news style is only the half of it. A neat wrap-up and sign-off to leave the reader with a smile on their face is key.

Failing that, opening with some backstory before ending with the joke works well.

From News Discussion / Mohammed Bin Bags Would Be Rubbish King
Posted 8 Jul 19 09:32
That's a beautiful headline.

From General Discussion / It's a bit quiet in here, isn't it?
Posted 8 Jul 19 09:26
What's that sonny? I can barely hear you.

I blame social media.

And myself.

From News Discussion / Ralph E. Shaffer Is 89 Today
Posted 25 Jun 19 08:09
Happy birthday Ralph!

From General Discussion / Acronyms
Posted 3 Jun 19 09:43
Sir, incoherent rubbish!

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