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From News Discussion / Homoeopathic housing to ease the housing crisis
Posted 17 May 19 08:48
Love it! What a great way to solve the housing crisis, somebody should tell Chris Grayling.

From News Discussion / Delia Smith Is Going To Bake A Special Cake To Celebrate Norwich City Being Promoted
Posted 8 May 19 16:44
Can't help but feel this particular confection needs a few more jokes!


From News Discussion / The Apprentice Week 206, Record Viewing Figures for The Brothels
Posted 24 Jan 19 18:30
Good stuff. I have a feeling that this story might have been inspired by one or two of the apprentice columns that I tossed off a little while back.

From News Discussion / Amazon to offer employees adult diapers at cost
Posted 1 Dec 18 18:12
Very good. Amazon deserves a kicking.

From News Discussion / White people celebrate news Sinead O'Connor no longer wants to spend time with them
Posted 1 Dec 18 18:05
Excellent Stuff. I gave it five stars.

From News Discussion / Wetherspoons Share Price Tumbles as Balham Pub Closes. Brexit "Not to Blame"
Posted 16 Nov 18 13:02
I always felt JD Wetherspoons clientele was a unique mix of both the overage and the underage. They are bringing the country together in their own way.

From News Discussion / Brexit deal close to being crimped off
Posted 16 Nov 18 12:57
This writer has a lovely turd of phrase!

From News Discussion / Man "Very Disappointed" In 'Mrs Brown's Boys'
Posted 16 Nov 18 12:25
Oi loike dis, so I do!

Have a point of Genius on me!

From News Discussion / Bird With Big Tits To Be Next Conservative Leader
Posted 9 Oct 18 16:56
Thanks for bringing the word 'oomlaaters' to my attention. I shall use it often.

From News Discussion / Internet goes into meltdown after Identity of new Doctor Who monster leaked online
Posted 8 Oct 18 12:06
It's fine. Not offended. Nothing to see here. Move along!

From News Discussion / Internet goes into meltdown after Identity of new Doctor Who monster leaked online
Posted 7 Oct 18 17:28

Quote: Monkey Woods

I don't understand why you would think that it has anything to do with the 'Approval' system, or, indeed, anybody else.

Oh you know, that long held tradition of blaming others for one's own failings.

Quote: Monkey Woods

If you typed 'Jodie Foster', I would have assumed you meant Jodie Foster, and I am surprised anyone challenged it. .

I guess I just confused two blonde actresses called Jodie.

From News Discussion / Internet goes into meltdown after Identity of new Doctor Who monster leaked online
Posted 7 Oct 18 08:29
Good Point! Honestly the approval process on The Spoof is extremely slapdash. It's like nobody really bothers to read the articles properly and only does it so they can get there own Spoofs published. I'll correct and hope nobody notices

From News Discussion / Phwoar and Peace!
Posted 11 Jan 16 23:53
A shagtastic epic worthy of Leo Tostoffsky himself. Keep it up!

From News Discussion / WHO Warns Of Vampire Pandemic
Posted 16 Oct 13 22:02
meh, one half decent joke in the final paragraph. Didn't do much for me.

From News Discussion / Controversial Channel 4 show "Sh*t Box" broadcast
Posted 10 Oct 13 22:23
Great Stuff! I award it the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize! Five Stars!

From News Discussion / February 15th will henceforth be termed Singles Day
Posted 17 Feb 13 18:11
Shouldn't it be Singles' Day though?

From Magazine Discussion / The Somewhat Violent Adventures of Sherlock Hunt: Murder at Black Dog Manor
Posted 9 Nov 12 15:39
Yeah, great stuff. I think it was the Oriental one that I approved in the forum the other day. This is the kind of stuff that appeals to me. The idea of reinventing Sherlock Holmes as an East End Tough is good one. You've clearly taken the time to craft your writing, unlike much of the slapdash efforts that I usually read on this site - and with proper jokes and word-play as well. Keep it up! Particularly like the idea of Sherlock Hunt blacking-up to go undercover amongst the Chinese, as the blacks and Chinese are "all the fahkin same!"

From Magazine Discussion / The Somewhat Violent Adventures of Sherlock Hunt: Murder at Black Dog Manor
Posted 8 Nov 12 23:01
Excellent stuff! More like this please!

From News Discussion / Fifty Shades of Beige
Posted 22 Sep 12 22:53
Just found this. Settee porn. Like it.

From News Discussion / Kate Middleton has the painters in
Posted 26 Mar 12 20:07
Absolutely disgraceful. I gave it 5 red flags!

I was sorry to hear that Kate is... up on blocks/out of commission/that the Russians have invaded. I suppose william could always take the exam for Rear Admiral and get his brown stripes.

From Magazine Discussion / What each Zodiac Sign is like as an employee - Sagittarius
Posted 25 Mar 12 23:07
Oh I don't know, I think it was quite accurate, for example, when I'm in the office I'm always 'horsing around', I have a 'stable' personality, and I'm always one of the 'front runners'.

From News Discussion / Vague Timing System to be used in the Olympics
Posted 24 Mar 12 18:20
Iain's going through a bit of purple patch at the moment, comparable to my own brown streak of a month ago.

Great stuff! 5 Magic Moments from me!

From News Discussion / Nigerian Millionaire bemoans a lack of trust
Posted 21 Mar 12 09:44
Nice one IainB. Have 5 Nigerian Dollars from me, please send me your sort code and account number so that I can deposit the amount as a matter of urgency into your account.

From News Discussion / African Warlord London Colney renounces violence after Internet Campaign
Posted 16 Mar 12 08:41
Cheers Lynton! It's always nice when people bring stuff I write to the attention of the Forum - I always try to, when I read something that particularly tickles me.

From News Discussion / Marmite and Whitebread - a new detective series
Posted 4 Mar 12 09:19
Lesbian detective shows, I find you either love 'em or hate 'em!

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