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[This topic is LOCKED]

Francois Dubois, S.J.
Francois Dubois, S.J.

Location: Convent of the Queer, WV
Registered: 17 Feb 12

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Posted: 6 Feb 13 22:10
That is what is going on here. You know it; I know it; Mark knows it; and the readers sure as shit know it too. More than two months if this constant bullshit barking at one another has done absolutely nothing to improve things here.

Good writers who cared more about this site--and who did more for this site than all of the bitchers combined--have stopped writing and the reason is that a cadre of banty hens and a few broken cocks have climbed all the way to the top of the dunghill and now crow about and preen as if they've won a great victory.

You have won a pile of shit you dumb-asses. Enjoy the perch till the land owner plows it under and gets some new blood. Every other comedy and satire site on the web laughs at this place and with good fucking reason.

And don't give me any more of that bogus bullshit about not writing anything since December. When people start caring about this place again--and it becomes a fun place to come and share again--a lot of people will start writing again. Till then crow and pile the shit you're standing on in pretty hills.

"And the lowly dogs licked Gaztopimus clean as he slept."
From the Lost Gospels of the SSHites: Chapter 6, verse 48

Location: Out on a limb
Registered: 5 Sep 08

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Posted: 6 Feb 13 23:36 - Edited By: Skoob1999, 7 Feb 13 03:14
I get the frustration expressed in that post.

A couple of points:

I'm a fairly robust character, and I take most things in the right spirit. All this bitching about trolls and being blamed for killing this place, I do find a tad irksome.

For example:

In September, whilst I was making my father's funeral arrangements I was lambasted here for being a 'Judas'

I can live with that. I dealt with it in private and was never even granted the courtesy of an apology. This from a barely literate moron. With zero sensitivity and no sense of timing whatsoever.

This buffoon keeps coming back here wondering why nobody wants to play ball. Personally, I don't play ball with idiots.

Now for the part which gets me banned:

Queen Mudder...

You continually bang on about trolls - yet you're the worst offender.

There's a history attached to this, and it's why some people got banned and others chose to withdraw.

Some of us went out of our way, and at considerable expense to make an American visitor welcome to our humble shores. For that unforgivable offence I was personally lambasted by said person's partner when nothing could have been further removed from the truth. The accusation was that we were all just taking the piss. It was wrong on all counts.

When I copied you (QM) that email, you dismissed it. It didn't matter. Maybe not to you, but it mattered to me.

You then privately contacted me because you took a dislike to Colonel Juan. You were looking for a reason to discredit the man because he didn't quite match up with the Royal seal of approval. You and others took exception to this man because he had the temerity to express an opinion.

Then, Lynton - who's just about the nicest and most considerate person anyone could ever wish to meet - gets trashed by yourself, and another 'top writer' and advised to get a life and visit a hospital if he wants to see the really important things in life. This coming when his own son was in hospital at the time. I hope you feel proud of that. And your Texan buddy.

You then took Lady Godiva (Who you describe as a troll, which is fair enough) under your wing, and OMG! What an inspired piece of good judgement that was. You introduced her to the delights of Satire World. Which in part explains what your knobhead of a mate seems to infer, in that initially I did write there, because, and perhaps misguidedly I kind of liked Bargis. I wanted to give him a hand. But that was all before what your treasured racist butthole of a friend alleges. It was all before those slimebags started tossing shit in our direction. They even had a pop at Ellie - what did we ever get from you?

Nothing. You supported all of that crap. And you parade around here talking about trolls?

Then when the Dorking Review came out, the shit really hit the fan. Satire World went mad, putting up stories about Spoof writers using real names and even pictures. Those pictures could only have been assigned to one source. The same one that you asked me to have a word with the gaffer about on his behalf in order to get him reinstated. That was so far out of order it was off the scale, and you complain about trolls?

When I asked you privately why you continued to subscribe to something so immoral, you told me that it was because you could 'get away' with more there than you could here.

They slagged Mark off in an unforgivable manner, and you supported that. Do you hear this Mark? (They ran 'stories' about you drinking your own piss, and me riding a bike without a saddle because apparently I'm partial to a spot of bum love. And she was fully aware of what was happening, yet refused to condemn it. She fucking lapped it up.)

Back to you, QM - suck on this:

It didn't even matter - and despite you being in full possession of all the facts - when my wife was undergoing cancer treatment, you didn't give a fucking toss.

Then you became an administrator - without much success. That was a PR disaster on an epic scale, because you think you're so clever that nobody could possibly have an alternative opinion to your own. All you and your cadre seem to be concerned about is yourselves. Not a single one of you eyeball whores give a flying fuck about other users. It's the likes of you and a couple of like minded idiots that have ripped the heart out of this place.

Some of us tried to be constructive here, but we've been thwarted at every turn by idiots who can't see the wood for the trees. People have been banned for stating an honest opinion.

We warned that the Google ban would happen, because of the saturation level of utter shite being spewed forth, and the next exclusion will come from Stumble - because you're flooding it with garbage.

You want to talk about trolls? I'm familiar with trolls.



Location: Out on a limb
Registered: 5 Sep 08

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Posted: 6 Feb 13 23:56
I agree with what I just said.



Warning: Sharp edges

Location: Back under the bridge!
Registered: 8 Apr 09

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Posted: 7 Feb 13 08:56
Before this thread gets locked I would just like to say that "sticks and stone will break my bones but names will never hurt me".

The rants from certain members above go only to prove one thing; these once fun forums have been destroyed by a force that is quite common on internet forums.

The reason is obvious; sick people hide behind their alias and smother such forums with their ill-fated messages full of hate and insults because they feel they are protected.

Any neutral person visiting here would think to themselves, "what is the fucking problem?"

Actually, there is no problem, it is just a sickness. These forums and other forums are being constanlty destroyed by this sickness that allows everybody, sick or normal, to surf over and do what they want until the hammers falls.

Hopefully the hammer will fall here soon and our editor will close them because they have failed miserably.

Then those who enjoy writing their "crap" can continue and concentrate on what makes this site "the laughing stock" of the satirical internet (Which I personally do not believe).

Les Johnson (I do not hide) / Jaggedone (The pathetic, ignorant imbecile who is an ignorant, illiterate, uncaring pig, a shithead, a Nazi, and everything else that some sick participants here wish to think that I am.

PS: My daughter who had cancer and sacrifices her personal life by saving stray dogs in India and other sensible friends over on Facebook would be shocked if they would read the garbage spilled out here about myself and others who are mentioned above.

Nutters United...

Location: Lancaster, England
Registered: 8 Apr 03

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Posted: 7 Feb 13 09:55 - Edited By: Mark, 7 Feb 13 10:10
As far as I can see, this is a personal matter for you to take up with the individuals involved.

I can't stand the crowing either, but if you want to piss around and moan about it, do it in private.

The best thing to do would be to ignore it and move on and know you're the better person.

I'm locking this thread because it's quite simply boring and no-one's adding anything to the debate that's not already evident.

This is still a great place to write comedy and get your work out to a wide audience. To say that The Spoof is not a worthy platform for publishing spoof news isn't fair.

The fights are a joke and totally unfathomable. I really do despair at the vitriol that spills out on these forums. It's irrational, childish and selfish. For this reason, I am probably going to close down the forums because it's too upsetting.

Spoofing all over the world

Any opinions expressed here are purely the opinions of the contributors and are not necessarily the opinions of The Spoof, its staff or the original writer of the spoof news/parody/satire story.

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