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Posted: 1 Jan 19 12:08

Extract from Story:
Jamal Khashoggi, the murdered dissident journalist who was so savagely slain in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on 2 October, has been officially forgotten about, it can be revealed. Khashoggi, who had only gone to the consulate to get some papers signed, had his arms and legs sawn off instead, and left the location either in liquid form, or in very small pieces. The CIA stated, in a.....

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Please discuss at will.
PLEASE NOTE: The story you are discussing is a JOKE. It is a SPOOF NEWS story written on a SPOOF NEWS website.

Danny Williams

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Posted: 1 Jan 19 12:28
Actually, Trump leaving Syria could be read as a repercussion. Saudi Arabia are the ones who paid us to go in there. We were their mercenary force.

Here's John Kerry before congress back in 2013 laying the whole thing out:

Let's not forget, Obama put the Syria invasion to a congressional vote, and the congress (and their voters) said "no." Obama went in anyway under the guise of "humanitarian" reasons. The stated goal was regime change (oust Assad and plant an Arab.-friendly leader in his place). In order to do that, we literally armed ISIS, whom we labeled at the time as "rebels." Now we claim the goal isn't Assad at all, but rather to rid the country of those same "Rebels" that we now label as "ISIS."

The fact is, so long as Assad and Russia are aligned, they will not allow Saudia Arabia access to the land for a gas pipeline, because Russia and Syria both supply much of Europe via their own existing pipeline. That's what it's always been about.–Turkey_pipeline#Theory_relating_to_Syrian_conflict

One question every government official and Western journalist seems completely stumped about when it comes to the announced withdrawal from Syria is "why now?"

Well, Khashoggi's murder could actually be the straw that broke the camel's back. If it is, if could never be stated publicly, because it would only confirm once more what Kerry admitted back in 2013 -- that the U.S. is a mercenary force, working on behalf of Arab nations.

Mind you, I'm not saying that IS "why now," but I am saying it could be.

In any case, Trump has been more progressive than Hillary ever would have been. Trump killed the TPP. Trump wants to end the wars. Trump's actions on immigration have been horrendously exaggerated, and deportation is actually DOWN since Obama left office.

Trump uses dumb words to say dumb things, and he puts dumb people in dumb positions. But, so far, the legislation he's personally put into effect have been positive for America, and no amount of seething, media-fueled hatred will change that fact.

By the way, I voted Green, because I couldn't stand either of the clowns in the Republicrat party. We need a third party in the U.S. desperately.

Monkey Woods
Dirty Ape
Monkey Woods

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Posted: 1 Jan 19 15:20
I'm being absolutely honest with you, when I say that I don't know what you are talking about.

When I write a story - for example, about Trump or another politician - I am using the flimsiest of information that I might have read in 'the news', without knowing whether what I've read in 'the news' was true or not. What's more, I don't care whether it was true or not, because all I'm trying to do is write something that is funny, or would piss the politician off if he or she read it. That is how I get rid of my frustration about politicians, who I think, on the whole, are such terrible people.

I think that it's fair to say that only the earliest politicians were in the job 'for the good of the people', before bigger people gained control of governments, and used them for their own ends.

If it's of any interest to anybody, in the last few months, I've watched a lot of Adam Curtis documentaries. I can thoroughly recommend the 'Pandora's Box' series, especially number 1 about Russia's Gosplan, and the episode called 'The League Of Gentlemen', which is about the horrific economic decisions successive UK governments made in the 1960s/70s/80s. There's another one called 'Goodbye Mrs Ant' about DDT, and all kinds of lies the US government told Americans. Another series of his is 'The Power Of Nightmares', which, again, is about how governments tell fantastic lies to the public.

In one such example, the US government sets up a 'research' institute - Team B - to find out about secret Soviet weapons. Because, after they'd poured millions into the project without finding ANYTHING, they assumed not that the Soviets didn't have any such weapons, but that the Soviet weapons must be so advanced and so secretive, that they were undetectable, and, therefore, even more dangerous than Team B had suspected.

It was also guessed-at that, at the time, Soviet nuclear warheads numbered around 500, and so the US poured billions into matching this. Eventually, spy satellites revealed the Soviets had just 4 warheads.

Of course, maybe even Adam Curtis is making stuff up.


Location: Lost in Ohio of all places.
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Posted: 2 Jan 19 09:14
"By the way, I voted Green, because I couldn't stand either of the clowns in the Republicrat party. We need a third party in the U.S. desperately."

I second that motion. We really do need a third party to break up the monopoly over politics that the other two have.

Any opinions expressed here are purely the opinions of the contributors and are not necessarily the opinions of The Spoof, its staff or the original writer of the spoof news/parody/satire story.

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