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Posted: 5 Oct 12 08:29

Extract from Story:
Bert from Sesame Street has gone to ground after vowing to kill Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Bert was watching the first presidential debate on The Count's TV with several other residents of the street but flew into a rage when Romney stated that although he loved Big Bird he would pull funding from PBS. Were PBS to lose it's funding the station would almost certainly close me.....

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Please discuss at will.
PLEASE NOTE: The story you are discussing is a JOKE. It is a SPOOF NEWS story written on a SPOOF NEWS website.

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Posted: 5 Oct 12 08:41
When I read about Romney saying I'm cutting funding to PBS, but it's a shame because I like Big Bird, I did laugh.

He's just another dickhead politician trying to prove he's one of the guys. And, in this case, one of the guys who likes to watch Sesame Street. Now, the kind of grown men I know who like to watch Sesame Street (and I don't actually know any, I'm just hypothesizing here), are also the kind of grown men who like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, High School Musical and who dribble profusely for no good reason.

Maybe I'm doing those guys a disservice by comparing Romney with them.

Anyhoo, what's the general feeling towards Mitt and Barack out there in the States? It seems like a close run campaign to me, but I don't particularly like Mitt Romney personally. He doesn't seem genuine to me.

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Francois Dubois, S.J.
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Francois Dubois, S.J.

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Posted: 5 Oct 12 11:45
"Anyhoo, what's the general feeling towards Mitt and Barack out there in the States? It seems like a close run campaign to me, but I don't particularly like Mitt Romney personally. He doesn't seem genuine to me," wrote Mark.

This is a very funny article! I only want to comment on two things:

(1) The US is no better fiscally under Obama than it was when he came into office. You can say that is because of the mess he inherited from Bush II, and to some extent that is true. But he isn't a businessman, never made a payroll, and hasn't shown any real leadership by working with congress to make necessary changes. In other words, he hasn't dug in his heels and forced congress to act.

(2) Despite kicking Obama's ass in the debate, Mitt Romney is not a "likeable" guy. And therein lies Mitt's real problem. He may be right about the economy (personally I think he's far better qualified to lead an economic recovery), but he can't get elected because Mitt Romney, a Mormon, doesn't drink beer. Yes, I know, that seems a stupid idea--but trust me, if people can't see ole Mitt as one of them, they will not elect him.

Funny and timely magazine article that makes you think about these two candidates regardless of where you live. And that is the beauty of it! 55555

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Simon Saunders
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Simon Saunders

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Posted: 5 Oct 12 16:26
Enjoyed this article very much. Had me laughing. Poor old Bert! 5 thumbalinas from me.

I too watched the debate and have followed US politics since the days of Slick Willy. (Not old enough to be interested before then!)

Totally agree about Mitt Romney appearing a bit distant from the general public.

I would also agree that he is better equipped to sort out the fiscal problems having been in business for a quarter of a century.

My may concern about Romney is where would he take US foreign policy. You may not agree with Obamas efforts so far but I don't think he's been any worse regarding foreign policy than Bush the second was, he's just taken a different approach which has not been that effective either.

If I were an American, I would find it difficult to vote for either of them.

Also Mitt Romney is an anagram of Trim Money (sort of!)

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Ellie James
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Ellie James

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Posted: 6 Oct 12 02:35
I thought this was very clever. I wish I would have thought of it.

It would be a very sad thing to cut the funding for PBS. No matter your political view there are many children whose only source of pre school education is Sesame Street. And, they've already cut funding for Education and Head Start programs. Of course, that happened under Bush also.

As for the other question: It seems that the two candidates are pretty much tied right now.

As for Obama not forcing Congress to get things done, it's hard to work with a Congress who won't work with you. I mean, the congress we have now won't compromise on anything other than mandating we teach a "Constitution Day" every year in public schools. It seems both sides of congress behave in a passive aggressive manner with each other. They are children.


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Posted: 6 Oct 12 15:15
Thanks for the nice comments about the story.

Any opinions expressed here are purely the opinions of the contributors and are not necessarily the opinions of The Spoof, its staff or the original writer of the spoof news/parody/satire story.

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