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Little Red Hen

Location: Lancaster, England
Registered: 8 Apr 03

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Posted: 9 Apr 19 10:21 - Edited By: Mark, 9 Apr 19 10:21
So, assuming everyone is the same as I am, I never knew it was possible to "see" anything when you close your eyes.

Aphantasia: Ex-Pixar chief Ed Catmull says 'my mind's eye is blind'

Most people can close their eyes and conjure up images inside their head such as counting sheep or imagining the face of a loved one.

But Ed Catmull, 74, has the condition aphantasia, in which people cannot visualise mental images at all.

Blows my mind.

Similarly, the comedian Jason Manford has a bit in his stand-up routine where he references bum wiping technique. Apparently, 50% of people do it stood up, and the other half do it sat down, and neither know the other half exist.

noun: bum; plural noun: bums

a person's buttocks or anus.

"if you sit there you'll get a cold bum"

synonyms: buttocks, bottom, cheeks, hindquarters, haunches, rear, rump, rear end, backside, seat; More

Anyway, I'm not going to ask how you wipe your bum (I used to be a stander, but now I'm a sitter after I saw someone do it in a movie, if you have to know), but do you see anything when you close your eyes?

Hopefully not an image of me wiping my bum - I charge for that.

Q: What do you see when you close your eyes?
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Erskin Quint
Erskin Quint

Registered: 15 Oct 07

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Posted: 10 Apr 19 20:57
When I was a kid I could see all kinds of stuff in the dark.

Re arse-wiping, I suspect a lot of people don't bother much.

Especially once you take the desperate state of most people in the world into account. Also throughout "history", sanitation and "personal hygiene" would never be a priority, yet here we are.

Still don't understand how you can do it sitting down.

Purple Girl

Registered: 9 Jun 17

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Posted: 7 Jul 19 12:19
I usually tend to see random images. If I concentrate, I can change or manipulate them.

Johnny Shlep
Posted: 11 Sep 19 06:26
At present, I see Harry Maguire, and, also, Doc Billingsgate carrying a gun.

As to the seated, bottom-wiping conundrum. It can be achieved using a long-handled back-scratcher or a hand on a spring.

Now, for God's sake settle down.

Erskin Quint
Erskin Quint

Registered: 15 Oct 07

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Posted: 15 Sep 19 19:46
Ah. But is it "you" that sees, or just "your" eyes, or rather, your visual cortex, or perhaps your optical nerves etc? Or some combination of the preceding? Where is the "you" amid all this biological paraphernalia?

Who can say? Who can say whether there is actually any "who" there to say?

With reference to the age-old conundrum, viz, "where do we go when we die?" As in, do we go to heaven or similar; or do we just cease to exist. Both seem equally preposterous, but what if we never existed to begin with? That would solve the enigma would it not?

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