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Arse   [added by HUMBUG]
A is for arse.
Axe   [added by P Turton]
A handy tool useful for chopping things up. More commonly used on wood, but frequently the psychotic's bladed tool of choice for rendering bodies portable.
Australia   [added by ]
Well, What can we say about Australia except that Manson will be touring here in TWO MONTHS! His off the record tour will bring more shocks to his fans and his enimies.
Brent   [added by ]
A useless boss in the mould of David Brent from the TV series 'The Office'.
Context: "I hate my boss. He's a bit of a Brent"
Cellar   [added by Johnny Moodis]
A dark, dank room under a house where my parents kept me for 18 years.
Definition   [added by Hefton Plates]
Definition: How something is defined. In other words, to "define" something is not really definible because every definition is, by definition, different.
Dirigible   [added by ]
A descriptive word that depicts the appearance of females on the Jerry Springer show.
Extra-terrestrial Beings   [added by Bob]
They live in my back garden and eat all the turnips. They also live in your brains and tell you what to do... they are lead by Eric Drevin. What's that you say? Kill all Belgians.....
HollaPainYos   [added by dalepetrie]
New jalapeno flavored snack marketed towards an urban market.
Idiosyncrasy   [added by ]
n. 1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or a group. 2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
See: The Spoof Writers profiles
Jetpack   [added by Red Dwarf]
The means of transport most people use to go from A-B in Leigh (near Wigan). Though they look good they often explode causing the deaths of many Jet Packers.
Kazoo   [added by Blind Fool -••-]
The original comedian's instrument. (Also used as an "enemy approaching" alarm by the Nazis.)
Knave   [added by SciTy]
A rundgrant. A wapsigoggle. A pisspant. Faliwagger.
Luemkk   [added by skibz]
pronounced 'Loo-eek-uss'. Derived from the ancient Himalayan word 'Leeeziuiuiiuiuqqskkkk' meaning to eat repeatedly. Usage: verb, e.g. "I luemkk the cake despite having it already"
Moonlighting   [added by Mr X]
The Sun's Other Job
Nerf-herder   [added by Kenya Starflight]
Nerf-herder. Noun. Derogatory term used chiefly by geeks, most notably Star Wars fanatics. Roughly translates to 'bastard' or some other equivalent.
Ni   [added by Leanna Lawrence McCormick]
I think the word is self-explanatory.

Do we really only get one word?
Omnimpotent   [added by nemat]
The condition whereby a god/gods no longer have the get up and go to turn themselves into bull and impregnate mortals.
Spoof   [added by KendoMonkey]
It's all the rage, baby!
Spleen   [added by John Nugent]
Like women - can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, occasionally becomes ruptured.
Spaff   [added by Igor]
Pornography, a prefix, usually before the preffered format of said pornorgraphy. An update for Jazz as asking for Jazz-Mags is not as effective in the modern newsagent as asking for a spaff-mag
Spunk   [added by peter anderson]
Spunk in its americanised version its to show courage or grit, hence being brave becums getting Spunked up, a Spunky mother(slang vulgar)someone who has guts (adverb)" ive got Spunk all over me"and of course "im feeling Spunky do you fancy Spunking me up"
Train   [added by DancingJester]
Something rarely seen at Train stations, unusually susceptible to bad comedy writers ire.
Tazmanian Devil   [added by Steve Shaw]
Strange rodent-like creature engaged in a constant, almost unhealthy search for Bugs Bunny
Tortillas   [added by bunny]
made of flour and stuff, taste good. Even better to shut up annoying friends; take one tortilla, fill with chillis, onions, pickles, horse-raddish, and mustard.
Now take a nice big bite, not you, the annoying friend.
Tit   [added by Dan Holmes]
A part of the female upper body which escapes from captivity at parties when yanked by juvenile yankers. See 'jug'.
U   [added by Mark]
Just U.
Unclean   [added by Dr Jones]
Meaning anybody who does not believe in the holiness that is....<<insert your belief here>>
uberdork   [added by ]
ooh-bur-doork(from the French - ubredorkezvous) A person, place or thing that achieves or epitomizes the highest standards of dorkiness. To be or display qualities of being a dork. adj. -uberdorki-ly, See also -uberdoofus
Voluble   [added by ]
Speaking (writing) a ready and easy flow of words.
Vertigo   [added by ]
Vertigo - a lovely film by Mr. Hitchcock, also something suffered by short people when they stand on steps to perv at their neighbours wife having sexy shenanigans with various council workers, and that's true that is!
Vox Populi   [added by Morgan Truce]
a mouthwash... fashionable in the middle Roman period. Gargling with Vox Populi after vomiting restored the desire to drink more wine and engage in multiple forms of sexual misconduct. Was reintroduced in America in 1884 as Moxie, but was discontinued in the face of strong competition by the more popular Coca-Cola. Gargling with Coca-Cola is a little-known precursor to multiple orgasms---even more potent than Vox Populi.
Whatthefuck   [added by Michael Hunt]
As in What the fuck was Michael Jackson thinking when he had children to his ranch unsupervised.
Xena   [added by Deanna Goodson]
Xena As in Warrior Princess. Hey, I got "X". Can you do better?
Y   [added by Craig E. Laycock]
Am I so funky?
Yoddlayheehoooo   [added by Phantom Guitarist]
A word to say first thing in the morning, before you get up out of bed. If you have a sleeping partner this will alarm them, as it will wake them up also.
Yabbah   [added by ]
Wha? Yabbah
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   [added by Lila Croft]
The constant thought of a student attending a lesson on politics, the environment, <<enter topic here>> etc. .....
Zebra   [added by Nikki Walters]
A large, horselike, stripy animal. Fairly stupid, but not as dumb as your average <<insert name here>>.
Z xyzzy   [added by Patrick Kemp]
The word xyzzy is a magic word -- it actually starts with a Z, which is not only silent, but also invisible
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