Terrorists Attack The Spoof

Funny story: Terrorists Attack The Spoof

With nothing left to lose, a rag-tag team of Middle Eastern Terrorists hijacked Rupert Murdoch's Lear Jet, beheaded the pilot, and took the tabloid mogul hostage - according to an NSA official who planned the mission. Speaking on the condition of ano...

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Sepp Blatter shits bank notes

Funny story: Sepp Blatter shits bank notes

President of FIFA Sepp Blatter shits banknotes, it is claimed, in a new biography of his life. The Swiss football administrator goes to the gents, drops his trousers and his boxers, puckers his buttock cheeks, makes a loud grunting noise and literall...

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David Cameron Declares War On Seagullic State

Funny story: David Cameron Declares War On Seagullic State

Following a spate of vicious attacks on innocent members of the public by Seagullist extremists, our Prime Minister announced he plans to tackle this growing problem. Speaking in Birmingham earlier today, and wearing a protective shower cap, David...

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Do-nothing-Dave to emigrate to Australia to avoid worsening migrant crisis

..........begins surf board training while on holiday in Cornwall.
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