Cricket is always gentleman like game anymore

Funny story: Cricket is always gentleman like game anymore

Cricket is known to be a respectable man's amusement. Nowadays is it any longer? Its second time as of late that a genuine debate happened in England. Past one was between English team and Pakistan that finished with Daryl's boycott and additionally...

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Angie Merkel busted in Berlin!

Funny story: Angie Merkel busted in Berlin!

Angie Merkel's CDU party was given a "right" royal bashing by "right" sided Nazi's dressed in sheep's clothing in Berlin on Sunday. It seems that the "right" side of life in Germany appears to be utilizing the dreadful, illegal immigrant situation in...

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Some News Headlines You May Have Missed

Funny story: Some News Headlines You May Have Missed

Russia declares war against China. Iran declares war against Iraq. Israel declares war against Syria. Italy declares war against Macedonia. Turkey declares war against Germany. Australia declares war against East Timor. Japan declares war again...

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Vets warn people against voting for 'flat-faced' politicians

Funny story: Vets warn people against voting for 'flat-faced' politicians

Vets are warning would-be voters to think twice before electing politicians with fashionably "flat-faced" features - because of concerns over their welfare. Cavalier King Camerons, Little Johnsons, Farages and Watsons, have become sought-after in...

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Potter Marketing Goes On.

The Potter Gold Mine cranks on thanks to massive free marketing from the UK press.
Rowling's latest Twitter on Trump got praised;
"Boo you Donald!".
Is there no end to this woman's brilliance?
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