Royal Family to Let Seven Door Knob Polishers Go

Funny story: Royal Family to Let Seven Door Knob Polishers Go

London, EN In yet another sign that things aren't what they used to be for the Royals, it was announced that at least seven door knob polishers, from five different palaces, were given the pink slip on Monday. In related news, the chimney sweeps...

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Chancellor demands progress bar standards

Funny story: Chancellor demands progress bar standards

Chancellor George Osborne says he is 'totally hacked off' with web and software-based systems that use progress bars to show how far along a particular process is. He claims that millions of hours of productivity are being lost from British industry...

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NHS Hospitals to Charge Entrance Fees

Funny story: NHS Hospitals to Charge Entrance Fees

The unqualified success of hospital parking schemes which raise around £200m a year have prompted NHS trusts to look into other profit-making ideas. In 2016 several hospitals will try out an Entrance Fee system which could prove even more lucrative.

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Conspiracy Theorists Raise Concerns About Astronaut Deaths

'Only those who were said to have walked on the moon know the truth about faked moon landings,'said a typical conspiracy theorist. 'With the passing of Edgar Mitchell, six have now mysteriously died.'
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