Sexbots Replace Human Sex Workers

Funny story: Sexbots Replace Human Sex Workers

A campaign has been launched by the 'Alliance of Human Escorts and Sex Workers' for a ban on robots designed for sexual pleasure. 'Non-humans have made the hard work of flesh and blood sex workers look far too easy', said Union spokesman Tommy Tal...

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European Union clamps down on lemon pips

Funny story: European Union clamps down on lemon pips

The European Union is preparing to crack down on the volume of pips found in lemons. Horst Limeburger, leader of the new Citrus Division in Brussels, confirmed: "We have been receoving complaints from restaurants and hobby cooks. One caterer count...

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"Good heaving all!"

Funny story: "Good heaving all!"

Most people don't choose to spend their weekends at a police station. But Richard Scratcher does. Every Friday and Saturday night, between 19:30 and 04:00, you will find the cheerful, if not totally knackered pensioner slumped across his desk m...

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Chip butty 'central' to continued EU membership, says Cameron

Funny story: Chip butty 'central' to continued EU membership, says Cameron

Fundamental, far-reaching changes to redefine Britain's membership in the European Union were outlined by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, yesterday in a hand-written letter to the EU. MEPs in Brussels were taken aback by some of them, which inc...

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What the F*uck!!! Politics

There is a new leader of the SDLP - Clint Eastwood said "WTF, I had no Idea - it actually made my day" as the bemused Octogenarian dribbled onto a big hand gun.
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