European Union clamps down on lemon pips

Funny story: European Union clamps down on lemon pips

The European Union is preparing to crack down on the volume of pips found in lemons. Horst Limeburger, leader of the new Citrus Division in Brussels, confirmed: "We have been receoving complaints from restaurants and hobby cooks. One caterer count...

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Lordy! Lordy! Sniffy Baron Sewel Resigns

Funny story: Lordy! Lordy! Sniffy Baron Sewel Resigns

Labour peer Baron Sewel, of Gilcomstoun in the District of the City of Aberdeen, has resigned from the House of Lords after footage of him allegedly snorting cocaine and entertaining prostitutes, while definitely wearing a fetching bra and leather ja...

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UKIP! The Musical Is Coming to Theatres Near You

Funny story: UKIP! The Musical Is Coming to Theatres Near You

UKIP has decided to forego its political ambitions in favour of becoming an all-singing, all-dancing musical theatre troupe. The party's leader Nigel Farage is believed to be pursuing the extreme change of directions in the hopes of achieving a le...

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New Liverpool manager is a dead Beetle!

Liverpool will not employ a living manager anymore, they have decided to erect an inspirational statue of a dead Beetle who sucked in many VW exhaust fumes whilst alive, plus other filthy substances!
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