David Bowie Hid In Coal Shed To Avoid Roger Moore

Funny story: David Bowie Hid In Coal Shed To Avoid Roger Moore

Details are emerging about the fragile relationship between mercurial maestro and matador of avant-garde pop musicianship David Bowie, and Bond star Roger Moore. "David, or 'Alan', as he liked to be called back then, met some pretty weird characte...

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Fake news is fake news

Funny story: Fake news is fake news

For months now, world has been shocked by stories of fake news. People believe president is liar or idiot or Russia is bad country. Now news reports say fake news never existed. UK Government Leader Comrade May explain to press, "There no fake new...

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French speaking Canada bans Welsh Rarebits!

Funny story: French speaking Canada bans Welsh Rarebits!

People residing in French Canadian speaking areas have been told never to use the phrase "Welsh Rarebit" again! It has been removed from all restaurant menus, dictionaries, school books, the internet, Google and anywhere else! The French Canadian...

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Dr Foster not living up to expectations

Funny story: Dr Foster not living up to expectations

Scientists are claiming that the televisual treat of Dr Foster is not living up to the high expectations provided by the rhyme. Oscar Barrington Smythe said; 'This television documentary about the toxic fall out of a marriage still has not feature...

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Strictly come dancing with the dead!

Madagascans do it, so why shouldn't the rest of the world! Fred Astaire would be tap dancing in his grave!
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