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Sunday, 3 June 2012

image for Britney Spears defends George Zimmerman
"Britney, save us from the ignorance and corruption."

Britney Spears has come to the defense of George Zimmerman. Spears has inserted herself into the debate surrounding the problems experienced by Trayvon Martin.

"I want to become the public face of George Zimmerman, because I'm a good ol' girl from Alabama." said Spears.

Spears says that Trayvon Martin took a swing at a bus driver, and has had multiple suspensions from school for marijuana, Graffiti, possession of a burglary tool and possession of women's jewelry and a watch. "It's clear to see that Trayvon Martin had a tendency for violence and home burglaries." said Spears.

He also broke into the rented home of two Cuban men who were living in Pinellas Park, Florida. He violently attacked these two men while they slept and he screamed at one of the men who he thought was dying, "Die now!" The court judge said he would give Zimmerman a quick mini-trail because of what Travon did to those two Cuban men.

The fact that Martin might have been a home burglar does not affect the facts in the case, Spears complained.

The stand your ground law in Florida reads as follows, A person who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

"Both George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin had a right to be on that street that fateful day and both of them had the right to stand their ground and they had the right to self-defense, but they were suppose to meet force with force to prevent the commission of a forcible felony." said Spears.

Spears argues that Zimmerman did not use force on Martin and therefore Martin had no right to attack Zimmerman.

Martin is a young, tall, well built football player and Zimmerman is a short, skinny older man. Clearly, Martin had the physical advantage and had less to fear than Zimmerman.

"Let the evidence speak for itself." said Spears.

In the conversation with his girlfriend Martin didn't say that Zimmerman was screaming threats at him, and he didn't say that Zimmerman was brandishing a weapon, and he didn't say that Zimmerman was making threatening gestures. She heard Zimmerman ask Martin what he was doing. This evidence shows that Zimmerman just wanted to have a peaceful conversation with Martin to assess the situation because elderly people were being attacked in their homes.

The conversation with his girlfriend also shows that Martin had a determined mindset to attack Zimmerman when he asked Zimmerman why he was being followed, he could have told Zimmerman,"Hi, how is it going." Martin made up his mind at that moment to physically attack Zimmerman without provocation, based on a paranoia thought that he was being watched.

The Florida cannibal, Rudy Eugene, chewed a man's face off while high on marijuana. Marijuana is famous for causing delusions and paranoia and it's impossible to defuse a situation with someone high on drugs. That's why the police shot Rudy Eugene to protect the life of his victim.

The evidence that Martin's girlfriend gave the police only helps Zimmerman not Martin because it shows Zimmerman's passive demeanor and it shows Martin's angry demeanor, "What are you doing here? and "Why are you following me?" The evidence that Martin's girlfriend gave coupled with the physical evidence that shows that only Zimmerman was physically attacked and he was left in a bloody condition supports the fact that Zimmerman was defending his life.

Martin didn't have to lose his temper and attack Zimmerman because he didn't approve of Zimmerman's question, he could have called the police and he could have waited for the police to come, so the police could have resolved the issue peacefully. If he didn't call the police it's because he was guilty of doing something wrong and he didn't want the police to document his presense in the area because he was planning to commit a crime in the future in that same area.

Martin has a history of violence not Zimmerman, so it's not surprising to see that his reaction was a violent attack on Zimmerman who was left in a bloody condition.

Martin could have told Zimmerman, "I'm heading to see my dad because he lives in the area, why are you following me." Zimmerman would have told Martin, "I'm a neiborhood watch man and there were break-ins in the area, that's why I asked you that, but your ok." Martin could have told him, "That's alright, you got to do your job to protect the area, have a nice day," then he could have walked away peacefully. Lots of people in Martin's shoes would have got angry like Martin, but they would have never resorted to violence because of the legal consequences they would face.

If Zimmerman would have been an undercover police man, Martin would have been accused of attemted murder on a peace officer.

The fact that Zimmerman only used one bullet to defend himself shows that he had no rage or hate like Martin did and he had no other intention except to protect his own life.

That one bullet shows that Zimmerman did not profile Martin. If Zimmerman would have been a racist who profiled Martin then Zimmerman would have shot Martin several times out of hate and rage. There is documented evidence to show that racist who go on shooting sprees use more than one bullet to attack people out of hate and rage.

The evidence shows that Zimmerman did not attack Martin because Martin's body did not show any signs of physical damage from a beating. Martin only had one bullet shot and a scratch on his knuckle from the blunt force he used on Zimmerman's head using his fist. The physical evidence is the best witness because it shows the events that occurred in a sequence.

Zimmerman was the only one that had severe physical damage to his body from a beating which suggest that it was Martin that beat Zimmerman.

The fact that the damage to Zimmerman's body was severe and extensive and he did not strike Martin back in self defense shows that Zimmerman indicated, clearly, through body language his desires to withdraw.

The severe damage also shows that Zimmerman was unable to escape the danger because Martin was unwilling to allow Zimmerman to escape the beating.

If Martin is allowed the defense of stand your ground, that defense would end half way during the beating and then the defense of stand your ground would apply to Zimmerman. The reason for this is because half way during the beating, Zimmerman did not defend himself, sending a message to Martin that Zimmerman is not a threat if he refuses to fight, and from that point on Martin's actions were attempted murder.

Martin was probably scared of going to jail for a long time for assault and battery and he didn't want to get sued in a civil court, so he decided to kill Zimmerman to get rid of a witness that could identify him.

The extent of Zimmerman's damage also shows that Zimmerman's life was in danger of death. Zimmerman felt the constant, sharp pain to his brain as his head was being repeatedly battered on the ground, producing in Zimmerman a great fear of death.

It was not a mere beating, by definition it was actually an attempted murder because Martin had the intent to kill when he repeatedly bashed Zimmerman's head into the concrete. One strike to the head does not show intent to kill, but repeated bashings to the head does show the intent to kill. The brutal head trauma, if allowed to continue, would have caused death.

The law says that a person has to "reasonably believe" that his life is in immediate danger. Zimmerman was not brandishing a weapon and he was walking at a distance behind Martin and that is not a reasonable cause to attack or kill Zimmerman. Asking a person what they are doing is not a reason to attack someone. That is a passive condition not a threatening condition.

If another man would have been walking down that same street at a distance from Martin on the night that the incident occurred and that person would have been walking home, Martin would have attacked that man leaving him dead or near death and then he would have ran home and the next day he would have bragged to his friends how he beat a sucker down.

Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system the night he was gunned down in a Florida condo complex, according to a medical report released .

In a psychiatric ward you will very often see patients with a first onset of paranoia or other psychotic symptoms after a chronic use of cannabis. It could have been Martin's use of marijuana that caused him to experience paranoia and that could have caused Martin to attack Zimmerman in an unprovoked manner.

People walking on the streets does not constitute a threat to anyone.

The physical evidence tells the entire story and contradicts any false, eye witness statements.

Like a weighing scale, the stand your ground law was balanced between both Zimmerman and Martin, but the extended damage on Zimmerman's body and the fact that he only shot one bullet puts the law completely on Zimmerman's side, tipping the balance of the scale to Zimmerman's side.

If Martin would have beat a woman, the public would have never been in an uproar to defend Martin and the prosecutor would have never prosecuted the case. Zimmerman is a victim of gender hate at the hands of a system that is corrupt and controlled by money.

"The problem here is the state government, who is suppose to give children a legal education up until High School, to prevent such problems from occurring." said Spears. "Our government is corrupt and preys on the ignorance of the human public." Spears complains.

Spears suggest that Apple computer should create a legal Ipad that communicates by voice. Trayvon Matin could have used such an Ipad to solve his situation quickly.

Martin could have told the Ipad, "Some guy is following me, what do I do?" The Ipad would have said, "Where is he following you?" Martin would have then said, "On the streets." The computer would have told him, "You don't have a right to stand you ground unless he has a weapon in plain sight, he strikes you first and he is physically more powerful than you, or he demonstrates or has demonstrated to you that his intentions are to physically harm you." The Ipad would have further said in simple English, "If your in fear for your life and he is not blocking your path and he is not in your home, then I suggest you leave the area quickly and call the police."

Trayvon would have been able to assess the situation intelligently, by leaving the area as quickly as possible and entering his home, instead of physically attacking someone he doesn't know, who is peacefully walking on the streets.

"Martin thought he had the right to use violence to solve any problem he encounters because he was uneducated about the laws and the government is responsible for not educating young people in school about law." said Spears.

It was the football coach in school that taught Martin how to use physical force to win against an opponent and this led to the tragic situation.

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