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Funny story: The Art of Deception

The Art of Deception

Life is nothing but a big soap opera, with an intricate plot and endless conflicts, played by animals on a stage called earth. Many wise men have tried to discover the theme of this drama in vain. When animal actors, excluding man, are watched, their existence seems a bit logical and straightforward, but this does not apply to its main cast of Homo sapiens. This farce play is a concoction of...
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Funny story: The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top

We are familiar with the big bang theory, cosmological model depicting the expansion of the universe: from a hot state into present status. The big bang theory can tell us what has happened ever since that time, but it cannot explain the initial condition of, say empty universe, prior to the bang. Neither can I. Nevertheless, my theory is very straight forward. It is based on spinning tops that...
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Funny story: Ridiculum ironia

Ridiculum ironia

Irony, a figure of speech, suggests a complex experience. There are three kinds of irony, of which one is called dramatic irony. In this figure of speech, the discrepancy exists between what a character wrongly says or believes and what the reader knows to be true. Unofficially, there is a sub-irony to the dramatic irony. Actually, I have no name for it except 'ridiculum ironia'. To explain it...
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Funny story: Audaciously Coward

Audaciously Coward

How, overnight, I became a multi-millionaire is not a kid's story! My regular exercise begins at dawn, of course, indoors; otherwise, plainclothes men might take me in as a suspect! Normally, I open the gate to look for unusual things such as a stranger's car parked right in the driveway, etc. On the morning of that very day, to my great surprise, I saw a black carry-on bag neatly and visibly...
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Funny story: What views to express?

What views to express?

An Australian nurse, working in palliative care, claims to have recorded the dying epiphanies (feelings) of her patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She believes that people gain a plausible clarity of vision when dying. She says, "When questioned about any regrets …common themes surfaced again and again." The top five regrets of the dying were: not having lived a life true to themsel...
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Funny story: My Darling Doll

My Darling Doll

In the news we read: The French National Assembly and UK lawmakers have approved the same-sex marriage bill. What is the next unfinished business? Paul Gallico, (1897 - 1976), American novelist, in 'The Enchanted Doll, wrote:" … remembered the approaching birthday, …modest gifts… the doll... she was made all of rag with a painted face, and represented a little girl with the strangest, tende...
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Funny story: Prayer Healing

Prayer Healing

We may safely assume that animals, excluding man, have no faculty of imagining; therefore, the primordial man's family, inside the dreadful caves, during the perilous long nights, had no alternative but to listen to the stories told by the old man as today's bedtime stories. Perhaps, he pointed out to the moon while inventing his stories. Naturally, through imagination, he formed new images and...
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Funny story: A friendly advice to all LGBT

A friendly advice to all LGBT

Let's begin with the story of Lot, Abraham's nephew, Book of Genesis, chapters 11-14 and 19, which is as old as Mount Kilimanjaro vs. the fresh LGBT, an acronym: "And there came two angels to Sodom…; and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them; bowed; And he said, '…, my lords, turn in, …, into your servant's house, and tarry all night, and wash your feet, … rise up early, and go on your ways.' And t...
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Funny story: Phobio-klepto-kakisto-theocracy


Lord Acton said: "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Additionally, we are told that many dictators are surrounded by men of low mentality, and, finally, dictators always shut down free speech and free press. A friend living in a dangerous country sent me an email which prompted this story. First part of the email says that he, the friend, goes to a super market that...
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Funny story: One World Government

One World Government

The Japan's surprise military strike on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, killed 2,402 and wounded 1,282 Americans. Very close to 9/11, nah? Some believe US President FDR was aware of the imminent attack, but he ordered the US fleet to move from the West Coast to the unsafe Pearl Harbor. Admiral Richardson advised FDR not to issue the order, but FDR removed the bad admiral and replaced him by Ad...
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Funny story: Egypt without Cleopatra

Egypt without Cleopatra

Egypt, with 5000 years of history, is the oldest civilization. An heir to this great civilization is the newly-elected President Morsi. In the flesh, he may be a far cry from all the dead pharaohs. A quick examination can reveal the claim. Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat, born 20 August 1951, standing against pyramids, is not as tall as any mummy pharaoh. Additionally, his table manners contradict...
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Funny story: Infantry Robots - Hamas, Gaza, Israel and the Middle East

Infantry Robots - Hamas, Gaza, Israel and the Middle East

Iron Dome, a highly maneuverable missile system, is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells, fired from 4 to 70 kilometers away. Statistically speaking, out of seven rockets fired simultaneously, Iron Dome managed to destroy only five. Missing two out of seven, in such a deadly game, is too much, thus making the Iron Dome undependable. Undoubtedly, recent Gaz...
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Funny story: Totally Naked Girls

Totally Naked Girls

Uncertainties gave man a clay god modeled after warriors of his time: bearded, fearsome, repeatedly banging a whip against the shaft of his heavy riding boots. Next to his man-made terrifying deity stood an indifferent insensitive well-organized giant called Nature which is 'the aggregate of the powers and properties of all things, the sum of all phenomena, together with the causes which produc...
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Funny story: Excluding Sanitary Pads

Excluding Sanitary Pads

I, a female married high school teacher, am awaiting divorce. I terribly miss my children as they are taken away by my husband, a Mickey-mouse-college professor. Having no place to live, I have moved to my mother's apartment. I live in an unmentionable oil-rich police-state country in Middle East. The so-called husband has the right to divorce me anytime anywhere with or without my consent. Of co...
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Funny story: Shame on you

Shame on you

Desert people have an inalienable trait in common: absolute obedience to the hierarchical authority. The reason is obvious: The grand warlord owned or still owns the local water well. Obey the warlord or die of thirst. The choice is all yours. Do not be mistaken to believe that only the man at the pinnacle is a tyrant. Tyranny functions according to pecking order theory. All members of such societ...
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Funny story: Life - diminishing utility

Life - diminishing utility

Human infant is, in fact, born as a helpless creature. The baby lacks any inherited mechanism for behavior. However, the child gradually learns how to behave by means of an educational mechanism known as culture. This cultural mechanism teaches the child skills, knowledge and the accepted norms of dealing with people and the supernatural forces surrounding man. Culture is no longer believed to be...
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Funny story: Bon Appéti

Bon Appéti

Once I was taught a good hypothesis was that which could be properly tested. In the past, critical thinking was the essence of a well-developed dissertation. While browsing, I, incidentally, ran into the following title: 'Dissertation Acceptance Certificate' by a very prestigious school. The Ph. D. candidate said his 'research was funded in part by summer grants'. The researcher claimed to hav...
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Funny story: Don know! 'tis God's Power

Don know! 'tis God's Power

Knowledge like vaccination stimulates the mind and helps man reach advancement. Swindlers, modern or old, can easily deceive a superficial mind. Kazim, an Afghan, is a good example of 21st century vandalism. Presently, he is a refugee, hiding in the niches of a small construction site with zero identity documents to escape extortion or deportation. He, 33/34, claims to have at least a wif...
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Funny story: Knockdown Power of Kalashnikov

Knockdown Power of Kalashnikov

"And … Pharaoh dreamed …" (Genesis 41:1-2.) and out came seven kine, cows…And then seven lean kine ate the seven fat cows. Pharaoh awoke. Josef's economic forecast is well-known to all and needs no repetition, but need to add that from that point on the Egyptians became staunch believers in dream interpretation. Today Egyptians are not alone. A billion people living in a radius of hundreds of m...
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Funny story: The House of Sodomy

The House of Sodomy

Nature seems to be fond of sexual desire. Put yourself in her place and watch plants and animals engaged in constant reproduction, of course, in an old-fashioned way: male to female. Yet man, is programmed to modify Mother Nature's behavior. In India, the reward for every man to undergo vasectomy was a transistor radio. Family planning has its own inadequacies. Men don't like intercourse w...
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Funny story: Smart As a Fox, part V

Smart As a Fox, part V

The euphoria of hitting the jackpot, i. e., being refunded, was over. The thought of the unattended car entered like Niagara Falls. Blame me for what? I had no time to check it out. Yes, retrieving my lifelong savings was seductive. But what if the car was stolen? OK. OK. You think if I reported it right on the nose, they would deliver the car to the home? Was I stupid not to believe a handwritten...
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Funny story: Smart As a Fox IV

Smart As a Fox IV

After 5 consecutive days, I learned my girlfriend was about to leave the hospital, so the account had to be settled. During these days, a friend, feeling sorry for me said, 'You must be an idiot to pay the cost of the operation. Silly boy, a crime has been committed, and the criminal has left the scene, and there is no law to protect us, citizens. Why should you pay the cost?' I was baffled. H...
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