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Funny story: Rewriting an Old Proverb

Rewriting an Old Proverb

A proverb is said to be a saying that expresses a basic or general truth. On the other hand, an anti-proverb is proverb altered deliberately or absentmindedly for humorous or specific effect. Bibi, Prime Minister of Israel, in his recent speech to USA Congress, applied ant-proverb by saying, "So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy." The standard wording o...
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Funny story: Organic Machine

Organic Machine

The history of alphabet goes back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Rotary drum printing was invented in 1847. Before the invention of printing, books were handwritten by the scribes. Not all manuscripts are reliable because some of them were pure fantasies, particularly those that are attributed to self-proclaimed representatives of a deity. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were contemporaries in 1900. Fr...
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Funny story: Consciousness and Julian Jaynes

Consciousness and Julian Jaynes

Julian Jaynes (1920 - 1997), American psychologist, in his book 'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' argued that people up to 3000 years ago did not have the ability to introspect, or achieve subjective consciousness. According to Jaynes, ancient humans operated by means of pre-programmed instructions or schemas. Jaynes called these people bicameral humans. The left...
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Funny story: Polygamous Dictatorship

Polygamous Dictatorship

The founders of the Ottoman Empire or rather contemporary Turkey were descendants of Oguz tribe, or Turkmen, living in Central Asia, a clan of which was named Seljuqs. Seljuqs were a nomadic herding society, and therefore familiar with aggression and war. Naturally, the always-on-the move Seljuqs did not practice any form of known religions, but they did learn that rain was good, and were impresse...
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Funny story: Experience pleasure

Experience pleasure

Everything that exists in the universe is a part of nature, and therefore can be explained by material causes. Consequently, it would be misinformation to resort to supernatural, spiritual or paranormal cause to explain natural phenomena. According to Wikipedia, euphoria is a 'medically recognized mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elati...
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Funny story: Rosetta Philae

Rosetta Philae

Common crow admirably performs its organizational assignment as stated in the job description: Urban and Rural Macrophage, duly saved in the crow's DNA. In service of nature, the crow disposes of discarded harmful waste. Biologically, it has all the vital organs that human species has excluding the dangerous mentality of mankind. At dawn, common crow, an early bird, perches on insulated live c...
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Funny story: Free the pedophile but punish the child

Free the pedophile but punish the child

Middle East has always been the land of odd people who have caused millions of deaths, particularly, as of 1978, carried out by Mujahideen, Taliban, al-Qaeda and now ISIS. The history of this dangerous species dates back to 1400 years ago, originating in Arabian Peninsula desert. Ironically, a number of idols of the annihilated pagan Arabs were female, but they believed that Allah, present deit...
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Funny story: Save the world, o ye Hulagu Khan

Save the world, o ye Hulagu Khan

Thank you ISIS! Thank you for candidly showing your true face to your believers in Iraq and elsewhere. Unfortunately your staunch followers, despite their ancestors' crystal clear warnings, have refused to know you as you are-for 14 centuries, as of 7th century constantly, with no letup. I admit: You are truly die-hard to the core; a phoenix or rather a Dracula. Humanity repeatedly cast you into h...
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Funny story: The Signs Are Quite Clear

The Signs Are Quite Clear

Decadence refers to deteriorated standards, morals, loss of dignity, indulgence in power, pleasure or luxury, sex, crime, lawlessness, loss of economic discipline due to the corruption of state officials', repulsive corrupt bureaucracy etc. Undoubtedly, in such a society we witness cultural decay: decline of education, the weakening of cultural foundations, loss of respect for tradition including...
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Funny story: Humanoid ISIS

Humanoid ISIS

The Yazidi of Iraq, now threatened of genocide, believe that God first created Angel Tavoos. Next, Adam. Then, God ordered all angels including Tavoos to bow to Adam. Tavoos refused, saying, "How can I bow to another being, especially one made of dirt." Regardless of what we read in religious books, it seems that man is an imperfect creature. Scientifically, man needs much more time before...
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Funny story: History repeats itself

History repeats itself

The Battle of Qadisayeh marks the end of the Persian Empire, fought in 636 A.D. It was a decisive battle between ISIS, oops, Arab Muslim invaders and the Sassanid Persian army at Qadisayeh, presently a 2-hour drive to Baghdad. Who to blame: George Bush, Obama or King Khosrau II? In fact, King Khosrau II, technically the last King of Sassanid Empire, was murdered along with 18 eligible male heir...
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Funny story: We outsmart you!

We outsmart you!

Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple fell on his head, and he discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation. Another story: A small feather, crescent shape, was slowly descending to the ground. Amazingly, it was carrying a very small twig attached to the concave feather by some cobwebs. This could have inspired the invention of the first parachute. Another inspiring example is wa...
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Funny story: Cuckold's Cheating Wife

Cuckold's Cheating Wife

In bed, the cuckold whispers in the ear of his cold cold wife to imagine she is wearing a swirl skirt, and waiting for a passing car to give her a ride. The cuckold continues," Now, from behind a stranger approaches, and lifts up your skirt, exposing your pink lace panty; then he gently passes his tough hand way down to your crotch…" Is the cuckold trying to turn his wife on or himself? Centu...
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Funny story: Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

In 1973, psychiatrist Nils Bejerot published the result of his studies: Stockholm Syndrome. The studies disclosed a disturbing result: emotional "bonding" between the captives and the captors in a hostage taking situation. At a bank in Stockholm, two-machine-gun-carrying criminals took hostage four people, three women and one man, for 131 hours. In 1974, Patricia Campbell Hearst, 19, was kidnap...
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Funny story: Aaron Jesus

Aaron Jesus

The Israelites had been slaves in the land of Egypt. God sent Moses to Pharaoh to let the Israelites, God's people, go. Pharaoh did not consent. God sent terrible plagues upon Egypt. Finally Pharaoh agreed to let Moses take the Israelites out. They reached the foot of Mount Sinai. Moses climbed the mountain to meet God. Israelites became restive. Gathering around Aaron, they asked him to make them...
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Funny story: Devil's Advocates

Devil's Advocates

'A drowning man will clutch at a straw'. At this junction, we desperately need to know what is going on around us. Yes, we fail to understand what is going on in Turkey, what happened to MH370, why US, Russian officials behave so haphazardly etc. In Crimea, 245,000 are Tatars, or 10.2% of the total population. Around the 5th century AD, the forefathers of the present Tatars were nomadic tribes...
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Funny story: Changing of the Guards

Changing of the Guards

Every day, people, just like buffalo herds in Africa, intently watch a despicable sight: a woman being attacked by a number of masked assailants, here; there, a weak buffalo or calf by a single lion. The masked men vigorously pull away the shoulder-strap purse of a woman, leaving home for shopping or other businesses, with impunity, in public thoroughfares. The more heinous spectacle is the ever-i...
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Funny story: MH370 and Putin

MH370 and Putin

In 1967, Israel's Arab neighbors suffered severe defeat in the Six-Day War. In particular, much of the Egyptian forces and equipment were destroyed and Sinai Peninsula, 60,000 km² vs. 20,770 km² Israel, was captured by Israeli forces. After the war, Nasser, the Egyptian leader, died of a heart attack, in 1970 to be succeeded by Anwar Sadat. In 1973, the regime of Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat...
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Funny story: Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Tsar of Russia, Peter the Great, 1672-1725 (aged 52) is said to have issued a Will of which the following is an excerpt: "… Russia must plunge Persia and Turkey into frequent wars; establish shipyards on the Black Sea… as well as the Baltic, as both are indispensable to a successful carrying out of our enterprises. We must hasten the downfall of Persia {many thanks to Jimmy Carter acting on behalf...
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Funny story: Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

History shows that 6% of a population, provided they are determined and share a common incentive, can seize power and enslave the entire inhabitants. The common ground could be any ideology. Felix Dzerzhinsky was a member of several revolutionary committees and the creator of Soviet State Security forces Cheka (1917-26), the notorious committee for torture and mass summary executions. Felix D.
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Funny story: With No Dick

With No Dick

About 5 billion years ago, earth came into existence. Some billion years later, life emerged. Additional changes resulted in creation of the first organisms. Next, plants and animals, carnivorous and non-carnivorous, appeared. Then, a new species was born, called Homo sapiens. This odd animal inherited the original traits of the beasts of the world. According to Freud the id, or rather the anim...
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Funny story: Life Without Youth

Life Without Youth

When health or wealth is threatened, we get fearful just like a fish in a tank after hearing a sudden knock on the container. This reaction is called fear. Fear, in most living things, is said to be basic or innate. A sudden change of environment such as light, sound etc causes fear in us. Additionally, we have a tendency to be afraid of the unknown. Naturally, the econ-political changes of the pr...
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