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Funny story: Spellbound Females

Spellbound Females

Aug. 23rd, 1973 two machine-gun carrying criminals entered a bank in Stockholm, Sweden. They held 4 hostages, 3 women and one man; strapped them with dynamite, for 131 hours, until they were finally rescued on Aug. 28th. Strangely enough, during the hostage taking, it was observed that hostages had formed a favorable baffling attitude towards their captors, rather than the rescue team! Psychologis...
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Funny story: Cheated & Mistreated

Cheated & Mistreated

Animals enter life fully prepared, with all necessary characteristics and instincts. In other words, they work like a PCM, punched card machine. All expertly and reliably wired up. But, alas, Homo sapiens need to acquire their workable applications externally. Of course, man's mind is not that empty. It's got a hard disk containing many old files, archives, gradually saved throughout centuries, b...
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Funny story: Is there a talent for being evil

Is there a talent for being evil

Is villainy a talent? If so, where does it come from? Is it genetic, or learned? Some put the blame on society, culture or religion. Whatever. Before getting into it we need to know what is meant by evil. Perhaps the following words can clarify the word scope of villainy: natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, war, destruction, deception, anger, gluttony, vanity, ego, pride, lust,...
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Funny story: Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

'FM 6-0 Commander and Staff Organization and Operations', is a US Army field manual, formerly inaccessible to public, but now it is. FM 6-0 was intended as a planning tool for battalion sized units and larger. It seems the book has rendered itself obsolete. The reason is obvious: conventional warfare is not foreseeable in near future. In 1970s, we used to find passages in publication as to the...
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Funny story: Salesman Le Client movie

Salesman Le Client movie

'Death of a Salesman' is a play written by Arthur Miller. It won the 1949 Pulitzer Prize. This title has been high jacked by a fraudulent filmmaker. He calls his film in English 'The Salesman' and in French '.'The Client! Among Iranians, fraud, deep-rooted, is highly valued. In doubt? Read Nature Science Magazine to see how many top ranking Iranian and so-called scientists/ officials have ille...
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Funny story: Is there a talent for being evil

Is there a talent for being evil

Is villainy a talent? If so, where does it come from? Is it genetic, or learned? Some put the blame on society, culture or religion. Whatever. Before getting into it we need to know what is meant by evil. Perhaps the following words can clarify the word scope of villainy: natural disasters, diseases, birth defects, war, destruction, deception, anger, gluttony, vanity, ego, pride, lust, hate, je...
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Funny story: When the least qualified individuals usurp power

When the least qualified individuals usurp power

Carlo M. Cipolla, an economic historian, born in Italy in 1922, dead in 2000, classified people into four groups: intelligent, helpless, bandit and stupid. However, Katharine Cook Briggs (1875-1968) and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers came up with 16 types of personality types. Cipolla's emphasis on stupid people makes his findings interesting. Perhaps, it is not unwise to begin with a definition...
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Funny story: Sanctioned male ownership of women

Sanctioned male ownership of women

Sumerians, about 5500 and 4000 BC, lived in contemporary Iraq. They believed in personal polytheism. Incidentally, their 'Anu' was the Supreme Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven! The Akkadian Empire, 2350-2170 BC, was an ancient kingdom centered in ancient Mesopotamia. The 1st dynasty of Babylon reigned in Babylon. Hammurabi was the sixth king of this Dynasty, reigning from 1792 BC to 1750 BC...
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Funny story: Après la vie

Après la vie

In physics, energy can be transferred or converted to kinetic, radiant, elastic, thermal or chemical energy, but it cannot be created or destroyed. Benjamin Franklin, born 1706, before his discovery, believed that 'clouds formed over the ocean had more electricity than clouds formed over the land; therefore, when these two clouds came close enough to one anther, the different charges had to eq...
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Funny story: Cowards lose

Cowards lose

In the small hours, the battle cries of two stray large tomcats made sleep for the inhabitants really impossible. The cries were not regular meows; they were accompanied by accentuated words and expressions very similar to man's everyday conversation and, consequently, interpretable. Whether the fight was territorial dispute or sexual claims, could not be determined. Since the fighting had beco...
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Funny story: God save the blond

God save the blond

Warfare has been man's prime idiocy ever since he came to existence. He fought for food, water and pasture; now, fights for petroleum, minerals and markets. Religions have provided esprit de corps to achieve these goals. However, we read in literature, that many men have died in pursuit of sex. Therefore, we may add sex as an impulse to engage in fighting. Nevertheless, nature or whatever uses...
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Funny story: New Man

New Man

Animals, predators or preys, are not ashamed of open mating. Aggressive men have a tendency for raping. However, people normally prefer mating behind closed doors. In backward nations, it is the man who decides when to perform mating. Lubrication does not matter. The desire of the man is so emphasized and respected that should he decide to have intercourse while traveling in sub Sahara along with...
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Funny story: Arrogance vs. Savagery

Arrogance vs. Savagery

On a hill located south of Waterloo, in Belgium, stands a memorial statue of a lion called Lion's Mound, with 226 stairs. It was completed in 1826, eleven years after the Battle of Waterloo when Napoleon was defeated by the armies of the Seventh Coalition. The victory for the Coalition very costly. Napoleon lost 25,000 men plus 9,000 PoWs. vs. 23000. Napoleon abandoned his defeated army and we...
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Funny story: ISIS 13 Commandments

ISIS 13 Commandments

ISIS of 635 AD was able to destroy great civilizations: Syria, Persia, India etc. But thereafter, the genes of these creatures, due to repeated raping, stabilized in the DNA of victimized people and have kept multiplying ever since. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded the details of the atrocities with great pleasure and pride, that is, the slaughtering of Persians, Syrians and H...
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Funny story: Cool Moon vs. hot Sun

Cool Moon vs. hot Sun

Standing next to a 4-meter-tall-5-meter long catwalk wall, I saw a cat condescendingly walking along the top of the wall. Seeing me, the cat stopped; suspiciously looked at me as a source of threat. Now, he launched a 3-pronged drones: seeing, hearing and olfactory. The confused cat put the bottom down; kept wagging his tail and winked inquisitively. At this time, instinct came to his aide an...
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Funny story: Rewriting an Old Proverb

Rewriting an Old Proverb

A proverb is said to be a saying that expresses a basic or general truth. On the other hand, an anti-proverb is proverb altered deliberately or absentmindedly for humorous or specific effect. Bibi, Prime Minister of Israel, in his recent speech to USA Congress, applied ant-proverb by saying, "So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy." The standard wording o...
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Funny story: Organic Machine

Organic Machine

The history of alphabet goes back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Rotary drum printing was invented in 1847. Before the invention of printing, books were handwritten by the scribes. Not all manuscripts are reliable because some of them were pure fantasies, particularly those that are attributed to self-proclaimed representatives of a deity. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were contemporaries in 1900. Fr...
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Funny story: Consciousness and Julian Jaynes

Consciousness and Julian Jaynes

Julian Jaynes (1920 - 1997), American psychologist, in his book 'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' argued that people up to 3000 years ago did not have the ability to introspect, or achieve subjective consciousness. According to Jaynes, ancient humans operated by means of pre-programmed instructions or schemas. Jaynes called these people bicameral humans. The left...
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Funny story: Polygamous Dictatorship

Polygamous Dictatorship

The founders of the Ottoman Empire or rather contemporary Turkey were descendants of Oguz tribe, or Turkmen, living in Central Asia, a clan of which was named Seljuqs. Seljuqs were a nomadic herding society, and therefore familiar with aggression and war. Naturally, the always-on-the move Seljuqs did not practice any form of known religions, but they did learn that rain was good, and were impresse...
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Funny story: Experience pleasure

Experience pleasure

Everything that exists in the universe is a part of nature, and therefore can be explained by material causes. Consequently, it would be misinformation to resort to supernatural, spiritual or paranormal cause to explain natural phenomena. According to Wikipedia, euphoria is a 'medically recognized mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being, elati...
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Funny story: Rosetta Philae

Rosetta Philae

Common crow admirably performs its organizational assignment as stated in the job description: Urban and Rural Macrophage, duly saved in the crow's DNA. In service of nature, the crow disposes of discarded harmful waste. Biologically, it has all the vital organs that human species has excluding the dangerous mentality of mankind. At dawn, common crow, an early bird, perches on insulated live c...
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Funny story: Free the pedophile but punish the child

Free the pedophile but punish the child

Middle East has always been the land of odd people who have caused millions of deaths, particularly, as of 1978, carried out by Mujahideen, Taliban, al-Qaeda and now ISIS. The history of this dangerous species dates back to 1400 years ago, originating in Arabian Peninsula desert. Ironically, a number of idols of the annihilated pagan Arabs were female, but they believed that Allah, present deit...
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