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Funny story: Lost Letter of the The French Revolution Find

Lost Letter of the The French Revolution Find

A major historical find in the cellars of the British Museum has thrown new light on the reign of terror that gripped France just prior to the rise of the cardsharp, midget and Freemason called Napoleon Bonaparte. Historians consider the French Revolution one of the most important events in history, second only to the invention of canned baked beans. It ushered in the period of Enlightenment a...
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Funny story: Interview with Two of the Century's Greatest 'Artists'

Interview with Two of the Century's Greatest 'Artists'

Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, two of the most expensive artists living today, joined forces for an exhibition of Koons' work at Hirst's Newport Street Gallery in London. Titled "Now," the exhibition displays over 30 pieces of art by the American artist, all of which were borrowed from Hirst's personal collection. Critics are all in a tizzy over the event. We sent our cultural editor from "U-R-FK...
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Funny story: How do We Improve Our Prisons?

How do We Improve Our Prisons?

"UK Prison Reform. A serious issue that needs to be taken seriously." (BBC London. 19/05/2016) Some suggestions. 1. Daily full body massages. 2. Freely available prostitutes. 3. Boxing stadiums. 4. Regular visiting entertainers like Rolf Harris or Boris Johnson. 5. Comprehensive menu prepared by Gordon Ramsay. 6. Wine, spirits and beer available with all meals. 7. Prescr...
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Funny story: The Transcendental Gambling Cult

The Transcendental Gambling Cult

Investors on Wall Street are turning in droves to a new cult that is sweeping America. Spokesman for Scientology Tom Cruise has said it should be banned outright. Officials of the Sri Swami Winner's cult called "Scientific Amerology" deny that it is a cult. They say it is a "natural philosophy" of the New Age that was incubated during the the 1960s Flower Power Movement in Los Angeles and has...
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Funny story: New Board Game called "BANKER" Sweeping the World

New Board Game called "BANKER" Sweeping the World

The object of the game is to fleece as many people as possible in the shortest possible time, build a dynasty and get to die in your bed before you are assassinated. Although you may be responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths you cannot personally kill anybody. If your dice throws run against you whereupon you must kill your adversary by your own hand you lose the game. "Lifetime Po...
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Funny story: The Falsification of Consciousness

The Falsification of Consciousness

What does it mean? Means lying to your face. But more than that it means lying to a lot of people often enough until they assume the lie is truth. This is the modus operandi of the New World Order using all the powers of their media and political organs to do so. Brainwashing in a word. They have the Catholic Church and the Nazi sheeple programming strategies to tell them how it is done. Edward...
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Funny story: BBC Training Manual Leaked

BBC Training Manual Leaked

A whistleblower has released an excerpt from a training manual used by the BBC to train 'News' broadcasters. Headed the "TEN KEY POINTS FOR ALL BROADCASTERS" it makes for disturbing reading. It reads as follows: 1: Never ever question what you, the newscaster, are expected to read. If you do, you question your employer, the BBC. And that can get you into trouble. Ask David Icke. Think of yourse...
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Funny story: BBC World News April 2016

BBC World News April 2016

BARBARA: "Following the doctors' strike a man in Croydon had to have his leg removed when an ingrowing toenail turned septic. After receiving an epidural, a woman in Epping gave birth to deformed triplets. In Madrid, a man was shot dead during a botched supermarket robbery. While in Riga Latvia, a woman making an emergency phone call concerning the accidental death of her Pooch had her bag s...
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Funny story: Are You Gay or Straight?

Are You Gay or Straight?

Are You Gay but don't Know it? Maybe you don't shave twice a day, have seven girlfriends for each day of the week and have an interest in meditation?.. well this post is for you. If you are female maybe you have bigger questions in your life outside of ... "What do I do if I get pregnant?" Your REAL identity can be discerned easily. Are you really homosexual and don't know it? So homosexual in...
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Funny story: Good For Business-Bad For Business

Good For Business-Bad For Business

After months of research and interviews with leading corporate executives, politicians, bankers and the clergy our economics editor at U-R-FKD magazine came up with the following simple portrait of our society and, indeed, most other societies on the planet. What really is good for society and what isn't?... is his question. The singular finding is the pervasive and shared belief that what is '...
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Funny story: New Oscars Category- the - "I am My Body" Award.

New Oscars Category- the - "I am My Body" Award.

There is to be a new category in Next Years Oscar Academy Awards. It is called the "I am My Body" Award. And it will go the the actors who can most successfully convince audiences that they are their bodies and nothing much else. "You are your bodies", sheeple. Believe it. Possible recipients of the first award are: FEMALE: Liza Minelli, Cate Blanchett, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Kidman, Helen...
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Funny story: Interview with Daniel Craig aka James Bond

Interview with Daniel Craig aka James Bond

Our reporter from U-R-FKD Magazine went along to the Café Royal London to interview Daniel Craig actor of the James Bond film series. Here is an excerpt from the encounter: Q; did you get selected for the role of James Bond? A: (Laughing); Somebody asked me... and here I am. Q: Who asked you? A: I'd rather not say. Q: Are you worried by the fact that your character bear...
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Funny story: The Pope In Mexico

The Pope In Mexico

It was a hot day as Pope Francis addressed over ten thousand people today at the National Auditorium, Mexico City. His Holiness, visibly tired from his hectic days of meetings with local dignitaries, diplomats and politicians seemed very thirsty as he availed himself freely from a large decanter of 'water'placed on a small table by his throne. Pope Francis's Address in Mexico City Raisin...
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Funny story: Ten Things Women Look for in a Man

Ten Things Women Look for in a Man

(1) When she is in heat... the traits of a killer carnivore. (2) When she is not in heat... the traits of a florist who grows his own flowers and/or to look smoochy on the dance floor. (3) Money. Shit loads of it. (4) Unanimous approval from her friends. (5) When in heat... he must boast an IQ of three, know how to grunt with abandon and have a hairy chest. (6) When not in heat... h...
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Funny story: Ole Blue Eyes is Back. Sinatra Seen in Las Vegas.

Ole Blue Eyes is Back. Sinatra Seen in Las Vegas.

A janitor at the famous Caesar's Palace Las Vegas claimed he not only saw Frank Sinatra the famous singer in a dressing room he was cleaning but had a long conversation with his ghost. A reporter from Follywood Fortnightly, LA's most prestigious variety magazine was invited to meet with the janitor. The janitor took the reporter to Frank's old dressing room and shouted; "Frank!" Out of an...
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Funny story: And Here is the News...Again.

And Here is the News...Again.

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Funny story: Order Your Genetically Modified Egghead Now!

Order Your Genetically Modified Egghead Now!

Our reporter at U-R-FKD talked to Dr. Zoroaster Pike of the Tavistock Mind Control Unit in London to get his views on the recent announcement that Britain has got the go-ahead to conduct genetic research into human embryos. Critics are worried that it masks other concerns outside of human welfare that could have far reaching consequences for all of us. We could be at the mercy of mad back room...
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Funny story: Banksy Unmasked?

Banksy Unmasked?

We met up with the perpetually elusive Brit artist Banksy at a pub in Soho London, the same pub ironically where J.K Rowling allegedly met her future publishing agent Christopher Little. Banksy wore a woollen mask and shades. Our reporter from "Hoodwinked" recorded the conversation. An Interview with Banksy Q. Would you call yourself a capitalist? B. No way. Loathe it. Q. Why do you st...
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Funny story: 13 Things that Ruin Mankind's Faith in God

13 Things that Ruin Mankind's Faith in God

There are many things which ruin mankind's faith in God. Here is a selection of the biggest causes, in descending order: 1. Religion. 2. Greasy, fat, corrupt, middle-aged photographers surrounded by beautiful women who do what they tell them no matter how denigrating or violating. 3. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and George Bush Junior. 4. Unnatural disasters such as 9/11 and G...
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Funny story: Ten Reasons Why You are Skint

Ten Reasons Why You are Skint

Ten Reasons Why you are Skint. 1. Your parents want you to get to heaven and only skint people they fervently believe go there say the holy books. Your parents may wear Shamrocks, turbans, beads and feathers or Eskimo hats, it really doesn't matter. You are mandated to stay skint for the rest of your natural because it would break their hearts if you didn't. After all they have suffered for you...
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Funny story: Life for Sale

Life for Sale

Wall Street New York Our Financial Times Reporter. Life has been floated on the US Stocks share market. It opened at a dollar a share. Dividends are rewarded per percentage yield converted into minutes and hours of extra life. It has no basis in reality, of course, but like money itself depends entirely on consensus belief for its existence. Speculators believe that if they can accumulate enough...
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Funny story: Be Brave... 'Mental Toughness' Coming your Way

Be Brave... 'Mental Toughness' Coming your Way

Mental Toughness Training is all the rage in America. It is promoted by the National Strength and Conditioning Association who, like the Scientologists, have written copiously on the subject. It is defined as "grit and determination to achieve one's long-term goals and to exercise combative skills and strength against one's adversaries." It could become big business. U-R-FKD Magazine recently d...
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