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Funny story: Nostradamus predicts 2010

Nostradamus predicts 2010

New York City - It's almost the New Year, and everyone knows what that means! That's right, it's time to check with everyone's favorite dead psychic, and learn what's going to happen this year! Remember, Nostradamus is always right! As you've heard all your life, he predicted Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein! All his predictions have come true! Always! And to all you...
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Funny story: "District 9"

"District 9"

Hollywood - If you've been waiting for a good science fiction movie to come out on DVD, you will need to wait a bit longer. "District 9" is painful. It's done in a half ass style known as "cinema verite" to those who reside in their mom's basements, and "the camcorder is shaking too much" by the rest of us. The premise is that a million or so aliens came here in a ship that they decided to...
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Funny story: Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Paterson, N.J. - In these dark day's of Obama's America, breaking into the job market is harder than ever. That's why the good people at Whiteman and Blechboi have provided a list of tips to help you ace any interview and make that job your's! 1. Leave your cell phone on. Nothing says, "I'm worthless and no one needs me" like your phone not ringing. When it does ring, check the number, so t...
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Funny story: "Atlas Shrugged: The John Galt Story" - a synopsis

"Atlas Shrugged: The John Galt Story" - a synopsis

Either/Or Origin Born in rural Ohio, John Galt's father was a gas station attendent, his mother, not described, was no doubt some bar slut, as who else would screw a man held in such contempt by his own son? After all, not once did John ever call or write his parents, never mentioned them, and was upset when a buddy mentioned them one time. He apparently did not excell in school at all, drew...
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Funny story: If Jesus had been born in America

If Jesus had been born in America

Bethlehem, Idaho, December 1979 - DFYS were called in by a concerned citizen who noticed that a family was staying in a barn. Upon arrival, they took into care a minor child, Jesus Nazarene, who had been placed in a feeding trough by his mother, Mary Nazarene. The intervention was not without some incident, as the boy's father, Joseph Nazarene attempted to stop the social workers. Joseph, aided by...
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Funny story: Ms. Mannerisms

Ms. Mannerisms

Ms. Mannerisms answers millions of people around the world with questions about their sexuality, relationships and etiquette in general. Letters may be sent to her in care of her manager and boytoy here, Alexandria177. If it's funny, or allows her to demonstrate your inferiority, she may answer it. She is better than all of you, as she can speak of herself in the third person. Dear Ms. Mann...
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Funny story: Best President of the United States declared

Best President of the United States declared

National Archives, Washington, D.C. - Researchers and historical biographers, as well as political analysts have examined well over two centuries of records, to determine who the best, the greatest, the most outstanding United State's President of all time was. Here then is the report of Professor Anne R. Kist: "There was one President....just one...who shines like a beacon in a sea of med...
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Funny story: PLO issues press release

PLO issues press release

St. Louis, Missouri - Today the Plant Liberation Organization issued a press release, re-iterating their demands for a cruelty free world. Under threat of violence, we are releasing it in it's entirety, as we've been assured that we will be pelted with dirt if we do not. Here it is: For PETA to accuse fur wearers of bloody barbarism is fine. I agree that those who would kill an animal for the...
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Funny story: UK blasts US over dynamitic tests

UK blasts US over dynamitic tests

October 16, 1903 LONDON, UK - His Majesty King Edward VII blasted the rogue nation known as the "U.S.A." today for its new aeronautic tests at Kitty Hawk, saying the world must "stand up" to Washington, D.C. and demand that they renounce their "aeronautic/dynamitic ambitions". In Trafalgar Square, King Edward said that these continued tests threaten the peace and stability of the Empires of...
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Funny story: Harold Lauder saves Boulder!

Harold Lauder saves Boulder!

BOULDER, Colorado - The first meeting of the Boulder Free Zone having just been concluded, all the buzz now is about wunderkind Harold Lauder, who stole the show yesterday evening. Having opened with the National Anthem, and having read and ratified the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it came time to worry about the election of the leadership. The ad-hoc committee was all well and good, b...
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