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Funny story: 10 Ways To Fool Your Neighbours

10 Ways To Fool Your Neighbours

1)Spray a place mat with matt black paint - abracadabra!! - its an expensive Ipad to walk out of your door with. 2)Make the people next door think you are having a glamorous "Hog Roast" garden party by getting a large road kill fox and roasting it over 4 portable barbecues. 3)Make people think you have a posh car by offering Porsche owners free parking in your drive while they go to work on...
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Funny story: Film Babies, or: When Movies Mate

Film Babies, or: When Movies Mate

Sooo, I was wondering if, instead of interminable film sequels, there could be film hybrids. I think I may be onto something. To illustrate, a couple of examples. To celebrate the acting versatility of Sandra Bullock, I give you the brilliant love child of frothy rom com Miss Congeniality and award winning tour de force Gravity - Miss Congenigravity. Scruffy FBII (federal bureau of intergal...
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Funny story: The Signs Are Quite Clear

The Signs Are Quite Clear

Decadence refers to deteriorated standards, morals, loss of dignity, indulgence in power, pleasure or luxury, sex, crime, lawlessness, loss of economic discipline due to the corruption of state officials', repulsive corrupt bureaucracy etc. Undoubtedly, in such a society we witness cultural decay: decline of education, the weakening of cultural foundations, loss of respect for tradition including...
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Funny story: No Walking Stick After Six

No Walking Stick After Six

The following story is based on real events, some of the names have been changed and changed back in order to confuse you of their identity. No elderly people were harmed in the telling of this story. Frail. Feeble. A stark contrast from their buoyant youth. Their bodies since rejected them. The inspector again signing off on their case. This wasn't living. It was simply existing. Betty had bat...
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Funny story: Ten Differences Between Australian Life And British Life

Ten Differences Between Australian Life And British Life

New to Australia? Here's our survival guide for your "New life in the sun" : 1) Don't rush into the nearest bit of sea, a shark will kill you. 2) Don't valiantly remove a spider from your pretty neighbour's bath, it will sink its deadly fangs into you and you will have 20 minutes to get an antidote or or it will kill you. 3) Don't leave your baby in her pram while you sunbathe, Dingos (pois...
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Funny story: Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables

Hauled in before his Boss John Witt realised he was in trouble, but Witt had more than enough up his sleeve. 'You are being sacked for doing nothing' he was told. 'You have nothing to complain about, then!' replied Witt. 'I'm not complaining about nothing, I'm complaining about you doing nothing' came the response. Witt considered for a moment. 'I've been doing my job for two years and...
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Funny story: The Top-Ten Best Selling Singles of All Time

The Top-Ten Best Selling Singles of All Time

THE TOP TEN BEST SELLING SINGLES OF ALL TIME ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. If you leave me, I will kill myself. 2. If you don't leave me, I will kill myself. 3. I can't live without you. Until I get over it. 4. I would want to kill you if you ever left me but, as I am such a nice guy, I must spare you. 5. The first time ever I saw your face, I thought the Sun rose in your eyes. Now that you've...
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Funny story: A Checklist Of The 'Humanitarian Aid' The Russians Are Sending To Ukraine

A Checklist Of The 'Humanitarian Aid' The Russians Are Sending To Ukraine

At the Russian/Ukrainian border the so-called 'humanitarian aid' convoy sent by Putin stops to do a final check on what supplies they will be delivering to the Ukrainians on the other side. Two Russian majors exit the first two vehicles carrying clipboards and meet at the back of the first truck. "OK Dimitri, let's take a final check on everything." "Yes, Sergei. Let's get it over with quick...
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Funny story: Terror at Heathrow Airport

Terror at Heathrow Airport

American insurance salesman James Henry Galbraith thought it was just another tedious return home from the three-week business conference he had attended in London. It wasn't. A Heathrow customs official found a bottle of whiskey in his holdall. "I'm sorry Sir but I have to confiscate this." "Aw... come on buddy. Gimme a break! I always take a bottle home to the wife." "Excuse me." The officia...
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Funny story: Satan and Hollywood

Satan and Hollywood

Satan Conference in Hollywood. On this occasion, The Prince of Darkness used actor Christopher Walken as his channel. After a little dance routine, to the immense amusement of the packed audience, Mr. Walken took up position on his golden throne centre-stage looking resplendent in a tux, and fingering a gold-topped malacca. He mopped his sweating forehead with a red, silk hankie before beginnin...
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Funny story: This Week's Top 20 Movies

This Week's Top 20 Movies

This Weeks Top 20 Hollywood Movies. 1. It's Okay to Murder Dark People. 2. Killing the Innocent is Fun. 3. How to Kill a Thousand People Before You Get The Bad Guy. 4. Teenage Terrorist Nympho on Speed. 5. Terror And Sex Part 12. 6. Terror Stalks The White House at Night. 7. A Blonde Swedish Terrorist with Big Tits in New York... at Night. 8. The Tibetan Monk Terrorist. 9. War on Terriers...
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Funny story: This Week's Top 20 Chart of Best Selling Records

This Week's Top 20 Chart of Best Selling Records

THIS WEEK'S BEST SELLING RECORDS. Top 20 1. Now I Must Die. Help me... Please! Please! Please! 2. Tomorrow I Must die. Or... the day after. 3 Stop Hurting me. Please... Please... before I kill you. 4. Without You, what is the use of Living? 5. If You Go Away I will die from dope or alcohol, just to Please you. 6. I Can't Live with or Without you. I am a Freemason. 7. If you go Away, so mu...
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Funny story: Guru Merde Wilson

Guru Merde Wilson

The following story is indebted to Anthony de Mello. "Merde" (real name Jean) Wilson was a knock-kneed youth with freckles that never left him until the day he died. He had red hair and crooked teeth and, despite his six feet in stature, never lost his slim build. His eyesight was none too good either; he wore thick glasses all his life. The boy's parents both died when their car spun off...
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Funny story: New words of 2014

New words of 2014

The latest edition of the Dorking Standard English Dictionary was released to the shops this week. Publishers were celebrating after the number of words increased 3% on last year to reach a record 800,000. It means that the English language has completed its recovery since the great word crash of 2002 when many words were lost. Here are a selection of the new words which have made it into the d...
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Funny story: 'What Dreams Shall Come' - A Spoof Tribute To Robin Williams

'What Dreams Shall Come' - A Spoof Tribute To Robin Williams

Suicides were always a pain for Detective Malny. Always ugly. Always depressing, although he never let that show. This one especially. Robin Williams. One of the most famous comics ever. The guy who always made people laugh. Found hanging by a belt. By his own hands. He was met at the house by Detective Tromsa, one of the first ones on the scene, someone he had worked with often before...
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Funny story: The New Colossus (for Gov. Rick Perry)

The New Colossus (for Gov. Rick Perry)

With apologies to Emma Lazarus Just like the brazen ass of Texan fame With chiseled face broadcast across the land, Here at our southern border gates shall stand With border guards be-pistoled, in his name Hater of exiles! From his ambitious flame Glows unwelcome spite; his air-brushed looks command The hate-filled folks who represent his brand And hang on to his words so often lame.
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Funny story: Henry Kissinger on "Depopulation"

Henry Kissinger on "Depopulation"

We met Dr. Henry Kissinger during a brief visit to Washington's Grand Masonic Lodge where he was guest of honour recently for his sterling work on behalf of the New World Order. We asked him some searching questions: "Is it true that you were a Soviet Spy?" He laughed: "No, of course not. The rumour came about because I was giving military secrets to the Soviet Union." "How do you loo...
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Funny story: Barry Budget's amazing lifestyle tips

Barry Budget's amazing lifestyle tips

Here's some great tips to help you get the best out of life when running on a limited budget. 1. Don't holiday abroad. Book a caravan in your local caravan park, and come home to cook meals cheaply. 2. Take a six-pack of supermarket brand beer into the pub with you, and buy only one beer in the pub. Then instead of ordering more drinks, just top up your own from the can. You'll save a fortun...
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Funny story: Why Netflix Is the Messiah

Why Netflix Is the Messiah

For years now, people have feasted their eyes to the sky and have asked The Lord to come back to this earth in hopes for a better future. I'm sure god said to his people that he did not feel that the time is ready, so he sent a piece of fortune that would help them…"forget about it." "I have a Netflix account" is such an effortless sentence. Saying something more like "I hold before me the powe...
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Funny story: Toker's guide to cooking could unveil clues to alzheimers

Toker's guide to cooking could unveil clues to alzheimers

Have bong, get frying pan, wonder why your holding frying pan and put back. Have bong, turn on stove, feel sure you got frying pan out ready to cook, get frying pan its not there. Have bong, get dry mouth, go to fridge to get glass of milk, find frying pan put frying pan away in correct cupboard. Have bong, wonder why stove is on turn off, wonder why glass of milk is on counter? and repeat. And...
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Funny story: Humanoid ISIS

Humanoid ISIS

The Yazidi of Iraq, now threatened of genocide, believe that God first created Angel Tavoos. Next, Adam. Then, God ordered all angels including Tavoos to bow to Adam. Tavoos refused, saying, "How can I bow to another being, especially one made of dirt." Regardless of what we read in religious books, it seems that man is an imperfect creature. Scientifically, man needs much more time before...
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Funny story: Salmond's Scotland For Independence

Salmond's Scotland For Independence

Mr Salmond found the time out of his busy schedule to speak to ace Spoof reporter FBI AL over questions he is messing with 'The Union' purely to get his name in the history books. "Well of course it's nothing to do with me getting my name in lights or in the history books as the man who tried or succeeded in making Scotland an independent nation," said Salmond, "and in no way am I laying the gr...
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