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Friday, 27 May 2011

image for The A to Z of David Cameron The smile developed through not knowing anything about struggling to exist financially.

This A to Z of David (Spoon-fed) Cameron - has been created trying to use only old or rare words. (Description if needed in brackets) after the word, in response to a request for a Sarcastic Ode about the Coalition, from the 'Association of Unemployed Benefit Receivers Support Group of Little Effort'

A: Atrabilious - (bad-tempered or irritable)
B: Baleful - (malignant, filled with evil)
C: Cacozealous - (imitating badly; poorly affected)
D: Dissembler - (one hiding one's true intentions)
E: Eccedentesiast - (one who fakes a smile, as on television)
F: Fallaciloquencer - (one deceitful in speech)
G: Gabbungist - (one scoffing, mocking, or gibing)
H: Hypenemious - (full of wind; windy, malformed)
I: Idel - (hater of persons, not having anything, empty-handed)
J: Jaundiced - (exhibiting prejudice, as from envy, resentment or superiority)
K: Kriobolygist - (sacrificer of many)
L: Laconic - (abrupt, barefaced, bearish, blunt)
M: Malefactor - (one who commits acts of evil)
N: Nepotist - (favouritism shown as in family relationship, and politics)
O: Overweening - (arrogantly over-confident)
P: Pudifier - (one who cause others to be ashamed)
Q: Quadrimular - (one lasting for four years)
R: Reaver - (one who takes by cunning force)
S: Sevidical - (speaking cruel and harsh words; threatening)
T: Temerate - (to break a bond or promise; to profane)
U: Uncharitable - (severe in judging; harsh; censorious; self promoting)
V: Vilioraterous - (to makes less good; to worsen)
W: Warlicker - (one who holds power over others)
X: Ximanlephone - (one unduly fearful of the proletariat and poor)
Y: Yawl - (to howl; to yell)
Z: Zenophile - (A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially gainfully)

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

If you fancy trying your hand at comedy spoof news writing, click here to join!
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