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Thursday, 10 March 2011

image for LIVE! Goldfish Commentary Like Kylie - Spinning Around

Live from The Goldfish Bowl with Vic Trout and Amelia Pout:

Vic: He's moving. Oh yes. He's taking a right turn...

Amelia: Yes Vic - he's really taking a chance there. What with his injured dorsal fin and that.

Vic: Incredible! He actually skimmed the top of the ceramic pirate ship there! And still maintained his balance!

Amelia: Wow Vic! Is this guy on a suicide run or what!

Vic: Hold on Amelia - Sorry to cut you, but he's just ducked through that weed patch like he just doesn't care! This is incredible!

Amelia: Are you sure he's a 'he' Vic?

Vic: Not really Amelia. It's hard to tell with goldfish...

Amelia: Wait a minute Vic...he's coming round again...

Vic: He could be a 'she' Amelia. You never know...

Amelia: Ya know, I'm not so sure now Vic - only a male would plunge into those weeds like that...

Vic: That's right Amelia - you just nailed that one sweetcheeks.

Amelia: Sweetcheeks?

Vic: Term of endearment sweetheart.

Amelia: Wait a cotton pickin' minute you male sexist Chauvinist pig!

Vic: What! I didn't say anything! Dammit - I knew I should have worked with Howard Stern...

Amelia: How dare you!

Vic: We'll be right back after these messages... hold on Amelia! The goldfish is swimming around again! This is just INCREDIBLE!

Amelia: You can say that again Vic!

Vic: This is just INCREDIBLE!

Amelia: No it isn't Vic. It's just a goldfish swimming around in circles.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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