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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sarah Palin appeared on her Facebook page again today denouncing her critics and accusing them of using "blood libel" to criticize her inflammatory statements that have contributed to the nation's breakdown in civil discourse.

"Her critics smell blood, literally..but unfortunately, so do her supporters," says psychologist Dr. Morton Salier of Newborn Medical Center in Dallas. "She would be better off apologizing and letting it go..but instead she vomits blood on liberals so Americans will stop thinking she is somehow responsible for that child's death in Arizona."

"Although no one is accusing her of actually doing it, it is obviously keeping her awake at night as she turns the terrible things she has said in the past over in her mind, and connects them to the criminal acts in Arizona. But she is staying awake trying to figure a way to get out of this without blood on her hands, rather than with a feeling of guilt. What makes her (and her advisors) so insanely dumb is the term "blood libel" originates from 12th century Christians accusing Jews of harvesting the blood of children to make Matzot for Passover. But in this case, it is used to inflame ignorant people and move the horrible political situation in America to another, more violent level."

"Some women, like Sarah Palin, are not happy unless men react crazily to what they do or say. When this type of woman is confronted about their destructive games, they become defensive and lash out by crying, becoming violent or lying even more. You see them in corporations and political organizations across America-and on every soap opera. I think it has something to do with Freud's "Penis Envy" theory. Very few men know how to handle them, but ALL men will react in one way or another, which is what they want. Secretly, the idea she was instrumental in making that man in Arizona shoot those people gives her a powergasm that few of us will ever experience, you can bet on that."

"One can only hope Jewish watch groups, who have the ability to influence the major news outlets in America, can stop this in its tracks, by protesting and keeping her off the air with her latest catch phrase. Even the Zionistas at Fox News are going to take some heat if they allow this to continue. It is truly horrible, and will only end when somebody puts her out of her misery with some "strong medication." She is obviously on a downhill slide, mentally. You really wouldn't want to be in her home right now. Her family is suffering as she climbs the walls and deteriorates. I just wish everyone in America would step back and look at this for what it is as she falls apart--this is some BADASS REALITY TV!"

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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