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Friday, 29 October 2010

image for A Welshman's Guide to Welsh Slang colour blind welsh dragon speaks.

In Wales, you'll need about 15 words to get by. Many are slang. Here's just a few you can use to successfully blend in. Why not buy a Welsh flag and a T-shirt with Cymru imprinted on it?

1) Poppity ping: use this one at McDonalds if your sandwich ever gets cold. Slang for microwave

"Can I put the sandwich in the poppity ping?"

2) Boyo: Use this one if you want to express feelings of immense brotherliness, or if you're ordering a cross of bovril and mayo.

Alright boyo, how's it going?

OR: Can I have boyo with that please?

3) Cwtch: Use this one if you meet an attractive member of the opposite/same sex/species to receive a vicious bear hug.

Do you fancy a cwtch tonight darling?

4) Tidy: Used to describe a person of immense beauty. Never applicable to Miley Cyrus.

Did you see the new weather girl? She was so tidy, I want a cwtch with her.

5) Blwdi Brilliant: Used sarcastically to describe the football team; quality of food or the weather. Must be said in a strong welsh accent. Pronounciation note: Blue-dee Buh-real-ee-unt

The Welsh football team is blwdi brilliant

Now attempt to use all five in a sentence and you should expertly blend in.

Normal convo: She was nice.

Welsh Convo:

That girl was so tidy wasn't she boyo? I'd want a cwtch with her near the poppity-ping. Blwdi brilliant isnit?

Why not give it a go? Try using one of these on the phone to your friends and become the coolest guy in town. Isnit.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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