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Saturday, 2 October 2010

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Business cycles have four phases: prosperity, crisis, depression and recovery.‎ William Jevons (1835-1882) introduced the Sunspot Theory, which affects climate and ‎agricultural output. ‎

In some bibles, there is a story about Pharaoh's dream which was interpreted by Josef ‎as an admonition of coming droughts. He is said to have advised Pharaoh to store ‎grains.‎

Another theory regarding cause of economic depression is 'war theory' which attributes ‎prosperity to war and cessation of war to depression, such as 1929 in USA. ‎

Today the world economy is in chaos. Currently the European governments talk of ‎budget deficit, caused by governments' welfare expenditures, adopted during USSR. As ‎a matter of fact, people like subsidies; they dislike over working. Consequently, the ‎constituencies have taken into streets to vent their anger. People have lost trust in their ‎governments world-wide. ‎

Ironically, we find an artwork image, in good old days' fatigue uniform, advising the world ‎that Fiddle's revolution has backfired and has no chance to survive unless capitalist ‎tourist's money is delivered.‎

Amongst the 3rd world countries, there is a country whose previous fledgling ‎infrastructure has been destroyed by a conglomeration of psychopaths, criminals, pig-‎headed evil-minded brutes. Of course, they enjoy the covert support of an invisible ‎international devilish institute, which has unleashed the dogs of war to challenge the ‎whole world without impunity. These animals are staunch advocates of a cult, idolatry or ‎cheap ideology which pivots on constant fear, threat, torture, murder, rape, lying, fraud, ‎spoils of war, hostage taking, confiscation, etc. The unleashed dogs follow the teachings ‎of their 1st master. Consequently they have corrupted the whole nation. Those who could ‎escape have done so; others have a terrible life in a prison twice as large as Texas. ‎

On the other hand, we hear of 33 miners who are trapped 1000 meters below the ‎surface of the earth! Can you imagine it? Wonder if, among them, there are some men ‎suffering from claustrophobia. We have seen drawings of ants' nests equipped with all ‎escape tunnels, therefore; it is hard to believe that the poor miners should be sent 1000 ‎meters down a shaft without proper escape tunnels.‎

In any case, can it be a distraction for economic worsening? However, the show seems ‎to be well planned and natural; it can last for some months without suspicion. Heavy ‎equipments, rather than tanks and artillery, are brought in; families are camping at the ‎site to watch the progress. TVs are zoomed in and every day there is one good reason ‎to celebrate. A genius strategy. Thank you, Chilean leaders!‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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