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1. My commute is my time to sob uncontrollably about my job dissatisfaction. I certainly don't want an audience present.

2. After a full day, I need to fart; loud and often. Over the course of the day, I make an effort to keep in gas (especially on taco Tuesday). I couldn't imagine holding it in until I get home.

3. I'm done talking for the day-no time for more mind numbing chit chat. No matter how nice/friendly someone is, the fact is I need some time to wind down before I open the door to my house.

4. Nose picking freedom. Similar to letting one rip, I like the option to pick my nose at any time without feeling guilty.

5. Secret Gaga fan. I definitely don't want my co workers to know that I'm into "My Poker Face" The ball busting would never end.

Selfish as these reasons may be, they are reality.

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