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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Have you ever watched a cat playing with a mouse? I mean, those deadly moments ‎when the mouse tries her best to escape death? It's a mixed feeling. Anyway, apologists ‎put the blame on the mouse because they believe had she not performed antics the cat ‎would have spared her life. ‎

How about a 'hanging judge'? Yes, in your life time. Well, such a person did once live ‎among us and he acted exactly like the cat and the mouse. For instance, he used to tie ‎his victims, blind-fold, to the pole and repeatedly exercise mock execution! Then, he ‎would send them back to their cells. On the very day of actual execution, he would order ‎his thugs to first shoot off victims' kneecaps or elbows. Seeing their painful cries, he ‎would hysterically jump up and down. Finally, he and not his firing squad would pick up a ‎Kalashnikov assault rifle and finish them up. ‎

Do you remember Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, the alleged Pan Am bomber? The one ‎who was supposed to die of cancer a year ago, but still safe and sound? Did you see his ‎hero's welcome: Before, stepping down the plane a reporter could have asked him a ‎tricky question, "Now that you're returning home, sir, what is your immediate feeling ‎about 270 passengers killed in the crash?" And he would have responded 'none ‎whatsoever'. 'What do you mean none?' Ali al-Megrahi could have said, "What is your feeling ‎after peeling off 270 oranges? Do you feel sorry for the oranges or do you enjoy eating ‎them? Same with me."‎

In the case of the cat and the hanging judge, both are completely free of any painful ‎remorse or pangs of conscience. As to the hero's welcome, the tricky question reveals ‎that the al-Megrahi has no feeling for his victims whatsoever.‎

Now, if the cat, the judge and the fake hero have no conscience, no feelings, no sense ‎of concern for their victims, if the they feel no shame, and if they are selfish, harmful, ‎immoral, what would you call them? Psychology calls these people 'psychopaths'. And a ‎psychopath is a person who suffers from personality disorder. ‎

Pschopaths, like serial killers, have no feelings; the only feeling they have is a predatory ‎feeling. Yes, they do feel sorry, but their sorrow is for failing to reach their objectives. ‎Psychopaths enjoy making others suffer, like the cat and the hanging judge. Since ‎psychopaths are good impostors, they perfectly fit the job of politicians. ‎

When on stage, they can easily cheat people, feign false emotions. Yes, they do shed ‎tears! Why do we choose them as our leaders? Because we believe all people like us ‎have a conscience. A psychopath can easily hide behind the camouflage. ‎

Now, do you think you can change the followers of these people? No. Most of these ‎people have a conviction. And convictions die hard. The reason they don't want to ‎change comes from their ego. They want to remain right. ‎

Psychopaths are notorious for not answering the questions. They also phrase words in a ‎manner that makes them difficult to understand. For instance, they do not observe ‎sequence of tense. Their speech, most of the time, is incoherent; it lacks unity; it ‎frequently uses Double Reference; it lacks parallel Structure. Briefly, if you actively listen ‎to him, soon you give up interest. ‎

Psychopathic politicians have remarkable ease for lying. Another trait of psychopaths is ‎their frequent use of contradictory and logically inconsistent statements. He can freely ‎say that Alaska is located next to Cape Town.‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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