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Friday, 23 July 2010

image for Psychic Says Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin Camping Together Bad Idea

In yet another scenario that puts the lives of the Gosselin kids in a scary situation, it has just been announced that the Gosselin gaggle is in Alaska filming a camping trip with none other than the mama grizzly herself, Sarah Palin. But before you get all excited about this being a wonderful opportunity for two very head-strong women to meet up, track bear, and bury the hatchet over past disagreements, hear what one psychic, who did a compatibility chart on the two women, says about the whole matter.

The unpredictable fire sign Aries (Gosselin) is about to meet the wild water rapids sign Aquarius (Palin), so look for quite a bit of contention during the filming of this segment of Kate Plus Eight. Both of these women have extremely high opinions of themselves. It won't be easy for either to take direction. Gosselin more than likely isn't going to cotton to taking the back seat to Palin as she is shown how to pitch a tent. Wait, did you say tent? They are going to sleep in tents? Ok, let me adjust my charts.

Ok, if Kate Gosselin will be sleeping in a tent, that changes the whole scenario. With Jupiter going retrograde and Pluto no longer considered a planet, this means there will be many arguments over the smallest things such as which lipstick matches camo better, the pink serendipity or the peach dreamsicle. Kate will break a nail, and filming will be held up for a half day while a decent manicurist is flown in from nearby Anchorage.

With the circumpolar star Gynecius traveling counterclockwise over the northern sky, Sarah's monthly cycle will synchronize itself to that of Kate's so that temperaments will be running slightly higher. Nothing of importance will be accomplished at this time. In fact, the only thing the two women may agree on will be that it was a great idea to make s'mores for the kids. The chocolate will have somewhat of a calming effect on the women's attitudes, but only temporarily.

Todd Palin must steer clear of the camp during the visit at all costs as the star Lyrius in the western sky is turning retrograde to Venus, thereby strengthening the power of his rugged good looks over Kate. A jealous encounter could ensue straining the already tenuous relationship between the two women if he were to make a cameo appearance on the show.

In all, the TLC crew has their work cut out for them, according to the psychic. The show will go on, but not without its share of usual Gosselin drama.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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