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Friday, 23 July 2010

The conflict between good and evil, introduced by Zoroaster, over 3000 years ago, is as ‎old as the hills. Hypothetically, good and evil resemble a man and his shadow, in which ‎evil reverses its position in accordance with the direction of light.‎

Accidentally, it seems that good or evil can simultaneously reproduces the opposite just ‎like photography: negative image versus positive prints. Up to 1970s the fight against ‎evil was universally accepted, in literature and business. Theoretically good men were in ‎charge. The entire standing codes of justice around the globe are still written to combat ‎evil.‎

As of 1970s, the sunrise of mankind seems to be over; sunset has already set in. Man is ‎standing in front of a setting sun while the shadow of evil is getting longer and longer. ‎Obviously, some invisible agencies have mobilized the rise of evil to challenge the good. ‎

As stated earlier, Zoroastrian faith was based on the conflict between 'good' and 'evil'. ‎The followers of this faith, mostly Persians, some 1400 years ago, gradually abandoned ‎their original oath or their 1st commandment: Thou shall not lie. ‎

Naturally, these new converts have refused to adhere genuinely to the new faith; while ‎they have systematically altered the concepts of the new harsh odd ideology to suit their ‎own taste. In their struggle, they have ended up with a faith which is neither ‎Zoroastrianism nor the adopted ideology. In their conversion under duress, they have ‎done damaging effects to their daily life i.e. telling lies.‎

As a result, from sunrise to subset, they constantly lie and cheat one another. Their ‎motto has become 'Dishonesty is the best policy'. Virtually, they all live in a world run by ‎a deity who takes bribes in the form of prayers supplemented by some financial ‎donations such as free food to people who self-flagellate on a couple of days throughout ‎the year and passing a form of tithe to ever increasing number of so-called foreign ‎Princes, living in exile for 1400 year in their land, believing that these Princes can ‎eventually ask the almighty to provide the donators with a suite in the paradise staffed ‎with black-eyed-black-haired translucent skinned females! ‎

Since couture dies hard, telling lies was formally considered inappropriate, but, in 2010, ‎lying is legally sanctioned. Their religious leaders-turned-rulers have collected and ‎interpreted all words and phrases registered in their script or quotes from their still alive ‎dead authorities to back up the canonically practiced lying. ‎

This formal conditioning has drastically affected their daily life: husband v wife; children v ‎parents; pupils v teachers; shopkeepers v customers; doctors v patients and above all a ‎bride who has lost her virtue before being married, a practice that calls for stoning to ‎death or honor killing, now buys a $30 artificial virginal hymen, imported from friendly ‎Maoist China plus some personal moaning at the wedding night to fake painful rupture of ‎hymen.‎

PS: You might find this article at the following URL re haircut of interest and a as backup for ‎the post herein.‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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