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Sunday, 23 May 2010

We have all probably heard the news announced by J. Craig Venter Institute, May 20, ‎‎2010, on creation of the first synthetic cell. ‎

Looks like Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley, is taking a new evolutionally turn. Of ‎course, we do admire the robots which can defuse road bombs, and, if the system is ‎running short of dead bodies as fake drivers of vehicles employed in suicide bombing, ‎they can use live robots as substitutes; therefore, it is time for the new live robots to play ‎their precious role in the warfare of the future. ‎

When times arrives for showdown, we have the well-armed synthetic self-sufficient ‎airborne paratroopers of the supper powers on one side, and the nuclear-armed troops ‎of the occult leaders of the Middle East who are determined to push back their own ‎nations to stone-age era, on the other side. Exceptions are those who can pack up and ‎transfer immense amount of stolen public money and move to safe havens such as ‎Canada, US, Bermuda, etc. ‎

Actually, J. Craig is one step behind here, as the despots, who strongly believe in ‎mysticism, for centuries have practiced raping females and then removing the newborn ‎bastard infants from their biological mothers to be raised as brainwashed ruthless ‎warriers!‎

Anyway, it would be interesting to imagine what would happen when both armies of live ‎robots and bastards meet face-to-face.‎

Despots' mentality, naturally, pivots around spoils of war as well as prisoners of war, and ‎above all taking female hostages. They have expertly used hostages as a pawn to put ‎across their demands.‎

Anyway, when the leader of the occult system smells of sex, a sacred tradition among ‎them, he gets very excited and pricks up his ears. Then he anxiously inquires about any ‎worthwhile prisoner, when he is told of capturing a unicorn type of a bisexual soldier of ‎the faithless army.

He is further told that the captured guy has got a ‎handsome frontal female sexual organ and a hidden male organ retreated deep in his ‎rectum which resemble a long-elastic-curved carrot that can reach his/her own frontal ‎organ and achieve full sexual satisfaction, an instance of advanced self-sufficiency for ‎the armies of the future. ‎

Now, the astonished white-bearded despot looks really dumb and numb. After finding his ‎tongue, he summons his personal physician who advises him as follows:‎

My lord, this is a unique opportunity. You should not hesitate a moment to ‎experience the occasion, as this is a gift bestowed upon you by the Almighty. I ‎can assure you of unforgettable immense pleasure you get from this practice ‎because when you engage in coition, the invisible semi-circular carrot keeps ‎searching for a cavity. In this case, your bare buttocks will be the first place to ‎examine, and while you are frontally engaged with the live synthesized robot, ‎this carrot, after properly lodging itself, begins stimulating you in an ‎unprecedented manner!‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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