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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Between 16 Jan. 2009 and 17 Feb. 2009, the story of 'Devils on the March Part I-VII', ‎was published here, of course, as fictitious, satirical, etc. Well, whatever, now, after one ‎year, I would like to add another chapter to this horrible story. Just as a memory aid, I ‎would like to remind the reader of how the first part of the story began: Today, at a hall, a ‎contest was held to choose the king of the thieves. ‎

Part VII, ended as follows: Now some people in the hall started booing him. The ‎warlord's son shouted, "Shut up, you miserable faithless!", but the booing continued. At ‎this juncture, the CEO beckoned at a man standing at the entrance who blew his whistle ‎and in a second fifty armed men raided the hall. They waived their AK-47 rifles in the air, ‎shouting: "Down with the faithless. Long live the Chief."‎

Thus, the selection of the king of the thieves was disrupted. When the CEO was ‎escorted out by his foaming armed men, the maimed judges and jury, (all ex-cons), ‎struggled to find their way out. ‎

Soon after their wedding, the bride, a staff member to a government agency, asked her ‎institute for leave without pay to further her education at a prestigious UK university! Of ‎course, she had to go to a language school first for 9 months before sitting at doctoral ‎program! She went to her language classes and returned to her lonely rented room or ‎flat for six months. She like many soon got home sick. ‎

Certainly, her husband who easily got a UK visa joined his newlywed wife and probably ‎stayed with her for a couple of days, but soon he found life on the campus very boring. ‎Therefore, he left Britain and returned to the sweet sweet habitat of the Devils. Well, ‎although Devils' territory is replete with all kind of prostitutes, male, female, oral, and ‎drugs, etc, the Devils policy is to cover up all forms of sanctioned corruptions in public.‎

In other words, the Devils in charge dispatch to the street their moral police patrol ‎normally formed by former old 2-bit whores, all experts in corporal pleasures, to arrest ‎innocent young females simply for exposing a strand of hair out of black burqa. Then the ‎moral police would take the females to undisclosed places for further interrogation, i.e. ‎selecting the hot girls for the warlords' pleasure time. Certainly, families keep the ‎disgrace as a family secret.‎

Now, the warlord's son who badly needed a companion in bed, just like a nightcap, ‎found himself in a miserable state; therefore, next morning, he packed and grabbed his ‎passport, probably diplomatic one, and got on a plane to Bangkok where he was ‎cordially received by hospitable professional girls. As to money, there was no problem. ‎He, like the rest of the warlords and their families, has several bank accounts with ‎Suisse banks, etc.‎

Economically, globalists' agenda encourages people like him to transfer abroad the vast ‎amount of money the devils have collected by extortion, confiscation, stealing, etc. To a ‎globalist the whole world is reduced to a village or rather a jacket. Does it mater, if one ‎puts his wallet in any pocket on his jacket?‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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