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Sunday, 9 May 2010

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Well for f***'s sake. What d'ya expect. Freaking Chelsea Pensioners winning 8 - 0. Poor bloody Wigan....boo f*****g hoo. What the 'ell 'appened. Yer couldn't even score ONE poxy goal yer retards.

A know me own team, The - Boro' - stinks at the moment, but Christ...Wigan...counldn't yer 'ave even got ONE in the f*****g net?

Chelsea ye' tarts..., ye' deserve the f******g BIG prize.

Tha was a f*****g fantastic game te watch. A loved every minute. A nearly wet meself, so did our lass, (well, te tell the truth, our lass DID wet 'erself) when Drogba got'is hat trick and, ulti-f******g-mately 'is Golden Freaking Boot. Arm just wondering which foot 'e'll be wearing it on. Just jokin' a'course.

Just te backtrack a bit about our lass wetting 'erself, we DO 'ave leather fernitcher for that f*****g reason.

Christ we 'ad the whole crowd round our 'ouse....Chris Rea was 'ere...and e' sang us a few songs. 'Es put on a bitta weight over the yers, but 'aven't we all?

A just love 'is family's ice-cream.

Changing the freaking subject - Christ - ye' should see that Lady Godiva 'oo writes this stuff. She's no spring f*****g chicken 'erself. Don't you go thinkin' she looks like tha' picture on 'er profile. Fer f***'s sake...she's HUGE.

Anyway, I'm sidetracking from the topic. Yeah! Chelsea deserved to win. Didn't 'ear much about Terry did we? A thought 'e wasn't there during the ferst 'arf bu' then A cort a glimpse of 'im in the second 'arf and I 'eard his name mentioned and even saw a glimpse of 'im on the telly.

Hey...don't you go believing this isn't ME torking just coz I use 'H' on the front of some of me werds, coz A do tha' all the tarm.

If yer really KNOW me then yerd know THAT.

'Ave a great night or day an' arl be torking te yers later.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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