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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The ancestor of all Israelite people is said to be Abraham. Originally his name was ‎Abram, meaning high father. According to Genesis 17, God unilaterally decided to alter ‎Abram's name to Abraham, meaning father of all nations! ‎

Anyway, one day Abraham left his hometown to settle in present-day Turkey. Later he ‎decided to move back to Palestine to build an altar, of course, at the insistence of God. ‎On the other hand, Abraham was sexually very active and, consequently, produced ‎several sons: one, Ishmael, the leader of all Arabs, particularly, Palestinians, and the ‎other one, his favorite, Isaac, the king of all Israelis.‎

Then we are told that one day Abraham decided to slaughter one of his sons, Ishmael ‎or Isaac on the altar to appease the Almighty God, but God graciously commanded ‎Abraham not to do so, but rather kill a big fat sheep instead. Thus Ishmael, according to ‎Moslems, or Isaac, according to Jews and Christians, was miraculously saved, but ‎enmity of Cain vs. Abel or rather Ishmael vs. Isaac has continued ever since. ‎

Irrespective of the divinity of the case, we can undoubtedly reach a safe conclusion that ‎the feud between families is usually of worldly kind i.e. property and estate inheritance. ‎Definitely, Abraham had a big house with several chambers. When Abraham was alive, ‎he could partly manage the dispute between his numerous wives, including Hagar and ‎Sarah. However, after his death the inheritance dispute as usual erupted, just like today. ‎The main problem of Abraham's offspring was easement or right of way. At their time, ‎probably, they agreed for Hagar and her children to use separate exit doors. ‎

However, as the number of cousins grew, the extent of the differences inflated, too. ‎Now, it has encompassed the whole region, a problem that could have been resolved at ‎the very beginning by Abraham.‎

Another, side of the story, relates to the absurdity of life. Writers and philosophers like ‎Albert Camus, Sartre, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, etc, existentialists, discussed essence ‎and existence. Well, if man is still in state of evolution, without a master plan, then he is ‎blameless.‎

Notwithstanding, we know man's problem in life is his awareness of life's absurdity. He ‎has always tried in vain to give substance to life, among which stands his desire for a ‎perpetual life. Politicians, corporate managers, etc, stubborn advocates of immortality ‎dream, have been trying hard to perpetuate their lives via making a name and thus ‎virtually remaining in men's imagination, lasting less than generation, as a placebo for ‎everlasting life.‎

Again, we have closed our eyes on the teachings of Nature: Crows once a year worry ‎about nests, copulation, raising babies and, in brief, reproduction. The rest of their lives ‎goes on unaware of steady approach of death. The flocks of sheep during their last walk ‎toward the slaughter house enjoy the most of their lives. Can man do that? No! ‎

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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