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Sunday, 20 December 2009

image for Whats The Point Of Living? "I'm A Real Cock Sucker"

Depths of Hell- Whats the point of living is one writers journey into the depths of irrational reasoning. With banks receiving bailouts from the gov, rich people getting paid by the gov, poor people being laid off by the gov screwing everyone, whats the point of living?

President Barrack youmotherfucker Obama has literally screwed the whole United States. He has rammed his neo-nazi communist, socialist wang so far up our asses were choking on it. Now were all starting to gag like Tiger Wood's lovers.

Then the , I don't even know who, gives that sonofabitch some stupid cockamamy award for what? What has he done? NOTHING!!

Meanwhile the REAL Americans that were actually born here and love our country are ran into the ground by a good for nothing city slicker who only cares about how he looks and how he sounds. It's motherfuckers like that guy who make people into lawbreakers.

So the Banks and helpaniggerout programs get all these handouts and I can't get a measly 500 advance on my pay check from the bank!! Maybe if I was a black woman from mexico I could get a loan. No wonder people get sex changes if you gotta get something done you gotta have a black vagina that speaks spanish. Then they just throw fucking money at you. Fuck Oblahma, fuck dem's, fuck foreigners, fuck the rich, fuck you anti-constitutional bastards goto hell and take the US Bank with you assholes.

Meanwhile in the Black House , they plan the white people and free peoples demise. Come get some you fuck sticks!!!

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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