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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The discovery of a cardboard archive box near London's Canary Wharf has revealed several clues to the missing financial workers of the area. Since 2008, several thousand somebody's became several thousand nobody's overnight and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and numbers (previously known as the banking sector). Rumours say they have been kidnapped by time bandits and are living in an alternative dimension, some say they have simply gone to ground and far fetched stories are that they have left the finance sector to do real jobs.

Following is a letter that was uncovered in the box together with a 2 year olds painting and a small glass brick with an inscription:

"Captains Log, Earth date September 15th, 2009. We've been travelling on the seas of good fortune for more than 13 years now. The sailing has been good and seas have been in the most part very prosperous. In that time we have encountered a few storms but only this last year have the waves reached conquering new heights. My crew are now weary, hardened through battle with the seas only to be now as brittle as the weak wood that forms our vessel. 1 year ago marks the storm that cost us our main ship, castaway in the life boat we found sanctuary on an island that seemed to bear the fruits and water essential to our survival. However the island has not turned out as fruitful as originally thought, the fruit is old and the plants cannot be eaten for fear of poison. Any animal we catch for food has to be cooked for such along time it becomes inedible. To make matters worse the water is good but only for one morning a week and not always the same location.. We remain cast away but only with the ground beneath our feet as the difference to being alone in the ocean.

The decision to set sail again weighs heavy on our minds. Our lives cannot continue on this island, we will regress our species 10 or more years if we stay. We must find stable arable land soon or we will loose our minds and become savages.

We shall set sail and spend but a few months looking for land. Land which will provide us the foot hold for our lives a land that is away from these evil seas and devil islands, a land with human beingsā€¦. "

Scientists are evaluating the remaining evidence for plausibility as recent documentaries have been proven to be rubbish and generally useless.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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