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image for Donald Trump is a Wimp with the Strike of a Garter Snake Carrie Prejean:

Trump should have gotten rid of Carrie Prejean. I expected he would overlook the photos even though it was a contract violation. However, when Prejean hired a public relations agent and made a commercial for the National Association of Marriage, she clearly violated her contract. She also missed an appointments in the Miss California pageant and the Executive director of the pageant was unable to contact her. Trump tire to pooh pooh these problems as 'communications' but she had clearly violated her contract.

If Trump had a real cobra strike in his repertoire, he would have fired Prejean. He now has the strike of a garter snake.

I don't know who is more disappointing. Prejean or Trump. I will never take "The Donald" seriously again as a businessman.

Prejean tried to act as if she had been martyred by Perez Hilton. Admittedly it was a loaded question, but a smarter person could have tapped danced around it. I think they need to ask more questions like Hilton asked in pageants rather than the softball 'motherhood and apple pie questions' that are more typical. Prejean has suggested the Devil was tempting her when she was asked the question, but she had little problem bearing her chest for photographers.

She gave a Miss America type of speech during the pageant's press conference and talked about patriotism which was irrelevant. She promised not to do 'it' again. She will now longer be an anti-gay marriage advocate or make more ads for the National Association of Marriage. I'm sure the pageant told her what the consequences would be for future misbehavior.

My prediction: Carrie Prejean is a loose cannon. She will do a "Whoops, I did it again" again and be fired.

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