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Friday, 3 April 2009

PSP 2, Nintendo DSI software, cancelled PS3 games back on track, PS3 firmware 3.0, Alan Wake, Duke Nukem forever and much more leaked.

A 478 page document that provides details of everything that will be shown at E3 between June 2nd-4th has leaked onto the Internet and the best bits are shown here.

The biggest news from the Sony section is that, unsurprisingly, the PSP 2 is real.

The console will feature a 3.5" touch screen, second analogue stick, a 3.2 mega pixel camera and all the current features of the PSP 3000, minus the UMD drive.

'The PSP 2 will use the Cell broadband engine found in the PLAYSTATION 3 Entertainment system and will be distributed to developers by year's end'.

On the next page we came across the following in regards to backwards compatibility with PSP, and amazingly PS2 games.

'Sony is currently working on a firmware update for the PSP to allow users to dump an image of currently own UMD's to the PSP 2's 120GB Hard disk drive, this feature will not be provided to developers as it will not be required for their work. Owners of the PLAYSTATION 3 system will also be able to dump PLAYSTATION 2 games off of the disc to use on the PSP 2'. Yes that's a big hint as to what's to come.

We have also discovered that the battery is to last 36-48 hours depending on usage, and has an incredible 15 hours of video playback; first party games will be playable on the show floor, (what these games are is not stated on the same page. However, there's a surprise found later on).

Firmware 3.0, is it what we've been waiting for?

If you've been waiting for in-game voice and video chat, friends invites in to your game and backwards compatibility (and who hasn't?), the answer, my friends is YES.

Is there more good news, I hear you ask?

Pen the 5th of June 2009 in indelible ink on your calendar, for this is the launch date for F.W 3.0. It's also confirmed that the PS 2 dumping feature is NOT included.

Play-Mote coming for all PS Eye games.

The Wii motes been a great hit and we all have known for some time that Sony and Microsoft are going to follow suit with their own versions of the controller. Well today we've learned that the Play-mote as it's being called in this document, which is also confirmed as not being the final name will be demoed at E3.

It'll be usable with all current and future games that support PS Eye such as Eye Of Judgment, EyePet and even Littlebigplanet.

All currently announced PS3 to PSP games, Assassin's Creed, LittleBigPlanet, Rock Band Unplugged, and MotorStorm Arctic Edge will be playable on the show floor.

Gran Turismo 5 given a release date: August in Japan, November in the US and Europe.
GT5 Prologue's damage to be implemented in July.

The getaway 3 and Eight days are back on track, both will also be playable on the show floor.
PS3 price cut by 'Holiday'. (more information will be provided at T.G.S in September.)

Tekken 6 will also be graced with a release date.

Killzone 3 and KZ PSP 2 trailers will be shown, this time they're bother confirmed to be in real-time.

God of war 3 to get a worldwide same day release...... in summer 2010.

This really is the only sad piece of news here, the loved GOW 3 won't be given to you buy Santa this Christmas, but the demos still on course for 2009.

Playstation HOME to undergo a massive revamp.

Playstation Home is to undergo a major revamp and update during the summer, the allousive trophy room will finally make appearance.

Video and audio sharing will also now be possible.

XMB will be fully accessible during PS2 games and movie watching (when is not clear).

There are more small things too.

Moving on to Microsoft now:

Mess Effect 2 as well as Lost Planet will be playable, there's still no work on weather Mess Effect 2 will come to PS3, but it's listed as a multi platform release. Of cause, this could just mean PC and 360.

Two levels of Lost Planet 2 will be released as a playable demo on Xbox LIVE in 2009, new information of the game can be read on the scan.

Someone A. wakes.

Alan Wakes been sleeping on servers and Dev kits for too long, fans were teased with a new trailer in October, and a leaked blurry in-game shot running from a 360 dev kit. Then a hint from Remedy's very own Markus that he was at GDC. Well, we can officially confirm that Alan Wake will be on the show floor in both PC and Xbox 360 form for the world to play in June. It's widely expected that a release date will also come out of the show. The game is expected to score highly for Remedy, with the mastermind that's Sam Lake, who made the original Max Payne games.

Talking of Max Payne, the 3rd instalment that's being handled by Rockstar will be shown off in trailer form during the show.

Killer instanced 3 shown, Rare's first triple A title, well maybe.

Rare are to show off KI 3 and a new perfect dark game that are both due by this year.

A 4th Banjo game is going to be announced but not shown in anyway, KI 3 will feature 22 new characters as well as all the previous characters, it'll also be online and DLC is already planned to come out within 3 months of the game's release.

New GTA expansion pack trailer shown.

Will be set in Canada but will end in Liberty City, plains are in as well, you play a guy called Jacob Davis, who's told. Thin, has a brown beard and is covered in scars, his back story is not known at this time. We've contacted our Mole at Rockstar to get the lowdown on this and Max Payne.

And now the big news: Duke Nukem forever is still alive and kicking, better still we've got a screenshot blowout for 3D Realms 'new' game.

From the Nintendo camp the biggest news is that a second Mario kart and new Zelda game on Wii are on the way, there's some cool DSI content coming on the store soon.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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