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image for Cabinet minutes on Iraq invasion released Blair's tank gaff revealed

Official transcript of Cabinet meeting covering the Invasion of Iraq on March 17th, 2003.

Released via Information Tribunal request.

Tony Blair: Ok guys, before Clare and the Ginger one come in, let's sort this out.

Jack Straw: You mean Iraq, prime minister?

Tony: Yes, Iraq and don't call me that. It's Tony.

Look it is going to be heated, so let's lighten it up a bit. Let's just tell them we've made the decision already.

Follow my lead, it'll be hilarious.

(Clare short and Robin Cook enter)

Tony: Ok, is everyone here? Great.

Well let's start off with Saddam.

We bought some legal clearance, UN declaration gives us carte blanche. That's right isn't it, Goldie.

Lord Goldsmith, Attorney General: Yes pri... Sorry yes, Tony.

Tony: Ok, here are some photos of what could be a WMD or a mosque. CIA says there were some pretty shifty looking types there.

So a show of hands, please. Shall we invade? Cool, that's all of us - bar two.

Prime Minister, I can't believe this. This means going to war. We need serious debate.

Gordon Brown: We've had all the debate, now sod off Shorty back international development. This is proper business.

[Whispering] Saddam lover.

Tony: You have to respect our collective decision.

Cook: Come on. We can't do it like this. [He goes on to mumble incoherently for several minutes]. You know the intelligence is next to nothing.

Tony: Bush loves it

That's because it is written in crayon. Prime minister, with respect, you can shove it up Bush's arse.

Tony: Thanks, your position is noted.

Short: Without due respect prime minster, fuck off.
[short leaves]
Ginger: you see [he mumbles with only the word 'poodle' recognisable and leaves]


Tony: Ha ha! Brilliant. Did you see their faces!

Gordon, 'saddam lover' brilliant. I didn't think you would keep a straight face.

Gordon: Sorry I forgot about the joke.

[all round laughter is recorded.]

Tony: Ok, let's move onto other business, we'll take that vote on Iraq as final and move on.

[Blair turns round]

That's how you wanted it Mr Campbell?

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