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Sunday, 9 November 2008

We have this interview with a singer from Asia, her name is Anne Hestia

Anne: let me introduce myself, I'm Anne and I have a couple of albums (what's on your mind) and (the truth). I was born in 1994 in S.Y.R and moved to USA when I was 10.

Mag: how come we haven't heard of you before?

Anne: I didn't publish my albums because I wanted to keep my identity hidden for a while, I didn't want to be trapped by paparazzi to school but then I heard about Miley Cyrus and decided I wanted to see the world.

Mag: so, Anne what are your latest news?

Anne: well, I am recording my new CD called "love"

Mag: I guess we know what it's about, but for whom?

Anne: actually, it's about Zac Efron I never knew he's so hot until I met him and talked to him and got to know him better…

Mag: wow, what did you talk about?

Anne: about everything, he is very fun to talk to and you lose the sense of time when you talk to him. He's funny, great-looking and indescribable.

Mag: oh my god I think he is on the phone right now, wait.

Zac: hey Anne, I haven't seen you since like 4 months right?

Anne: hi, I know I wanted to see you again but you know hsm3 and the new CD.

Mag: so Zac, do you find Anne interesting in the same way she does?

Zac: of course, she's smart, beautiful and easy to talk to.

Anne: ah, thanks Zac, I never thought I would ever be complimented by someone as idolized as you.

Mag: so are you both going to do some work together.

Anne: actually I wanted to ask you Zac about my new album if you want to do a duet with me it's called (true love).

Zac: I guess that'll be really nice… when I met you I wondered about singing with you.

Mag: I guess it's settled then, I have to listen to your new album.

Well that's it guys, we had Anne and Zac for our episode today. You might want to checkout AJ's albums on youtube.com and I think you're going to like it.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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