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Thursday, 13 December 2007

image for An unpublished interview with Mr. Bush. Mr. Bush

Interviewer: Ms. Ziza Bogotata.

Ms. Ziza: thank you Mr. President! You gave me an
opportunity to share views sparing your
valuable time.

Mr. Bush: No..no, now a days I cut the grass of white
house and issue time to time confidence
building statements in favor of dictators
worldwide. I am free now as free as a gas boy
at empty pump. No work.

Ms. Ziza: Well whatever! Please Mr. Bush tell the nation
that where Iran is.

Mr. Bush: I cant tell you the exact location but I
believe that Iran is somewhere in Alaska.

Ms. Ziza: Mr. President please let the nation know! What
are the disputes between the two
administrations in Tehran and Washington?

Mr. Bush: Look Ziza! Up at the roof. Did you find any

Ms. Ziza: Nothing Mr. Bush.

Mr Bush: but I have dispute with you. Cant you see that
the roof is so high?

Ms. Ziza: so, you have roof disputes with Iran.

Mr. Bush: yeah! But not in terms of principles.

Ms. Ziza: is Iran ready to lower its roof?

Mr. Bush: not at the moment, but we are trying hard to
persuade them.

Ms. Ziza: is there any possibility of reconciliation in
near future?

Mr. Bush: from Iranian point of view, there is a

Ms. Ziza: and from your point of view Mr. President?

Mr. Bush: yes! There is a possibility of reconciliation
on my term.

Ms. Ziza: but your term is about to end, Sir.

Mr. Bush: this is another term.

Ms. Ziza: isn't it better to terminate term rather than
terminating a whole nation?

Mr. Bush: please terminate this question.

Ms. Ziza: Sir! Have you ever noticed of your govt's

Mr. Bush: No! not actually…

Ms. Ziza: Why Sir?

Mr. Bush: because a Commander-in-Chief should never ever
consider failures.

Ms. Ziza: but people are considering…

Mr. Bush: because they all are not commanders-in-chief.

Ms. Ziza: So? What should people do.

Mr. Bush: nothing except consuming potato chips.

Ms. Ziza: Sir!

Mr. Bush: Look Ziza! Diamonds are private property and
stones are public property. I hurl public on
public because I believe those publics are fit
to be a property like stones in the way in a
hope that it will catch heat one day. You know
Ziza, there is so cold here in White House.

Ms. Ziza: Sir! There are certain complaints against FEMA.

Mr. Bush: in a sense, yes! I have many too. However, you
know this is world and we have to live, some
times, with unacceptable. When acceptable meets
unacceptable, a society appears. You know. We
act around the world to control emergency, and
we are controlling well.

Ms. Ziza: do you believe in God, Sir?

Mr. Bush: Yes! I believe God in light of our national
rate of interests.

Ms. Ziza: if we come at an intersection where one way
goes to God and the other to national

Mr. Bush: of course, we will choose the other way. I know
that God cannot live with out Dollar and Gas.
Can't you?

Ms. Ziza: I am not God, Sir.

Mr. Bush: but I can see God in your eyes.

Ms. Ziza: Hee…hee…heee….. Let's finish the interview, Sir.

Mr. Bush: Later.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.

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